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In the web of its own actions is the whole world caught
and it does not realize it
~ Guru Nanak

The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.
~ Saint Dadu


Life exists in layers. These layers are manifested in many ways. For example, a high-rise building is composed of layers but we call them stories. Educational systems are constructed in layers but we refer to them as grade levels. Military systems exhibit their layers as ranks and so forth.

Furthermore, layers often contain sub-layers. High-rise buildings have underground foundations and above-ground structures. Ranks in military systems are composed of officer ranks and enlisted ranks. Elementary, junior high, high school, and collegiate levels have their sub-levels such as freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, post graduate, doctoral, and post doctoral.

From a numerological perspective, timelines are also comprised of layers and sub-layers. For example, our world is now transiting its 2nd Millennium. However, as we exist within this thousand year period marked by the number 2, replete with its amalgam of positive and negative traits, we are also simultaneously beset with the energies of the 21st Century and its vibratory field of the 3 (2 + 1 = 3), complete with its bevy of positive and negative attributes. Furthermore, each century contains sub-layers in the form of decades, decades have their years, years have their months, months have their days, days their hours, hours their minutes, and minutes their seconds. Clearly, life is a construct of layer upon layer upon layer of intertwining and interacting energies.

All of these varying layers and sub-layers comprise the energetic warp and woof of the fabric of our lives. When we understand these energies and how they relate one to the other, our ability to successfully manage our lives and destinies increases.

To apply this knowledge, we begin by addressing the positive and negative aspects of the millennium in question first, and then, using that as a baseline, integrate its energies with those of the century in question and its decades.

2nd Millennium Energies

Positive Traits: positive relationship, balance, equilibrium, peace, togetherness, tenderness, caring on a personal level, partnership, teamwork, support, controlled emotion, intuition, diplomacy, harmonious socialization.

Negative Traits: negative relationship, imbalance, disequilibrium, war, separation, division, dependence, lack of caring on a personal level, hyper-sensitivity, confliction, confrontation, deceit, treachery, passivity, apathy, interference, uncontrolled emotion, nefariously indirect action, discordant socialization, terrorism.

A casual observation of our world clearly reveals the confluence of the 2's energies in both positive and negative aspects. Unfortunately, because of the five hindrances that infest mankind (as taught by Saints and Masters) -- ego, anger, greed, attachment, and lust -- human beings, nations, and governments in general operate on the negative side of the 2 coin. Were the attributes of humility, forbearance, contentment, detachment, and chastity (antidotes to the five hindrances) adopted as a life expression both individually and collectively, the world would be a drastically different place, positively so.

21st Century Energies

Positive Traits: Health and well-being, joy, happiness, uplifting thoughts and actions, edifying ideals, harmonious communicative skills, art, love of children and pets; stable, centered, confident persona; balanced individuals; friends and good times; entertainments.

Negative Traits: Disease and lack of well-being, disrupted mental outlook, unhappiness, negative thoughts, banal ideals, vanity, narcissism; abrasive, acerbic, harsh, destructive language and communication skills; lack of tenderness and positivity toward children and animals; conflicted personal image, lack of wholeness and confidence, entitlement, superficiality; enemies, lack of friends and good times.


Having listed the composite traits of each number, we juxtapose and assess. The 2's negative energies are certainly visible in this world where ideologies, nations, and governmental bodies of all levels are divided more than ever before; global conflict and tensions continue to mount; anxiety, tension, and war are always present (unfortunately); imbalance wants for more centeredness; indirect action in the form of global terror continues to wax, not wane; unreasonably sensitive individuals and groups demand apologies for the slightest disparaging remark; deceit and treachery overwhelm honesty and virtue. These challenges and their lessons will be with men of earth until the end of the millennium - another 886 years from the time of this writing. For man to survive within the 2's energy field, he will have to grow beyond such negativities and manifest the positive aspects of the 2 -- balance, peace, partnership, compassion, support, compromise, and fairness.

The energies of the 3 (from this 21st Century) are also quite apparent. As a major example, consider Obamacare in America. Its focus is supposed to be on health and well-being (3), but it is being hotly contested, unfavored by the majority of Americans because of the burden it imposes on an individual's right to provide for his own health care sans governmental interference, thus creating a further division and exacerbated confliction (2) between government, Congress, and the citizenry.

Entitlements are a massive issue globally. Greece, Spain, France, and America are all involved in entitlement issues. Dependence on the government is rising. This in stark contrast to the independent, courageous, resourceful, "I can do it myself and I neither need nor want any government help" spirit of the last millennium, that of the #1.

Another 3 issue is image of all kinds. Celebrity and personality worship outweigh substantive reflection. Many young people in America today can name their favorite actor, actress, singer, or star athlete but have no idea who the Founding Fathers were or the powerful principals that created America in order to insure its exceptionalism, freedom, and sovereignty.

Added to this is the propensity to invest inordinate time in playing games, chatting mindlessly, indulging in dangerous pursuits of pleasure, drugs, sex, and other sensual gratifications, as well as not paying enough serious attention to those principles which guarantee freedom -- such as discipline, self-control, sacrifice, balance, courage, determination, steadfastness, independence, and virtue. Thus, a recipe for degradation is created, the fruit of which will neither be tasteful nor beneficial in creating wholeness, wellness, and happiness. All of this is due to a lack of vision and understanding of the fundamental law of this creation, i.e., cause and effect, karma. As Saint Dadu states: The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.

A mix of 2 and 3 energy is manifested in the explosive communicative aspect of our society via cell phones (social communication) but tragically hampered by them as well, with people choosing to communicate indirectly (negative 2) rather than face-to-face. Ironically, while people are becoming more socially intertwined, they are equally becoming socially dysfunctional. How many people hide behind their technology (indirect action) rather than being openly direct and engaging? Remember the television advertisement of the young woman breaking up with her boyfriend as she texts him the bad news while sitting across from him at a table in a restaurant? This concept of indirect action is commonplace throughout the world in all of its varying aspects.

Moving deeper into timeline layers, the earth is now in the Teen Years of the second decade of the 21st Century of the 2nd Millennium. The Teen Years encompass those years from 10 through 19, where every year begins with the energy of the 1, i.e., the ego, self, and identity. This 1 energy is activating individuals, nations, and governments to be self-centered. Think of how challenging the lives of teenagers are, totally consumed with themselves as they grow into maturity. This same energy is active now on the global stage and will be through 2019. When 2020 arrives, there will be greater emphasis regarding the concepts of others and relationship -- attributes of the 2. Whether the relationship energy of the 20s decades will be positive or negative depends upon the level of consciousness of humanity en masse.

Unlike the 2nd Millennium energies, those of the 21st Century will terminate in 86 years, giving way to the vibrations of the 22nd Century. These will be much, much, different, and they contain a very real danger, which will be discussed in Millennium Shift, Part VI.

In closing, Guru Nanak's observation is quite germane: In the web of its own actions is the whole world caught and it does not realize it.

And one final poetic thought regarding the placement of personalities before principles . . .

Copyright 1998 by Richard Andrew King

America! America!
Sweet Soul, lift up your eyes.
Your love of personalities
portends of your demise.

Great men and women seeking Truth,
in search to quench their thirst,
place principles on pedestals--
not personalities first.

There was a time when you believed
in Right, where virtue graces;
but now you're sacrificing all
for the love of passing faces.

You worship Ease, not Principle.
Accept the base to lead you on.
Blinded by your biased greed,
you displace Right with Wrong.

America! America!
Sweet Soul, observe your deeds,
for they are the reflection
of your prior, planted seeds,

seeds which yield fruit
exactly of its kind.
One cannot harvest oranges
after planting seeds of lime.

America! America!
Love principles chaste and pure.
Personalities will come and go,
but principles endure.

Times will go on changing
with faces old and new.
Success, however, rests upon
principles holding true.

Therefore, beware America!
Your legacy lies in knowing
that the reaping of your future
hangs on the seeds you're sowing!

~ finis

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