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For more on the aspects of the Millennia Shift and the enormous transition of earth, read
The Age of the Female A Thousand Years of Yin

The goal is to raise the spiritual values of society.
~ Dr. Albert Einstein

The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.
~ Saint Dariya of Bihar, 17th/18th Century

The 2nd Millennium is creating an enormous shifting of consciousness from that of the last thousand years - some good, some not so good. But what lies ahead beyond this period of millennia shifting? Frankly, it's a whole new world. Following are the Summaries from Chapters 1 and 2 of The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin available at and

Chapter I - Summary

All in all, the Age of the Female, this thousand years of Yin, will be an exciting and dynamic time for the inhabitants of earth because our consciousness as a one-world people will be undergoing an extreme metamorphosis, especially in the first one hundred years. This is not an age which will focus on that which is singular, separate or autonomous. This is an age which is and will continue to be involved with those energies which are relationship and partnership oriented; on that which is equal, fair and balanced; on that which is saturated with others being involved with others. It is the time for females and feminine energy to have their due, a time where emotion and intuition will wax like the fullness of the moon on a clear and starry night. Thus, there will be reflection as well as creation; absorption as well as radiation. There will be opposition and contrast, confliction and distinction. This new age will be an age which will rock, teeter-totter, swing and sway to energies far more powerful than man's ability to control or manipulate. It is an age in which we would be well-served to buckle up, hang on, stay balanced, disciplined, kind and caring because, to be sure, we're in for the ride of our lives.

Chapter 2 - Summary

Life is expressed in circles, cycles, sides and tides. In other words, everything has its time, place and purpose. In this temporal world nothing is forever. Energies come and go, as do periods of time. Indeed, to everything, including energy cycles and vibratory veils, there is a season, and cosmic seasons can be identified with numbers and their corresponding characteristics. These seasons, these periods of time, all have their reasons, as well as their purposes for being in the great and grand scheme of things. Nothing is without design. Everything has both purpose and place.

Owing to its polar paradigm, changes in this dimension are constant and certain, changes which can sometimes be trying and challenging due to dynamic shifts of diametrically opposed vibrational fields. Such a dramatic shift is the earth now experiencing as it moves into the energy field of the female 2 vibration and away from its antithetical polar male 1 counterpart.

To be sure, earth is no longer living within the energy field of the One - the male, the monarch and the pioneer. It is now living within the millennium of the Two - the realm of others, the female and her energy, the partner, the friend, helper, associate, assistant, accomplice, companion, collaborator, colleague, comrade, competitor, challenger, negotiator, diplomat, teammate, ally and adversary. It is also a time where balance and equilibrium will be critical to survival; where emotion and intuition will find prominence and place; where kindness, caring, compassion and personal service will have more possibility of notoriety than ever before; where that which is hidden will be revealed; where reflection and illusion will wax, not wane; where that which lies on the surface may be opposite from that lurking beneath; where people may become self-absorbed and blind to the reality of others to the detriment of the whole; where forked tongues may be accepted and acceptable; where courage may find want and people may want for courage, and where the open, direct and straight truth may be overshadowed by the indirect shroud of duplicity and deceit.

Globally, governments must now take a new look at the 'cosmic' situation, as well as how to provide leadership in a world founded on thoughts of togetherness, partnership and positive personal interaction and association with others, as opposed to the qualities of oneness and self, which may have been necessary for the independence and survival of emergent and autonomous nations in the past, but which will neither serve nor promote the salutary interests of an emergent and autonomous world . . . a world which will not be marked as much by the pioneer as by the partner, a world challenged with promoting cooperation, not contention; accord, not discord; harmony, not inharmony; peace, not war; a world which will engender the well-being of others rather than serving the interests of the single self and . . . it will be a world which will not be so much a brave new world, but a new world in which we must all learn to be brave.

Mid-Century Observation

One of the observations concerns the middle of this first one hundred years of the 2nd Millennium. For all of us, the 3rd [Crown] Epoch in our numerology charts is derived from the year of birth, a period that generally becomes active in a time window somewhere between our late forties to mid-fifties. This number determines part of the energies present in our charts from its moment of activation to the end of our lives. For all of us born in the 1900s of the 1st Millennium, our Crown Epoch includes a four digit set of numbers such as: 1927, 1939, 1945, 1958, 1966, 1977, 1982, 1999 and so forth. These quaternary ciphers, because they're comprised of four numbers, reveal a condition of complexity. The concern is that for all those people born on the earth in the year 2000, their Crown Epoch, becoming activated in their mid forties to mid fifties, will only consist of one number, the 2! There's no complexity here at all. For those born in the year 2001, the final period of their lives will be marked by the simple number 3. Those born in 2002, by a single 4 and so on. The question then arises, what is going to happen on the earth to make the lives of these souls so simple?

Furthermore, the Crown Challenge, ruling the final challenge period of our lives and becoming activated in the same general time period as the final Crown Epoch [between mid forties to mid fifties], will manifest the energies predominately of the 7, 8 and 9. For example, Crown Challenges are derived by subtracting the day of birth from the year of birth. A person born in the year 2000 and on the first day of any month will have a Crown Challenge of 1999 - a number grouping depicting endings [2000 minus 1 = 1999]. A person born in the same year on the 15th of the month will have a Crown Challenge of 1985 [2000 minus 15 = 1985]; a person born on the 31st of any month will have a Crown Challenge of 1969 [2000 minus 31 = 1969]. As opposed to the Epoch timeline, all these challenges have complexity. The existing condition will then be a simple life [as noted by the Epoch ciphers] with complex challenges [noted by the Challenge ciphers], an interesting combination.

Beginning in the year 2001, all Crown Challenges will be anchored in the decades of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. This will continue until 31 December 2031, in which every Crown Challenge thereafter will have a root of 2000 or higher, thus finalizing the end of the Core Millennia Shift and cementing the number 2 [Two] in the charts of every living person on the face of the earth [2031 minus 31 = 2000]. From that moment on, there will be absolutely no energy of the One [1] remaining in the final Pinnacle, Epoch and Challenge positions of numerology charts of earthlings. By the end of the first century of this millennia, and with the dying out of all those souls born in the 1900s, there will be little trace of what life was like before the 2nd Millennium. Only literary, auditory and visual records will reveal the kind of life most of us are experiencing now and which marks the age of the male yang [1] energy.

A simple external life ahead for the earth with complex challenges? What will cause such simplicity and challenges combined? Global conflict? Big Brother taking over people's lives, making them dependent but conflicted? Famine destroying much of the world's population creating personal turmoil? A global pandemic wiping out a large portion of the earth's people? Some external force separate from the earth causing massive changes? Or nothing at all? It is, indeed, a condition warranting thought and preparation - physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually. The key for those people surviving and moving into the future of the 21st Century will be to remain balanced, controlled and focused on a spiritual way of life. While events and conditions change in the physical dimension, they do not change in the higher spiritual cosmos. Hence, a primary reason to follow a spiritual path leading one inward, upward and out of this earthly domain of changeless change, duality, and eternal uncertainty, to greater spiritual planes of light and peace, thus heeding the admonition of Saint Charan Singh, "Just live in the creation and get out of it."

For more information regarding these changing times, please read The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin, now available at and It explains in detail this enormous shift we're experiencing on our earth.

Richard Andrew King

The trip begins - just inches in
on a thousand mile road;
what lies ahead as travelers tread
the path is writ in code.

Sunny rays and shaky days
no doubt will take their turns
aligning the path circuitous
with dangers and concerns.

To hide the head and never dread
the route of unknown seas,
denies the wise and insures cries
of trailing miseries.

The path ahead is marked by Two:
divisions, tensions, rivals, strangers;
intruding eyes, Orwellian skies
disguise concerns and dangers;
create concerns and dangers;
concerns and dangers;

~ finis, Millennia Shift: Part 3

Note: for more on the aspects of the Millennia Shift, read The Age of the Female A Thousand Years of Yin

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