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Part IV
The Two Tidal Wave Rolls On

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For more on the aspects of the Millennia Shift and the enormous transition of earth, read
The Age of the Female A Thousand Years of Yin

We should not lose our balance. . . We have to adjust. . .
If we try to solve the problems of the world we can never succeed.
We can only rise above these problems.

In this world there is nothing but strife, struggle and conflict. Lasting peace
can never be found within the domain of the mind and senses. So it
was from the time of creation and so it will always be.

~ Saint Charan Singh 20th Century

The tidal wave of the Two energy continues to roll over the landscape of planet earth, its surge not even abating until the date of 31 December 2031, finalizing the Millennia Shift on 31 December 2099, and in the process fundamentally transforming the world in such a way that it would be unrecognizable to souls inhabiting the last millennium of the One energy.

This Millennia Shift between the One and Two energies is massive and arguably the most dynamic transition of any two sets of energies for the next eight thousand years. There will be a major shift between the 4th and 5th millennia, and another between the 7th and 8th millennia. Like the 1 and 2, the numbers 4 and 5 are direct opposites, as are the numbers 7 and 8. Hence, great change during their transitions.

Thirteen years into the 2nd Millennium the world is witnessing the exact characteristics of the Two some good, some bad, and they're not done growing in intensity. Nothing is purely one-sided in this dimension of duality. Everything has two sides one positive, one negative; one light, one dark.

How man manages the intense energies of the Two and its Master Number 11 root signifying opposition, contention, descension and division will determine the quality of his life, both on a personal and collective basis. The key to living a successful life in this Two era is balance, i.e., keeping all aspects of life in alignment spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, material, financial, sexual, social, political, governmental, global. This is not easy to do. In fact, such balance must begin with each of us individually. If we wait for the mass of humanity, the state, government or world community to achieve balance, we will be waiting interminably. The mass consciousness moves at the speed of Gibraltar, if it moves at all. This is why personal responsibility is critical to a meaningful life. To avoid getting caught up in the tumult and chaos of this change, we must remain balanced, centered and spiritually focused.

Still in its infancy, the state of the world in this 2nd Millennium with its attributes and characteristics reveals the following . . .

Rise of Women

Female (Yin) energy continues to rise. Beginning at the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights convention in 1848, in the United States, women continue to expand their presence in all aspects of free societies education, business, medicine, communication, athletics, politics and so forth. Non-free societies which have subjugated women are continuing to feel the pressure of female ascent, as is openly, and sadly, apparent in many countries. Ultimately, this will change. Yang (male) energy is waning; Yin (female) energy is waxing. The Great Cosmic Pendulum has reversed direction from Yang to Yin. Expect women to continue rising on the global stage. This is her time, and the spotlight is now on her.

A thousand years of Yang, gone.
A thousand years of him, been.
Now, a thousand years of Yin begin
as the cosmic clock assures
and the tides of time secure -
the next one thousand years
belong to her.
(The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin, Chapter 1)

Male vs. Female College Enrollment

Regarding the rise of women in education, stated:
The female domination of higher education prevails across all types of schools.
The male-female ratio in higher education has been steadily moved in favor of the females ever since the 1970s. Total enrollment figures show that females outnumbered their male counterparts for the first time in the late 1970s, and they have steadily increased their numerical advantage ever since. The superiority first came in public universities, but soon private universities saw female enrollment surpass male enrollment.

Women in Medicine

The rise of women is also notable in medical school students:
In the U.S., women were 47.0% of all first year medical school students in 2010-2011.


Women in Business

The business world is also experiencing a rise in the number of women in business. states: Today, more women are breaking free from the traditional, gender-specific roles and venturing into the business world. Not only are they holding high corporate positions but they are also successful women entrepreneurs who own almost half of all businesses in the United States.

Obviously, the conclaves of education, medicine and business are not the only arenas in which Yin energy is waxing. Common sense and simple observation illustrate the rise of women in practically every field of endeavor.


The number 2 is the primal energy of socialization, an energy that continues to expand at breakneck speed. Social media, for example, exploded during the Alpha Phase (first ten years) of the new millennium. Google came into existence in 1998, LinkedIn in 2003, Facebook in 2004,YouTube in 2005 and Twitter in 2006. Obviously, these networks are already an entrenched aspect of modern society. And think how fast they have grown faster than the blink of any eye in cosmic time.

Cell Phone Usage

A major aspect of the earth's social globalization is the remarkable usage of cell phones and similar devices. has stated that 75% of the world's population has access to such phones and devices 75%! It wasn't that long ago when the standard phone in American households was a black finger-dial model with a straight black cord connected to a wall jack. When a person wanted to make a call, he or she had to first connect to an operator who would place the caller on a party line in which people could listen to other people's conversations.

Social Impersonalization

One of the noticeable ironies of this age is that even though people are becoming more social, as witnessed by the genesis of social media, people are also becoming less personal. Perhaps the clearest example of this is the television commercial where a young woman and man are sitting across the table from each other in a restaurant booth and, although they're within touching distance, she's sending him a text message that's she's breaking up with him. She doesn't talk directly to him, she doesn't even look at him. Her head is buried in her cell phone the whole time. Although quite laughable, the universal message being expressed is quite sad. People are allowing machines to so consume themselves that they are losing sight of what is natural personal interaction. This creates a state of impersonalization that is humanly deleterious to productive and harmonious relationships.

Others & Relationships

As powerfully as the number Two represents female energy, it also governs the concept of others and their relationships. In fact, it can be argued that the dominant theme of the 2nd Millennium is relationships and all the issues positive and negative that are a product of its energy.


Groups generally have a greater potential for survival than individuals, which is why people ban together in clans, communities and nations. However, when individual sovereignty and freedom which are the lifeblood, power, and energy of the group are subordinated to bureaucracies, the group will ultimately die. Bureaucracies gain their energy from free-spirited, unencumbered individuals, not vice-versa. In the history of man, it has always been the individual spirit that has generated success, not governments. This is why any government governs best when it governs least. It recognizes the source of its own being the individuals who comprise it.

And herein lies one of the great challenges for the world and America during this 2nd Millennium. People the world over are relinquishing their individual sovereignty to their governments, becoming dependent upon them for their survival and well-being. They, the people, are abdicating their self-reliance, individuality, personal responsibility and accountability in deference to the external power of others, i.e., their governments, which, unabated, keep growing in their voracious greed for power and control. They, the people, are increasingly manifesting a sense of apathy and passivity for their own well-being. Huge mistake. In doing so, they will ultimately become enslaved by those to whom they carelessly and thoughtlessly acquiesced their personal power, and it will be hard, if not impossible, to regain their freedom. Through their ignorance and apathy such people are planting the seeds of their own lamentable incarceration, and in the end they will have no one to blame but themselves. The tragedy is that their offspring will have to pay the price for their actions and it will be too late to change course. Inquisitively, what will future generations of children think of the legacy their parents and elders left them? Will they speak of them in glowing, grateful terms or something far less complimentary?

It's Your Fault

The Two's negative energy of others is no where more obvious than in the ever-growing ignoble malady of blaming others for one's own actions. In this day in age where do we ever see anyone blaming himself for his own actions and condition in life? People relentlessly and shamelessly point their finger of blame to some other person, event or circumstance for their own actions. Yet, the basic reality of life is that each of us is responsible for our own actions. As famed Indian Saint, Guru Nanak states, I blame not another; I blame my own karmas. The circumstance of blaming others for one's life is yet another manifestation of individuals surrendering their own power to others - individuals, groups or governments. Nothing good will come from such a lack of character. It is another step downward into a dark future of enslavement.


The interaction of others and their relationships are visually depicted in the number 11 in which each individual 1 signifies a person, ego, group, nation, mindset, ideology or world in conjunction with other persons, egos, nations, ideologies, etc. If there is harmony between the two 1s, there will be peace the positive side of the Two. However, there can also be competition, division and contention between the 1s, the extreme result being inharmony and war the negative side of the Two.

It is the negative aspect of the Two that creates the great danger for earth and her human race. Honestly, when we look at the world today do we see anything approaching harmony? Quite the contrary. There is division and contention practically everywhere nationally and globally.

One of the divisional benchmarks in the United States, for example, is that after the Presidential Election of 2012 every state in the union submitted requests for secession, every state! There is a massive body of Americans who are extremely concerned with the path and policies generated by the current leadership of the United States. Nothing to the degree of this divisiveness of secession has ever happened since the American Civil War. Such a condition does not bode well for America's future of "One nation under God."

Even more severe are the great divides among nations and cultures. Where is the harmony here? The Middle East is a continuous hotbed of descension, hostility, and killing. Emerging nations in pursuit of nuclear power are a glowing threat to global stability, especially given the emotional instability of many world leaders who possess the power to create a nuclear holocaust.

On this issue it is interesting to note that the word "nuclear" maintains a general root of 29/11/2 the most dominate and potentially destructive numerical binary signifying relationship power struggles. In fact, the word "energy" is a 38/11/2. When both the 11s of "nuclear" and "energy" are combined, the result is the master number 22 the vibration of construction or destruction. It is not a coincidence that nuclear energy is one of the hallmarks of the 2nd Millennium, which itself is contained within the energy field of a duality-based universe. Thus, our world of earth is and will be for another 987 years deeply immersed in the energy of the Two. This is why our current world is not so much a brave new world but a new world in which we must all learn to be brave. Unless man miraculously changes his ways and operates on the positive side of the Two, his way forward will be downward into the abyss.

Space exploration

The Two energy of others also governs the exploration for other worlds. NASA's Kepler Telescope, a planet-hunting, in-space-platform instrument, is constantly searching for planets where liquid water is present at usable temperatures and where a blend of life-sustaining fundamental elements and compounds are present. Space exploration is even being undertaken by the private sector. Indeed, the earth consciousness is moving beyond the realm of its 1 energy of solo existence into the realm of the 2 energy of other worlds. Hopefully, earthlings will even expand such pioneering to build livable communities/bases on the moon to study space from the moon's vantage point. As a matter of inquiry and curiosity, why hasn't this been done already? Why go to the trouble of building space stations when the moon itself can function as a space station for the inhabitants of earth?

Silver Linings

So where are the silver linings within the Two's energy, especially since the world is generally operating on its negative side? First, it's important to understand that within every positive is an equal negative, and within every negative is an equal positive. Such is the construction of this bipolar dimension. Were we to stop and think deeply about this issue, we would discover many silver linings, no doubt, but here are five major blessings noted in the sequential letters A-B-C-D-E.

A. Awareness

Contrary to fairytale stories with living-happily-ever-after endings, this world is not a Pollyanna Land. Rather, and quite truthfully, it is a Pandora's Box of misfortune. All high level mystics and Masters teach this reality. When we understand this, we can adjust our perspective as to how to manage our lives, leading us to demonstrate one of the most critical skills in our ability to live a meaningful life, balance.

B. Balance

Balance is primary. It is virtually impossible to succeed and maintain success in any life endeavor without balance. It is an absolute critical life skill. Maintaining balance is a function of keeping things in alignment, as mentioned earlier in this article. When things are out of alignment, trouble ensues. When times are hectic and crazy, and getting crazier by the day, it reminds us, if we're paying attention, to keep our balance so we don't fall off the cliff. For example, having a balanced budget for a home, business or country is requisite to health and well-being. When finances are not balanced, difficulties follow as a natural course of events. Debt, despair, suffering, sorrow and tragedy are the result. The silver lining be balanced!

C. Centeredness

It is axiomatic that we lose our balance because we lose our center, allowing external factors to control us rather than us controlling ourselves. And is this not a common experience? The silver lining of external negativity is to remind us that, ultimately, we are in control of ourselves. Just because the rest of the world, or most of it, is out of control does not mean we have to be. Negative circumstances and events should remind us to stay centered so we can remain balanced and not fall off the beam of life.

D. Diamond Worth

Chunk of coal or a diamond? Which would we want to own? Which would each of us want to be? To be a chunk of coal, all we have to do is nothing except lie around and erode away into a meaningless whisper of worthless black dust. But to be a diamond, ah! there's the rub. Diamonds are made under extreme heat and pressure over an extended period of time, not by a mere and casual blowing of an intermittent wind. In other words, if we want to be a person of great value, like a diamond, we have to be subjected to heat and pressure over long periods of time in order to be transformed into the most valuable of jewels.

It is challenging and difficult circumstances over long periods of time that offer us the great opportunity of becoming diamonds. Gems are not made by chunks of goal basking in the sun or sipping on delicious beverages while being fanned by servants under a palm tree on a vacation island. In order for there to be greatness in any of us, there must be heat, pressure and time placed upon us, voluntarily or involuntarily. It is difficult times that create diamond-esque men. Such is one of the greatest silver linings of challenging circumstances and their seemingly interminable longevity.

E. Elucidation of a Divine Design

Perhaps the greatest silver lining of negative circumstances, if not their greatest gift, is that they often serve to redirect our attention inward to seek answers to our world-laden woes and, ultimately, find God in the process. In fact, it is common knowledge in spiritual teachings that when God wants to bring a soul Home, the first thing He does is make that soul uncomfortable with its life so that it redirects its attention inwardly to where the Ultimate Truth exists.

When men lead comfortable lives, they don't seek answers to life's meaning or grand purpose. It is only when beset with pain, suffering, tumult, trials, tribulations and tears that men turn inward and begin asking God for help. Therefore, when any of us is laden with sorrows, let us be grateful that, as we turn inward in spite of our external pain and suffering we will see . . . and find . . . that we have not just been given a silver lining, but a lining of Divine Light and Eternal Knowledge transcending anything this very low and dark world has to offer.


As the Two tidal wave continues to roll across the landscape of earth, it will continue to bring issues, influences, events, circumstances and situations reflecting its bipolar energy focusing on females, relationships, others and socialization. There will be positive and negative experiences within its reign as is true for all numbers.

The great challenge within this Two Millennium will be to create balance in all things without allowing negative energies to destroy the world in the process. There are silver linings to every number, to every energy, and if man focuses on the positive side of the Two vibration, he individually and collectively can create a fulfilling and meaningful existence for himself and the entire earth.

~ finis, Millennia Shift: Part 4

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Note: for more on the aspects of the Millennia Shift, read The Age of the Female A Thousand Years of Yin

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