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Anatomy of a Murderess
Part 3: Timelines

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her numbers and her actions in order to further the understanding of numerology as a science.
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Jodi Arias-Part 1     Jodi Arias-Part 2

In Part 1 of "Jodi Arias - Anatomy of a Murderess" we discussed the part voids played in her lethal deeds. In Part 2 her Basic Matrix and Life Matrix were covered, revealing the exorbitant amount of 14-5 and 16-7 energy and their combined deleterious effects. In this Part 3 we will address some of her significant Timelines and how they exacerbated the negativity in her slaying of Travis Alexander.

"Jodi" Name Timeline

The name Jodi is a 2 in reduction. Its timeline, which is derived from its General Expression (see KBN1), is from birth through age 20. Because the 2 is void in her chart its ciphering will be 2v. When this 2v merges with her 7 voided Lifepath, the result is a 9. The simple ciphering is 2v/(7v)/9.

This 2v/(7v)/9 energy field resonates with the already massive amount of 7v energy in her chart which we discussed in Part 2. Interpreted, this 2v/(7v)/9 IR Set reveals a person who has little to no concern for the welfare of others on a personal level. The 7v indicates an indifference, coolness, even ruthless persona, especially when combined with all the other 7v energy in her chart. The 9 represents the public, endings, terminations, exposure. In short, Jodi has little to no care for others in a secretly dark sense.

"Ann" Name Timeline

As if the 2v/(7v)/9 in her Jodi Timeline were not enough, the name Ann is also a 2 in reduction, generating yet another level of 2v/(7v)/9 energy. This set's timeline is 11 years, beginning at age 21 and completing at the end of age 31. Her murder of Travis Alexander was when she was 27 years old. This is within her Ann 2v/(7v)/9 timeline. This creates more stacking but it also generates linkage - the continuous action of a specific cipher pattern. In this case the names Jodi and Ann generated a 31 year 2v/(7v)/9 energy field from birth to age 32.

Annual Cycle Pattern Timelines

Unbelievably, the darkness is not over. As stated, Alexander was murdered when Arias was 27. Thus, her Age Timeline (ATL) is 9/(7v)/16-7v.

Although the calendar date of the murder was 4 June 2008, because Arias was born on 9 July, she was still in her natal 2007 year, generating a Universal Timeline (UTL) of 9/(7v)/16-7v matching her 9/(7v)/16-7v ATL. Thus, more stacking, more intensity, more darkness and cruelty. (Annual Cycle Patterns - ACPs - are here: KBNII ).

During this time Arias' Personal Year Timeline (PTL) was a 16-7v/(7v)/14-5. It never stops. More darkness, more murderess darkness.

During the month she killed Alexander, she was in her Cycle ATL 11th month of May - a 2v/(7v)9 energy; her Cycle UTL was a 2v/(7v)/9; her Cycle PTL was a 9/(7v)/16-7v. Are you shaking your head yet?

Finally, Arias' simple Lifetime Monthly Timeline was a 2v/7v)/9; the extended General ciphering is: 3v3v5-11-2v/(52v-7v)/3v8v7v-18v-9. I know this may not mean much to a lay person but just look at all the voided 2s, 3s, 7s and 8s. Incredible and not good.


This three part series relating to the murder of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias has attempted to show the extreme numeric nexus between the numbers of Jodi Ann Arias and her murderess actions. In doing so we discussed her voids, Basic Matrix, Life Matrix, Name Matrices, Annual Cycle Patterns, Monthly Annual Cycle Pattern and her Lifetime Monthly Timeline.

The main point in referencing all of these components of her chart is to reveal how the saturation of a number, numbers, or number patterns manifests in real life. In the case of Arias her problematic numbers are massive. There's no other way to describe it. In thirty-five years of its inception the King's Numerology has never seen a chart with as much cumulative darkness as in this case.

If there is any redeeming factor it is that every energy has two sides - one positive, one negative. If Jodi Ann Arias can use her incarceration time - until the end of her life - as an opportunity to purify her thoughts, life and actions, she will be well-served, as will her soul. That is the hope. It is up to her to make the changes, and God only knows she will have enough time to do that.

~ finis

Jodi Arias-Part 1      Jodi Arias-Part 2

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