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Anatomy of a Murderess
Part 1

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Jodi Arias-Part 2       Jodi Arias-Part 3

The murder of Travis Alexander on 4 June 2008 by ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias was one of the most vicious and brutal destructions of a human being in American history by a female. Arias not only shot Alexander in the head with a .25-caliber gun while he was in the shower, she also slit his throat from ear to ear and stabbed him upwards of 30 times!

Arias was convicted of first-degree premeditated murder of Alexander in May of 2013. In April of 2015 she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The are many questions one could ask regarding Arias's behavior, but the poignant numerological question is, "What makes someone behave in such a grotesque and violent manner? What number or number patterns in her chart reflect such heinous and barbaric conduct?" As we will see, the numbers associated with Jodi Arias are as dark and troublesome as her murderous madness.


Voids are missing numbers/energies in a person's name. They represent a lack of attributes, characteristics, skills, abilities. Voids can create great turmoil in someone's life. The more voids, the more potential turmoil there is. Keep in mind that the negative aspects of voids can be mitigated, even neutralized, by other numbers in a chart. This discussion of voids is general, not specific.

The voids in the natal name of Jodi Ann Arias are . . .
  • 2 void: no Bs, Ks or Ts
  • 3 void: no Cs, Ls or Us
  • 7 void: no Gs, Ps or Ys
  • 8 void: no Hs, Qs or Zs
The 2 Void

The number 2 is the foundational root number of all relationships, especially close personal relationships, their characteristics and the skills needed to maintain them. A 2 void indicates a lack of concern for others on a personal level. This can manifest as indifference, rudeness, uncaring, anger, dismissiveness and bitterness toward another person. People with a 2 void can have difficulty in having meaningful relationships, ala Jodi Arias. The operative phrase is "can have" not "will have." There could be other numbers in a chart which neutralize the negative effect of any void, as aforementioned.

The 3 Void

The 3 void is not one of the most dangerous voids but it is, arguably, the saddest. The 3 represents the Divine Triangle of Life in its varying aspects - Father, Son, Holy Ghost; Master, Disciple, Word; Father, Mother, Child; Body, Mind, Spirit. 3 is life, joy, happiness, goodness, positivity. 3 rules communication, children, image and images, health and well-being, friendship, pleasure.

When the 3 is void in a chart, communication and the usage of words on some level is always a problem. People's attitudes can be harsh, acerbic, unkind, spiteful, even hateful. One's health and well-being may be affected, generating some type of disease or dis-ease, and there is almost always a marked sense of unhappiness, sadness, joylessness, lifelessness and negativity.

The 7 Void

The 7 void is very common, as is the 8 void. In fact, the 7-8 void combination is one of the most common, if not the most common, voided tandems. Arias has both the 7 and 8 void in her chart.

The number 7 is the most solitary, internal, introspective, introverted, reflective, recessive, analytical, studious, thoughtful, deep, spiritual and noble of all numbers. When 7 is void in a person's name and there exists no off-setting or neutralizing other numbers, the individual may be insensitive, lack discretion, an ability to think clearly, deeply, wisely, judiciously. A 7 void can be cold and calculating, absent of sympathy, empathy, caring, feeling, knowing. If saturated in a chart, it can be ice cold and ruthless without remorse.

A 7 voided person can be very smart, intelligent. The issue of the 7 void is more related to one's awareness, consciousness and wisdom than to IQ. After all, throughout history there have been an untold number of very smart people who have done remarkably stupid things, things which on analysis would have to do with the lack of clarity of thought and consequence than simply to the immediate function of intelligence. Intelligence does not equate to common sense, clear thinking or consciousness. Animals often have more common sense than people. Yet, people are smarter than animals, or are they, really?

The 8 Void

The number 8, in contrast to the number 7, is the most social and extroverted of the nine basic numbers. 8 loves to mix, mingle, socialize, connect, interact, engage, govern, manage, manipulate, coordinate, orchestrate and execute. 8 loves material comfort, status, prestige, and worldly power. It is, after all, the highest of the social numbers 2-4-6-8.

However, when 8 is void no number is more disconnected. If there is any lesson an 8 voided person must learn it is to remain connected and to functionally understand how to connect-the-dots within life's experiences. It is highly common for 8 voided people to think that they know but not know that they don't know. This can often be quite problematic in relationships and in life.

The 8 also governs "flow," and the 8 void generates a disruption in the flow of life, its activities and relationships. For people with 8 void in their charts, there will almost always be bumps and lumps along life's highways and byways, disconnects and reconnects, stops and starts, as well as a never ending stream of interruptions.

Things will often disconnect and fall apart with an 8 void. Procrastination, a lack of follow-through and lack of continuity are common. The solution is to keep connecting-the-dots, be on time, don't procrastinate and be careful of negating things that break the stream of continuity. Focus on connecting, interacting, engaging.

These four voids: 2-3-7-8 played, and still play, a major role in the destiny of Jodi Arias. When taken together, a major part of her destiny's puzzle begins to emerge.

The 16-7 Saturation

The number 16-7 represents the most problematic and challenging energies of anyone's life. Most everyone has some form of the 16-7 in their charts. It is a number of extreme light, nobility, grace and spirituality on the one hand but extreme darkness, ignobility, disgrace and untoward behaviors on the other. With the 7 energy a person can rise into great heights of consciousness or sink into an abyss of despair, suffering, sorrow, turmoil, tragedy.

When any number, especially the 16-7, occurs in a chart in large volumes in various components its saturation becomes highly problematic. As we will see in Part 2 of this series, the 16-7 has played, is playing and will continue to play a major role in the life of Jodi Arias. Stay tuned.

~ finis

Jodi Arias-Part 2       Jodi Arias-Part 3

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