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Anatomy of a Murderess
Part 2: 16-7 Saturation

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jodi Arias' Basic Matrix and Life Matrix are worth a book, at least. At the end of Jodi Arias-Part 1 we discussed the number 7, particularly the 16-7, with a hint of its saturation level in her life.

The number 7 can be greatly noble but equally ignoble. When the 7 is void in a name (no Gs, Ps or Ys), the individual will generally lack discretion, good sense, common sense, wisdom and be prone to making poor choices. The 7 void speaks to a lack of wisdom, not necessarily a lack of intelligence. Very smart people can not only do very dumb things, but cold-hearted, cruel things or things that bring turmoil, stress, suffering and sorrow to their lives. The 7 void speaks more to the degree of expansion of the consciousness rather than to the level of one's IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

One of the remedies of a 7 void is to think things through thoroughly before taking action. All actions have consequences. What will those consequences be if a certain action is taken?

Here are two quotes from different saints which are good to remember, whether one has a 7 void or not. They're applicable to everyone.

If you tread the path of virtue sorrow will not dog your footsteps.
~ Guru Nanak

Hold pure, stay pure and say pure. Take the pure, give the pure.
~ Saint Dadu Dayal

If a person is operating on the dark side of the 7, he or she can be extremely cold, unfeeling, ruthless, negative, indifferent. As the 7 increases in volume in a chart, the greater its influence will be. When the 16-7 dominates a chart in massive quantities, its manifestation will be massive, as in the case of Jodi Arias. It is chilling to see the amalgam of 7 and 16-7 energy in Arias' chart. It is even more chilling to realize that the 7 is void. When coupled with her other voids of 2, 3 and 8, this cannot be good, and history as proven that it wasn't.

Together, Arias' Basic Matrix and Life Matrix reveal a dark, dangerous, cold, calculating, ruthless picture which no one thousand words could possibly do justice.

Basic Matrix Description

With the totality of 7 and 16-7 energy in Arias' chart, it is safe to say, not just in retrospect, that she would be working on the dark side of the 7.

Jodi Arias' 7v Lifepath denotes the most challenging of lives in which she will be tested spiritually, morally, ethically.

Her 7v Expression denotes a person who is introspective, secretive, reclusive, smart, analytical but who can also be cold, calculating, ruthless.

The 14-5 PE, which indicates the reality of her life, also has a 77 voided master root (25 Lifepath + 52 Expression = 77). This 77 voided master is ciphered as 77v-14-5. Here again we see the voided 7 powerfully anchored in her destiny. The 14-5 manifests as detachment and loss.

Her 27-9 (2v7v) Soul reveals a desire to be powerful and known. Notice that both the 2 and 7 are voided. This makes the 9 negative. The 2 void shows a lack of concern and caring with people on a personal level; the 7 reveals the dark qualities we've been discussing.

The 16-7v Material Soul speaks directly to her desire to be secretive, private, reclusive and potentially bellicose, cool, even cold and ruthless.

Her 16-7v Nature indicates a personality that is private, reclusive, ruthless, etc. Furthermore, it resonates with her most primal desires. In other words, she is what she wants to be. Her 7v Expression and 7v Lifepath exacerbate the 7v's characteristics.

The 14-5 Material Nature reveals a person who is detached or who can detach easily. The 5 also rules the senses and plays a major role in sex because of its propensity to seek a variety of sensual experiences. The 5 is mercurial and slick, the Teflon energy of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum (numbers 1 through 9).

When the 14-5 and 16-7 reside in a chart to the extent they exist in Arias' chart, all that can be said is, "Ouch!" These two numbers in concert create more dissonance, loss, detachment, heartache, heartbreak, trouble, turmoil, tears, turbulence and tragedy than any other dual cipher set, a pattern that doesn't raise yellow flags. It raises neon red flags, and when it exists in such saturation, as it does in Arias' chart, it flashes a multitudinous cavalcade of flashing red flags across an ebony sky on a moonless night.

Life Matrix Description

Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias on 4 June 2008. This was during her 1st E-P-C Triad (1st Epoch, 1st Pinnacle, 1st Challenge). Note that every one of these Life Matrix components is heavily saturated with 7 void energy.

The 1st Epoch 9/(7v)/7v IR Set (Influence/Reality) reveals the energy of endings and the public (9) filtering through a 7v to generate a 7v outcome. This also indicates a fall from a very high place, a fall which will be universally known and broadcast. Additionally, it reveals an energy of extreme betrayal. Lance Armstrong had this 9/(7)/7 IR Set in every one of his eleven Life Matrix components, and his betrayal to his sport and his fans, his lack of ethical behavior and deceit and fall from grace comprise one of the greatest disgraces the athletic world has ever known.

Arias' 1st Pinnacle IR Set shows the 16-7v moving through a 7v to generate a 14-5 energy of the senses, loss and detachment. It can be seen as dark energy filtering through dark energy to generate dark losses, changes, actions.

Her 1st Challenge IR Set of 2v/(7v)/9 indicates a lack of personal care and compassion for others (2v) passing through the 7v to create an outcome of endings to relationship (9). Because the 2 and 7 are both void, the ending will be dark and troublesome.

This 1st E-P-C Triad is dark, nightmare dark. No question. But look at the rest of her Life Matrix components. They're gushing with more of the same. This is as sad as it is tragic.

The extreme amount of 2v/(7v)/9, 7v/(7v)/5 and 9/(7v)/7v in Arias' Life Matrix is inordinate and way beyond unusual, to say the very least. All of these energies generate both stacking (the simultaneous occurrence of the same number or number patterns in a chart) and linkage (the continuity of a number or number pattern in a chart). Life linkage - the continuity of a number or number pattern from birth to death is also present.

Combine the massive amount of Arias's Life Matrix energies with the massive amount in her Basic Matrix and the combination is truly about as dark as it gets - a nightmare no one would ever want to experience.

Yet, and unbelievably, there is still more. This will be addressed in Part 3.

~ finis

Jodi Arias-Part 1       Jodi Arias-Part 3

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