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Your PE or Performance/Experience Number

The PE or Performance/Experience number identifies the role we play on the great life stage throughout the entirety of our lives. It is a combination of the Expression plus the Lifepath. Another metaphor would be that of the actor/actress (Expression) reading a script (Lifepath) and creating a role or performance. In effect, the PE is the reality of our life. It is what we come to experience. It can also be described as our orientation to life.

Computing the PE is easy. Simply add the single cipher of the Expression to the single cipher of the Lifepath and reduce to a single digit to arrive at the Simple PE. Then cross-reference this number on the Keywords page. For greater in-depth analysis, the root structures may also be added, but for now we'll concentrate on the simple form to make the process easy to understand. For those who would like more detail, please read: The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1: Foundations & Fundamentals.

Computing the Performance/Experience (PE) Number

Example #1 - John James Doe: Born: 13 March 1990

The Expression of John James Doe is a 2. His Lifepath is an 8. Therefore, his PE is a 1.

Expression - 2 plus Lifepath - 8 = PE of 1 (2 + 8 = 10 > 1 + 0 = 1)

Therefore, although John James Doe is a 2 person, his PE (reality of his life) is a 1. This will create difficulties for him. One and Two are exact opposites. The 2 will make John a helper and supporter by nature but because of the 1 PE he will be forced into being a leader, pioneer, authority figure. The advantage is that the softness of the 2 will soften the powerful fire of the 1. It can be a good combination in this regard. Too, the 1 PE is a result of the 2 moving through the energy field of the 8 Lifepath, the vibration of commerce, business, interaction, administration and management. John, therefore, although a follower by nature will, as he works in the business or administrative world, find himself in a leadership role.

Example #2: Linda Leigh Smith: Born: 26 September 1998

The Expression of Linda Leigh Smith is a 6. Her Lifepath is an 8 as well. Therefore, her PE is a 5.

Expression - 6 plus Lifepath - 8 = PE of 5 (6 + 8 =14 > 1 + 4 = 5)

This is an interesting combination. Linda's 6 Expression gives her a domestic, loving, nurturing quality. When this 6 energy combines with her 8 Lifepath which is extremely socially interactive, Linda's role in life will become that of a very diverse, active, free-spirited, on-the-move individual. The 5 is the most diverse number in the alpha spectrum (the simple numbers One through Nine). Read more about the 5 .

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