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In numerology there are nine basic numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. These nine single ciphers represent the composite "wiring" of the individual. Each number, as a wire, manifests specific characteristics and attributes (identified as keywords or key phrases). Across these "wires" flow the energy which allows the individual to operate as a conscious living being. When an individual's full natal name houses all of the single numbers, his wiring is complete and his ability to operate as a balanced, harmonious and functionally integrated human being are enhanced. When a number or numbers are missing in the chart, the wiring is incomplete and the individual's chances of living a full, whole and effective life are compromised.

Voids are missing wires in the birth name. They are major problematic players in the destiny of an individual. Simply said, voids create problems; the more voids, the more problems. Furthermore, if a void is located in a Challenge position (see The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 2: Forecasting, Part 1) its problems intensify in the area associated with its characteristics and attributes for the time the void is active in the chart. If the void not only occurs in a Challenge position but also does not occupy one of the seven components of the Basic Matrix (see The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1: Foundations & Fundamentals), it becomes a Grand Voided Challenge and its problematic status creates havoc for the individual during the time frame in which the void occurs.

Think of an automobile and its structure. It is filled with all kinds of wires which send mechanical or electrical signals to its various parts, thus allowing the car to run smoothly and efficiently. For example, assume the ignition system has no wiring. The car couldn't start even if the remainder of the car's wiring were complete. Perhaps the ignition system is in tact but there are no break lines from the brake pedal to the wheels. The car will not be able to stop even if it gets moving. If there's no wiring from the steering column to the front end wheel assembly, the car may be able to start, it may be able to go, it may be able to stop but it won't be able to turn. Obviously then, an automobile's wiring system is critical to its health, integration and functionability. Without all of the wiring in tact, an automobile may not only be inefficient but dangerous . . . to itself and others.

So it is with people. If their wiring is complete, their lives and happiness will be potentially enhanced. If their wiring is lacking, they will be lacking, their lives manifesting problems and causing potential disruption to themselves and others. Numerology "wires" are identified by numbers and their corresponding letters as depicted in the following chart.


Basic Letter Value Chart
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Therefore, if a person has a 1 void in his name, he will be missing the letters A-J-S. This means he will have challenges related to his self, ego, identity, confidence, males, authority figures, direction and will (see keywords). In other words, the "wiring" of the 1 energy is missing. There's no connection of the conscious mind to those things the 1 represents. If he has a 2 void, he will be missing the letters B-K-T in his name and will have challenges during his life regarding others, females, a lack of care for other people, difficulty in close personal relationships, carelessness in partnerships, support in general and may likely harbor extreme hypersensitivity. Basically, the wiring of the 2 energy is absent and there's no connection between his mind and life. So it is with the other numbers. If their wiring is missing, there will be challenges relating to their characteristics and attributes.

Thus, voids represent a functionally impaired operating system (the individual). Less wiring, less efficiency. No wiring, major problems. In essence, voids create a lack of connectivity with life, and people who have voids (and most of us do) are disconnected to some degree or another. Those individuals with many voids become highly disconnected, their lives exuding a plethora of problems.

Why do we have voids? Only God knows. Our destinies are chalked out for us by higher powers before we are ever born and are a mixture of karmas from many lives. Only He knows what is best for us in any particular life or incarnation. Do voids signify we are bad people? No. They just create issues with which we have to deal in our lives. Perhaps God does not want us to have a smooth life. Perhaps He does. Perhaps He wants us to experience what it's like to not have a particular energy in this incarnation for any number of reasons. The fact is, if we have voids we have to deal with them for good or bad.

In light of the whole void issue and the potential mitigating of life problems, it would be a major point of consideration for parents in naming their children to insure that their birth names have one of every number in them. This will keep their wiring connected and their lives running smoothly as well as limiting major difficulties in the individual's life. It's axiomatic: the more voids, the less connective wiring and the more potential problems; fewer voids - fewer wiring and connective problems; no voids, no missing wires and, therefore, no problems arising from a lack of their existence. This does not mean the child's life will be devoid of problems. We all have problems in life, but what it does mean is that they will potentially have fewer and less intense problems because their energetic "wiring" will be in tact, giving them the opportunity of living a fuller, happier and more functionally integrated life.

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