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TROYAL GARTH BROOKS (born: 7 February 1962) was honored on 5 November 2007 as the best selling solo artist in United States history with audited sales of 123 million dollars. With this extraordinary music event, Brooks surpassed the King himself, Elvis Aaron Presley , as the greatest  selling solo artist of all time (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garth_Brooks). True, U.S. population was only 219,759,869 during 1977 when Presley died (http://www.tsl.state.tx.us/ref/abouttx/census.html) compared to the 303,320,185 that it is today according to the Unite States census bureau (http://www.census.gov/population/www/) but this in no way diminishes Brooks' achievement. Time will tell if  Brooks'  popularity will stand the test of time as Presley's has, but nonetheless,  Brooks'  achievement  is  noteworthy. For more on the awards of Garth Brooks, go to: http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/brooks_garth/awards.jhtml.

It is this type of achievement that allows us to see how such accomplishment and recognition are manifested in numbers, and the numbers in Garth Brooks' numerology chart are amazingly reflective of such an achievement. And why shouldn't they be? As Pythagoras said, "Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape," even human recognition, popularity, fame, name and achievement. 

Frankly, Brooks' chart, arguably, houses the most remarkable set of numbers of any entertainer in the modern era, or, more precisely, number. First of all, his Basic Matrix incorporates only one number, the Number Nine (9), the energy of art, music, universality, recognition, fame and acknowledgment. The symbol of the 9 is the crown, and truly, Brooks' Basic Matrix manifests nothing but crown energies.

As if this bevy of 9s were not enough, the name "Garth" is also a 9. In fact, its General Expression is a 27, the same as his Specific Lifepath ( 7 February 1962 > 7 + 2 + 18 = 27). This Specific Lifepath of 27 is the same as Elvis Presley, born 8 January 1935 (8 + 1 + 18 = 27). This combination of day and month of birth gives both singers a 9 First Pinnacle (7 + 2 = 9 and 8 + 1 = 9) which accounts for the love of music and early fame in their lives. With their 9 Expression, their Influence/Reality set for this First Pinnacle is a 9/9.

There's still more. When Brooks received the award for "Best Selling Solo Artist of All Time" on 5 November 2007, he was forty-five years old, a 9 in reduction. Too, his Letter Timeline was a 9/9 (on the "R" of "Garth"). Furthermore, all three of his annual timelines, the Age Timeline, Universal Timeline and Personal Year Timeline, were all 9/9s as well! In summation, on the day of his award, Garth Brooks had a fourteen stack of 9 energy, reflecting the enormous recognition he so rightfully deserved. Brooks also has a 9/9 First Pinnacle (as mentioned earlier) and a 9/9 Third Epoch. This is an amazing study in 9s, to be sure. For more on forecasting, pinnacles, challenges, epochs, life cycle patterns and the Life Matrix, read the ebook, THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY, VOLUME 2: FORECASTING, PART 1 

What does all this 9 energy signify in the chart of Garth Brooks? Simply, he's an extremely artistic and public person with enormous artistic and public appeal, global appeal. The driving force in his life is to connect with the masses, and what better way than through the universal medium of music? His personality, path in life and his performance on the great stage of life are exactly that, public and universally performance-oriented. He needs to be on the public stage to be fulfilled, and his destiny has given him that during this portion of his life.

This leads us to a critical point in the creation of destiny. If anyone is to be known, to be famous, to be recognized as Garth Brooks, Elvis Presley and other popular figures are, have been and will be, the number Nine (9) will, in the overwhelming majority of cases, be present in the chart. Without the 9, there is simply no energetic vehicle to create the exposure to the masses, to the universal life stage, that the 9 bequeaths upon an individual. Regardless of the degree of talent, which in some cases can be more massive than even those people whose lives are focused in the public spotlight, without a 9 in the chart it is extremely difficult, not impossible, but difficult, to be publicly known, to be famous, and, without a doubt, the life of Troyal Garth Brooks is a perfect example of this law of numbers and especially, the Law of the Nine (9).

There are many messages to be gained from this understanding, not the least of which is that each of us does, indeed, have a destiny which cannot be altered, and such destiny may or may not harmonize with our desires, needs and wants. To long for fame and celebrity, for example, to be in the public limelight, as is the dream of so many countless individuals, may simply not be in the cards of our life in this incarnation. Therefore, wisdom dictates we become comfortable and accepting of the cards our life has dealt, learn to be grateful for what we have, and not live a life of frustration and unhappiness seeking that which we may never have. Being healthy and happy means being spiritually whole and that means we need to be at peace with our own destiny. After all, it was created by God who, in spite of our desires, does know best. Therefore, the best numerology advice is: don't clamor or desire for what someone else has or what life has given them that you may want, or what society says you have to have to be happy, but seek happiness and comfort within yourself, for therein lies the greatest of all treasures and the path to a peaceful existence while living in this world.


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