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The word "occult" means esoteric, mystical, secret, and beyond the range of ordinary knowledge. All mystics, perfect masters and living Saints are the keepers of occult knowledge. They keep such knowledge concealed for specific purposes. Christ, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Ravidas, Dadu, Dariya, Shams-i-Tabriz, Swami Ji Maharaj and other perfect masters were basically occultists. They are the Keepers of the Keys to all that is mystical and supernal. They hold the secrets to life and have shared those secrets with those who were and are open to receive, learn, grow and evolve from them.

In some religious and social circles, however, "occult" has been disparaged and preached as evil. True, there have always been individuals who have sought to use occult knowledge for nefarious purposes, but that which is occult is not inherently evil in itself. As we know, this creation is dual in nature, possessing two sides - one positive, one negative; one light, the other dark; one designed to assist the soul in its divine ascent, the other fabricated to insure its descent into the dreadful abyss of perdition. But let's not allow the mundane thoughts of some to cast nefarious shrouds and shadows over that which is overflowing with light, knowledge and goodness.

And let's be frank, knowledge is power. Throughout the history of man, some men and institutions have sought to suppress knowledge from the masses to keep them victimized through fear and ignorance, enslaved to the will of those in power. Education is critical to freedom. It has been said that ignorance is the root cause of the downfall of the soul. Therefore, by keeping souls uneducated and ignorant, they remain downtrodden and enslaved, and those in power maintain their reign of suppression and control.

Some people have been taught that numerology is occult, i.e. having negative influence. But such people overlook the obvious. Numerology is the science of numbers. Does that, therefore, make numbers negative and occult? God created numbers. They're one means of his communication network and are the basis of all science. The Bible, for example, is the richest numerological book on the planet. Is the Bible, therefore, also negatively occult because it is rich in numbers and their meanings?  Hardly.

If we refer to numerology as being occult where occult is defined as mysterious or secret until revealed, then, yes, numerology is occult, but if occult is used to infer some type of nefarious condition, then, no, numerology is not occult. Many of God's mysteries are held secret until He chooses to reveal them. Christ's teachings of the "Kingdom Within" would, therefore, be classified as occult because they are secret teachings. The Bible itself would obviously be considered occult because it teaches mysteries of life, especially the Book of Revelations. Mystics and Saints only teach inner mysteries when appropriate and then to those souls who are deserving, worthy of or ready for them. There is nothing evil in numerology. Quite the contrary. When we see the inexplicable perfection of the Divine Design of numbers and how they relate to life, we fall to our knees in genuine genuflection of the power that God is and, thereby, worship Him more, not less. Numerology is the Divine science of numbers, and its ultimate purpose is to enable the individual to grow into a more comprehensive understanding of God and the construct of His universe.

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