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Voids are missing genera in the full birth name and their attendant numbers. They depict energetic vacancies or holes in the individual that need filling. Basically, voids represent non-existent characteristics. For example, if a person has a One (1) void, he is missing the letters A-J-S in his name. If he has a Two (2) void, he is missing the letters B-K-T. A Three (3) void means there was no C, L or U in the name. Cross-referencing the numbers of the voids with their Keywords will help identify the qualities that are missing.

Why do voids exist? Only God knows for sure. When we have a void or voids in our chart - and most of us do - they create challenging, even trying, times for us. If a void occurs in a Challenge position, it can be quite problematic for the individual. "Challenges" are discussed in the eBook: The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 2: Forecasting, Part 1.  

One of the best ways to manage a void is to concentrate on its positive qualities. For example, if a person has an 8 (Eight) void (missing the letters H-Q-Z in the name), he needs to concentrate on understanding how to make and keep connections smooth and harmonious in his life. Why? Because the 8 void means he lacks the qualities of the 8. A general 8 void strategy is to practice being efficient, on time, not procrastinating ( a common result of the 8 void), trying to see the connection between cause and effect. In effect, the 8 void person must learn how to connect the dots in all aspects of his life, to administrate and orchestrate his life better. And so it goes with every void. The solution to its management is to concentrate on its positive characteristics.

How do people usually deal with voids? In one of two ways: 1. by trying to fill them with the energy and characteristics they represent which are missing, or 2. by neglecting those characteristics altogether. This is not always black or white but, to be sure, there will be challenges and problems where voids occur.  

Determining the Voids

How are voids determined? Simply by taking stock of what numbers are missing in the natal name. Write down the full natal name and place its corresponding number beneath it. Then simply see which of the simple numbers One (1) through Nine (9) are missing. In the name "John James Doe," we see in the chart below that it is missing the numbers  2 - 3 - 7 and 9. This many voids will create potential difficulties for John unless they're offset with the same numbers or other positive numbers in the Basic Matrix and/or Life Matrix. In any regard, John will be challenged by close personal relationships, others, women, partnerships and team concepts - all ruled by the Two (2). The Three (3) void will possibly create problems in the use of words, meaningful and harmonious communication skills, a positive self-image, the ability to relate to children, keeping everyone's happiness in perspective and perhaps even individual health issues. The Seven (7) void indicates a lack of wisdom and deep thought, carelessness, possible lack of spirituality and difficulties in being alone. The Nine (9) void reflects a need to understand humanity, be respectful of all people, see the big picture, be generous and magnanimous.

Example #1 - John James Doe

1 6 8 5 1 1 4 5 1 4 6 5

Example #2: Linda Leigh Smith

In the name "Linda Leigh Smith" we see only the 6 (Six) missing. For Linda, there will be issues in her life relating to her love life, family, the home/domicile, adjustments in personal relationships, and a general softening of her manner and attitude. Six (6) rules the heart. It loves and wants love. Linda may well have difficulty in her life finding love. Much depends on other aspects of her chart, but she will have some type of love issues with which to contend during her life.

3 9 5 4 1 3 5 9 7 8 1 4 9 2 8

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