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Few entertainers have captured the imagination of the world as that of one Elvis Aaron Presley, born on 8 January 1935 and passing from this life on 16 August 1977 at the age of  forty-two. Thirty years after his death, The King of Rock 'n' Roll still magnetizes people to his life and persona.

Why? How? What is it in the destiny of Elvis Presley that has made him the unforgettable icon that he surely has become? As we know, there are no accidents in the universe. We all have our destinies  and The King of Rock 'n' Roll  had his in spades. Here is Presley's Basic Matrix:

Elvis Aaron Presley: Basic Matrix

Expression 9
Lifepath 9
Performance Experience [PE] 9 (99)
Soul 3 (66)
Material Soul 3 (66)
Nature 6
Material Nature 6 (33)
Voids 2 & 8

One of the main things of interest  is not only the number of master numbers in Presley's Basic Matrix but also the number group - the artistic 3-6-9 triad. Elvis Presley's entire person was saturated in artistic energy. Plus . . . look at the master numbers: the 99 theatrical powerhouse occupying his Performance/Reality (the role of his life); the two 66s in both the Soul and Material Soul, and the 33 in his Material Nature. All of these represent an enormous amount of power in the areas of words, voice, art, entertainment, theater, performance, pleasure, sexuality, love, harmony, self-expression and charisma. The three 9s in his Umbrella (Expression, Lifepath and PE) made him a very public person with a very public life. There was no way Elvis Presley could not have been a charismatic and public personality. He was, indeed, a man for the masses.

The voids of 2 and 8 reflect a person, however,  in whom close personal relationships and their interaction were always challenged. It was difficult for Presley to get close to anyone on an intimate level without there being some strained issues in the togetherness, integration and flow of close relationships. A 2 void is generally indicative of a person who doesn't have much concern for others on a deep level. An 8 void designates challenges with interaction, keeping things together and running smoothly. With the 2 and 8 void in his chart and with all of his public 9 energy, it was nearly impossible for Presley to be a one-woman man. He was simply too much in demand and there was no close personal relationship energy to anchor him. It was almost a curse. It was during his Second Challenge period in which his chart reflected a double 8 void that he and Priscilla divorced. When 8 is void and occupies a Challenge position, things fall apart. It's virtually impossible to keep things flowing smoothly and together with such a configuration. Regardless of whom his wife had been during this time, the marriage would not have lasted.

Besides the master numbers in his Basic Matrix, Presley also had 22 and 88 dominate in his chart. The names "Elvis" and "Aaron" are both 22s - the master builder number of wealth and power. The 88/16/7 master number is found in his First Challenge PE (see the ebook The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 2: Forecasting, Part 1 . This was the period from his birth to age twenty-seven in which he attended church and fell in love with gospel music. The 88 master number overflows with spiritual energy.

Interestingly, Presley's Life Matrix (the core material of KBN2) was filled with One (1) energy, the vibration of self. Nearly half of his Life Matrix components were centered, not in the public, but in himself. This combination of 9 energy in his Basic Matrix and 1 energy in his Life Matrix is what placed him solidly on the public stage (9) as the star (1).  The public and  the self - these were the two dominating themes of Elvis Presley's life.

One of the most dangerous aspects of Presley's chart are the 3s and 6s in his Soul and Nature components. These are numbers of pleasure, joy, friends, love, romance and sex. The 33 and 66 master numbers associated with the 3 and 6 crowns hold great potential for love and positive self-expression but on the flip side, they hold equal potential for human destruction because of their addictive attraction to pleasure, drugs and sex.  It was primarily this dynamic duo that ushered Presley to a sad and unfortunate demise. But he's not alone. The 33 and 66 master numbers have caused many tragedies and claimed many lives, especially among celebrities.  They are powerfully addictive numerical opiates and left uncontrolled they run rampant through a person's life, creating a cornucopia of madness and mayhem. Indeed, Elvis Presley was a star of great magnitude, but in the end, a fallen one, giving rise to the following quatrain from renowned 18th Century English poet, essayist, biographer, lexicographer and critic Dr. Samuel Johnson, the second most quoted English writer behind Shakespeare:

Unnumbered suppliants crowd Preferment's Gate,
Athirst for wealth and burning to be great;
Delusive Fortune hears the incessant call -
They rise, they shine, evaporate and fall.

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