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2013 and You
The Universal Timeline (UTL)

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Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.
~ Clare Booth Luce

The courageous man is the man who forces himself, in spite of his fear, to carry on.
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2013. How will it affect you? This article will address the Universal Timeline (UTL), which in this case is the 6 - 2013 reduced to a single cipher. To fully understand the information shared in this article, please read its companion piece, 2013 - Preview. For a further study of numerology, consult The King's Book of Numerology II: Forecasting - Part I (KBN II) and other numerology books available on Richard Andrew King's book page.

Please understand the UTL is only one of many different timelines active during any given year. It is one piece of our annual life puzzle, which itself is encased in a larger life destiny puzzle. Nonetheless, the Universal Timeline is one of three major energetic threads repeating on a yearly basis and recycling every nine years. For example, the general pattern for 2013 will also repeat in 2022, 2031, 2040, 2049, etc. Although these years all reduce to a 6, their root numbers, and therefore their energies and issues, are different. Still, their general energy is similar enough to allow us to forecast what their UTLs will bring when activated. The other two Annual Timelines are the Age Timeline (ATL) and the Personal Year Timeline (PTL). These are also discussed in KBN II.

The Universal Timeline Influence/Reality Set Format

The Universal Timeline is composed of three parts which create the Influence/Reality or IR Set:
  1. Influencing energy (the calendar year). This contains the subjects, themes, lessons and issues for the year.
  2. Filtering energy (the Expression, aka, the individual's full birth name).
  3. Performance/Experience (PE) or Outcome/Reality energy. This gives a description of what the result will be when the Influencing number of the year passes through the Filtering energy of the individual's name to generate the experience or performance given by the individual.
The abbreviated lettering format for the Universal Timeline is "UTL/PE." The full lettering is "UTL/(Exp)/PE." The complete numeric format replaces the letters with their corresponding numeric values. For example, a person with a 1 Expression in a 6 Universal (Calendar) Year will have a UTL/(Exp)/PE of 6/(1)/7. The short form omits the Expression and is formatted as UTL/PE or 6/7. In this short format it is understood that the filter is a 1 because it's the only number which, when added to the 6, produces a 7 in summation.

The Nine UTL/PE IR Sets for 2013 and Its 6 Crown

Preassessment Notes

Before describing the nine simple IR Sets for 2013, a few things need to be taken into consideration.
  1. The UTL is only one of many parts to any year's numerology forecast.
  2. Voids, which are not taken into account in this simple analysis, are powerful determinants in the assessment process. To read more about voids, go here.
  3. Challenges also play a major role in forecasting. See KBN II.
  4. When a number is both Voided and Challenged, there will be major issues to address.
  5. When Voids, Challenges or Voided Challenges occur in a chart, the chart is said to be negatively aspected while the energies are active.
  6. Stacking (the simultaneous occurrence of the same number or number pattern in a chart) creates a concentration of the energies in question. The greater the concentration, the greater the saturation and the greater the intensity - for better or for worse. Stacking plays a major role in the forecasting process. Therefore, it would be of great benefit for individuals to know their charts.
  7. All numbers and number patterns are intrinsically constructed with a positive and negative aspect, just like every rotation of the earth has a day and a night or every coin has two sides. Therefore, what an individual experiences at any moment is a matter of attitude. Does he/she, by virtue of personal character, mindset and spiritual point of view, see things positively or negatively?
  8. Every individual's destiny is unique, and therefore every numerology chart is different from all others.
  9. The individual's UTL year will begin on his birthday and continue until his next birthday. The calendar year's energies are universal to everyone but they apply to each person's individual cycle, which begins on the person's birthday that day/date signifying their birth.
With these notes in place, the following chart reveals the simple and general numerology forecast for each of the nine single Expression ciphers (1 to 9) for the calendar year 2013. To calculate your Expression (name number) go here. The Influencing Energies of the 6 are of the heart, home, love, romance, nurturing, community and country. Negative aspects include envy, jealousy, resentment, anger, hatred, violence and addiction.

IR Set
Abbreviated Description
Family and love issues will be tested. There will be some degree of isolation, seclusion, concern, turmoil, analysis, introspection, reflection, thought and concern. There most likely will be a longing for love and affection, and if precepts of virtue are not held dear, relationships might experience betrayal to some degree. This is a year of testing, self-control, poise and centeredness for the 1 Expression person. If this 6/(1)/7 IR Set appears in a Challenge position in the Life Matrix (see KBN II), testing will be exacerbated. Problems will be heightened if any or all of the single ciphers (6, 1 or 7) are voided.
The numbers 2, 6 and 8 all address concepts of relationship (2), love (6) and management (8). Unless Voided or Challenged, the 2 Expression individual should have positive experiences in love and family. There will be personal interactions, connections and involvements in this pattern. This is an excellent pattern for the leader of an organization to make strong gains in human interaction. On the other hand, voids in any of the ciphers will present issues. The Challenge rule also applies.
The 9 cipher in the outcome PE position in this pattern will move the 6 energies through the self-expressive 3 person into the realm of all that is expansive, universal, artistic, potentially public and theatrical. Families could travel under this pattern. There could be long-distance communication. The 3-6-9 triad in any format is a strong artistic and communication-oriented pattern. Anyone with this IR set would be wise to expand their family connections, artistic talents and communicative activities.
There will definitely be new beginnings centered in the house, home or job during this year for the person living through this energy field. It could also reference a male (husband, father, brother, uncle, friend) as he begins something new or moves in a new direction. The house itself could undergo changes or modifications to some degree. The 1 in the PE position is the cipher referencing something new. It is derived from a structured-oriented, security-minded individual (4) who will be dealing with issues of the home and heart (6).
For the 5 Expression person this 6/(5)/2 IR set will bring some form of change, separation, detachment and freedom in the realm of females, others or relationships (2). There can be support and nurturing in a personal way if there are no voids, but if the 6 is voided there may well be a lack of love and support. If the 2 is voided there could be stress in partnerships and friendships. Because the 6 and 5 together are a highly sexual combination, romantic experiences and their tensions are probable. The home, family or love life will, in some way, play themselves out in the arena of relationship and female energy.
Home, love, beauty, art, harmony and communication are the basis of this 6/(6)/3 IR set. The energies of the 6 are filtering through a 6 person to generate an outcome focusing on health, beauty, image, children, communication, pleasure, friends, joy. If neither Voided or Challenged, this is a warm and pleasant energy. However, if the 3 or 6 are negatively aspected because of Voids or Challenges, this will pose issues of a lack of love and problems with health, image, communication, children.
This pattern is not necessarily a warm and fuzzy energy. The 7 individual tends to be analytical, reflective, distant, cool, critical and solitary. When the energies of love and home filter through the 7, the outcome 4 energy therefore has an influence of the 7 within it, making it even more resistant, stable, unbending, disciplined, stern. Yet, because of the internal structure of the 7 and the disciplined and self-controlled aspect of the 4, this can create a strong environment for spiritual work, study and meditation in the home. It can also give great security based on the thinking skills of the 7 and security-mindedness of the 4.
There will be changes and movement in the home with this 6/(8)/5 pattern, especially if the 8 is voided because it is the energy of connection and disconnection. When the 8 is voided, things, events and relationships are compromised. Plus, the outcome of this pattern is the 5 the energy of loss, detachment, freedom, letting go, rebellion. If there are no negative aspects, this can generate fun, diverse, exciting experiences within the context of the home, family and love-related themes.
With any 9 Expression individual the incoming and outgoing energies are the same. Therefore, the energies are more constantly intense than those of other number patterns. The two 6s in this IR Set create internal stacking. Obviously, issues of the home life, community, love and nurturing will also become the experience field of the 9 Expression person. If the 6s are negatively aspected, this will create difficult circumstances in the family, community or national arena.

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