Every so often you happen upon a book that has an instant impact on the way you perceive the world. More rarely, that same book presents the opportunity for an ongoing daily read that inspires, consoles, edifies, teaches, and nurtures the spirit. Beyond that, the foundational pearls of wisdom that are captured on each and every page provide a support structure for life and decision making course correction that consistently support your personal higher good. THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE by Richard Andrew King is an awesome and essential daily read that will continuously, and without fail, speak to you on the most intimate and personal levels. I have had the honor of knowing Richard King for 20 years and I can categorically state that he has lived the words that he has written and thereby this book resonates with comprehensive truth, experience, and the highest levels of integrity.   
                                 ~ Steven J. Vertun, President, Segue Corporation

As a member of the Board of Trustees of Semester at Sea, I am very involved with the international education of America’s youth at the collegiate level so that they can be competitive in today’s ever more interconnected global environment. As a parent of two college aged children, I am continually focused on their growth and development of life skills and leadership. I am incredibly impressed with Richard King’s, THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE's ability to teach some of life’s greatest lessons by relating them to the world of martial arts. I read the book in one day and highlighted many sections for future discussions with my two children. They found the material interesting, relative, and valuable. Chapters “Your Life Your Responsibility” and “There can be no Excellence without Effort” were particularly powerful. One of my favorite quotes from the book attributable to Richard Bach is “The gull sees farthest who flies highest.” Richard King has flown very high indeed with THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE.
                                  ~ Todd Miller, Western States Technologies

Mr. King - I have only just begun THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE but I have already learned and have found so many great quotes that I can use in my everyday life and share with those I care about. Thank you for putting your thoughts to paper and sharing with the rest of the world!    
                                  ~ Dr. Dustin Glass, D.C. Sports Injury & Performance Care

THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE by Richard Andrew King should be called 'The Book of Life'. Wow! What a book! Everyone, whether in the martial arts or not, should read this and be aware of all the wonderful human values that are worth integrating into daily life.   
                                  ~ Gigi Stybr, author of The Music of an Unequal Love

THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE is INCREDIBLE! I read it cover-to-cover in one day. It was uplifting, inspiring, and heartfelt. It reminded me to embrace life's challenges rather than allowing them to affect me negatively. You truly gave me hope, strength and sunshine. Thanks for all your wisdom.
                                  ~ Michelle N., California

THE BLACK BELT BOOK OF LIFE offers fundamental principles all people can apply to their lives, regardless of age or gender. Easy to read, the information in this book allows men, especially, to get closer to their inner self, subdue their false illusions of ego, and find their true inner strength, becoming confident and whole in the process.
                                  ~ K. C. Thomas, 2nd Dan Black Belt, Landscape Architect


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