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He was the greatest playwright who ever lived; the most quoted author of all time; the immortal bard of all bards. The depth and breadth of his understanding, as well as the diversity of his work, have made William Shakespeare a literary icon of universal renown. Who is there who has ever read a book during the last four hundred years who does not recognize his name? Such fame is not coincidence, not happenstance, not luck. It is design and such design is, as always, reflected in numbers - the ciphers of destiny.

Shakespeare was born 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, about 100 miles northwest of London, England, reputedly on 23 April 1564 and dying on the same day in 1616 at the age of fifty-two. Although the date of his birth is questionable because of the lack of record keeping in those days, his numbers seem to indicate that such a birthdate is accurate. What is it about Shakespeare's numbers that reveal his immense literary genius and undying popularity? For students of numerology, the Bard's chart is extremely revealing and worthy of study.

To be the most quoted author of all time means that one's words are universally appreciated and remembered. Words are nothing more than thoughts. And which number rules thought? If you said the number Seven, you're correct, and Shakespeare's chart is drippingly saturated in Seven energy. It is also filled with Nine energy, the vibration of universality, and Five energy, the cipher of versatility. The Two also plays an important role as it deals with relationship, the comparison and contrast of opposites that is so prevalent in his plays. It is these four numbers: 7-9-5-2 which have made William Shakespeare an icon of world literature, an icon of such stature that somewhere in the world at this very moment someone is most likely reading his words or quoting them . . . hundreds of years after his death. Who else can lay claim to such a legacy?

Simple Basic Matrix: William Shakespeare

Expression 7
Lifepath 7
Performance Experience 5
Soul 9
Material Soul 7
Nature 7
Material Nature 5
Void 6

Of the seven aspects of the Basic Matrix, Shakespeare maintains four 7s, two 5s and a 9. To have four Sevens in a Basic Matrix is extremely rare, and it is this enormous amount of "thought energy" which is accountable for the depth of Shakespeare's understanding.

Notice in the chart above that the number 7 rules his Lifepath, Expression, Material Soul and Natural Nature. This represents an enormous concentration of energy in a chart. The 9 energy rules Shakespeare's Natural Soul, thus giving him a desire and need to be universal and to express that universality through thought (his 7 Material Soul [MS]). His 5 Material Nature (MN) gives him a diversity of interest and ability which originates from his 7 Natural Nature of thought, reflection, analysis, introspection. Intensifying his 5 energy of versatility is his 5 Performance/Experience (PE) which means that Shakespeare's role on the great life stage is to be diverse and rich in human experience. And is this not Shakespeare: one who has great depth and breadth of thought(7), who is extremely diverse (5) and universal (9)? What other writer of the English language has created more works in more literary genres which are known to more people the world over than William Shakespeare? Who is there who does not nor cannot identify with his words in some way?

To add to this, the name "William" is also a 7 vibration and "Shakespeare" is a 9 vibration. More intensification of the 7 & 9 energies. Of greater significance, the Name Timeline PE of "William" is a master number 77/5. Furthermore, the Name Timeline PE for "Shakespeare" is a master number 88/7! Such power in one name, let alone two!

Although Shakespeare had a 9 Natural Soul, this would not in itself propel him into the public spotlight. For that, 9 energy is needed in the Life Matrix (discussed fully in The King's Book of Numerology, Volume II, Basic Forecasting, yet to be published). Within the framework of his 7 Lifepath, Shakespeare's Grand Pinnacle and Grand Challenge (the core of this life's journey) were both 2/9 energy sets. This was also accompanied by a second Pinnacle of 2/9 and a final Challenge (Crown Challenge) of 2/9 energy as well. The Two rules relationship and others. This vibration is manifested in the field of the 9, the public spotlight of the macrocosmic world, the primary energy responsible for fame and large-scale recognition.

This little numbers vignette of William Shakespeare serves to, once again, corroborate the truth of numbers and their irrefutable correlation to our lives in this dualistic world. Nothing is happenstance. All is by design. Each of our lives, as well as the lives of every living entity on this earth have a destiny, a divine blueprint which shapes and guides our every breath and step. God did not drop us here without a plan, and through the ancient science and art of numerology we can, if we choose, know that plan and thereby move closer to a state of self-realization in route to the ultimate destination of God-Realization.

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