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Numerology is the ancient science and art of numbers, encompassing their interpretation, relationship and significance to our lives, wherein letters and numbers serve as cosmic codes and ciphers defining and describing our lives and our destinies. Established by Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, numerology offers one key to the riddle of life and one solution to piecing the knowable, yet seemingly unknowable, puzzle of life together. The purpose of numerology is to assist us in knowing ourselves as we pursue our self-realization on the divine journey of becoming God-Realized. Numerology is not a panacea for our ills or a savior from our predicament in life. It is a tool for the cultivation of our knowing and awareness while existing in the cosmos.

Numerology is founded on the premise that numbers are cosmic ciphers defining and describing the vibratory fields and energy patterns composing and comprising each of us, our personalities, our natures, our assets, liabilities, drives, lives and destinies. To thoroughly understand this ancient science is to possess a very viable means for unlocking the secrets of ourselves and our destiny.

In a cosmic sense, the date of our birth and our full birth name (natal name) hold these secrets to our destiny, desires, personality, nature, character and ultimate performance on the stage of life. If we want to know these things, we can, but we must study and learn the principles which numerology affords. Although life's secrets can be known, they are not easily relinquished.

For one who has never pursued or studied those metaphysical arts and sciences which give us insights into the mysteries and secrets of life, it is normal to be skeptical regarding our ability to know of things which are generally held to be unknowable. For one's character composition and destiny to be contained in one's name and birth date seems to be far-fetched and unbelievable, if not even ridiculous, but students of the metaphysical arts have a much different perspective of themselves, others, this world and its events than are 'normal'. They come to their views through study and experience of those things which transcend the normal, physical, material and 'natural' state of affairs as we generally perceive them. Simply because one person or a multitude of people do not believe something to be true does not make it so. Belief does not validate reality. Experience validates reality. Even then, reality can change depending upon the development of the consciousness and its journey up Spirit Mountain--the metaphor for our spiritual evolution and soul liberation.

If we're living on the valley floor below the Mountain, we have one reality. If we climb half way up the mountain, we see and perceive differently and, therefore, our reality changes and we have another reality. When we reach the summit of the mountain, reality changes again for not only may we see other mountains to climb--perhaps even taller, more majestic mountains which we did not even know existed--but the air is different, the temperature is different, the view is different, our physiological responses are different--reality is different and, to be sure, our consciousness is different. If one does not climb the mountain, one cannot know the reality there or the consciousness needed to perceive such reality, and to criticize, judge, condemn, decry, deprecate and deny the reality expressed by those who have been there is to be ignorant and foolish.

Metaphysical arts have existed for thousands of years. Why? Because they have merit, they offer a way to pierce the veil of the mundane and seemingly unexplainable. Life is only a mystery to those who choose not to see, who choose not to seek, who choose not to climb, who choose to remain content living in the materially-phenomenal world, never questioning why or how or when or what.

One may argue, however, that it is not necessary to know the things which metaphysics or numerology offers. Nor is it necessary to climb mountains, however grand, noble or spiritual they may be. True. One does not need to know unless one is driven to know, driven to climb or . . . driven to be spiritually free! Knowing the future, for example, will not change one's destiny in this life for each of our destinies is set in substance far superior to stone. Additionally, knowing the future may cause unnecessary worry and concern and, therefore, do more harm than good. But on the other hand, knowing may be beneficial in helping one understand the present and the past while preparing for the future, thus enabling one to achieve a state of balance and harmony within. Everyone is different and each must seek his or her own way in ways which are comfortable and compatible with his or her own lifestyle, life goals and life purpose.

In keeping with the principle of self-realization, numerology can help us know ourselves and our lives, our specific and special destinies and talents. It can also help us flow with our lives and not fight them. It can help us become realistic about what we can expect from our lives and what we cannot in the course of this specific incarnation. It can help us prepare for storms, rocky climbs and obstacles. It can allow us to relax and enjoy the meadows of our lives, the days of fair weather and sunshine. It can also, and very importantly, give us a tool for understanding others--their assets and liabilities, frustrations and limitations, joys and sorrows. Numerology can help us know many things and when we know, we can more easily accept and adjust to the streams, currents and flows of the vibrations and energy waves affecting us throughout our life's journey. By being realistic, we become real--not false--informed, not ignorant. We can consciously follow our own path, not someone else's. We can become focused on what we must do and how we must be to live as fully and efficiently as possible to fulfill our destiny as well as we can and, thereby, rise higher in the skies of our own self-realization.

In all of this--in knowing who we are, the journey we're traveling, the performance we will give in life, what our assets and liabilities are, where we can expect hills, valleys, meadows, mountains, storms and sun-filled days--there is peace, at least as much peace as one can have in this dimension for ultimately, true peace, eternal bliss and everlasting happiness will only be experienced when our soul merges with its Creator. This merging, of course, is our divine purpose and we must never forget this one, great fact of human life. To merge in Him requires us to follow the Spiritual Path, adjust our behavior in this mortal coil--this body form--to reflect on all things spiritual, not all things material or worldly, to rise above this dimension of duality and step, forever, into the domain of the divine.

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