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In Memoriam 9 August 1963 to 11 February 2012

 [This article is neither designed to either extol or defame Whitney Houston.
Its purpose is simply to study the correlation between one's numbers, life and destiny.]


Fortune does not change men, it unmasks them.
Suzanne Necker - 18th Century French writer


Vast and vicious is this mesh of Illusion
whose intricate tentacles suck one dry.

Saint Namdev - 13th Century Mystic


Known as "The Voice," WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON (born: 9 August 1963), has had as troubled and sad a life as she and her voice are beautiful - blessed beyond imagination on the one hand with fame, fortune, wealth, beauty and talent but cursed on the other with out-of-control behavior, self-destructive addictions, difficulties with male energy and seemingly relentless turmoil. Happenstance? No. As we have learned, nothing is happenstance in this bipolar world of cause and effect where everything has two sides, one positive; one negative. The key to living a successful life rests in how balanced, contented and harmonious a life we make for ourselves amidst the positive and the negative back and forth swaying of the Great Cosmic Pendulum regardless of wealth, status, celebrity, fame, riches, beauty or power.

Whitney Houston's voice can bring any sentient human being to tears. It is a gift of enormous proportions. Yet, Whitney Houston's troubled life will bring any sentient human being not just to tears but to an ocean of sadness for the woman who is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and film producer. Why has she been so blessed and so cursed? Numbers, as always, tell the tale.

Basic Matrix


Houston's Basic Matrix gives us a partial glimpse into her troubles. Other parts of her chart, particularly her Specific Inclusion and Life Matrix, reveal much more about her life and talent. Notice her Lifepath is a 9. This will place her on the public stage. It is the 9 that is noticeably dominant in charts of performers - actors, singers, media hosts, models, writers, musicians, artists. We are all aware of her public presence. Key to her troubles, however, are her 7 Expression and 7 Performance-Experience (PE). The 7 Expression makes Houston reclusive, retiring, reflective, internal, potentially critical, cold, even aloof, and prone to query. It can also make her a loner, a perfectionist, sometimes hard to deal with and insensitive to others. When her 7 Expression merges with her 9 Lifepath, the outcome is also a 7, her PE - the role she will play on the great life stage. Seven in this position, if not focused on a spiritual life, can potentially bring one to ruin. It most certainly can bring disturbance, turmoil, chaos, tears, suffering, sorrow and ignominy - all conditions forcing one to go inside and reflect on their conduct, choices and actions in life. One of the roots of the 7 is the 16, the Tower Card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, in which people suffer a great fall from a high place. We are well aware of this aspect of her life also.

Houston's #2 Soul and #2 Material Soul are concentrated in relationship. This is one of the major keys to her troubled marriage with Bobby Brown. Desiring to be in relationship, she has a hard time letting go. Houston loves to be together and to be a partner. The 11 Master Root of the #2 not only creates a potential for inspiration but also conflict and antagonism.

Whitney Houston's Nature and Material Nature are both Fives: a 59/14/5 root structure in her Nature and a 95/14/5 root structure in her Material Nature. This 5 energy, particularly with the 59 and 95 binary roots are responsible for her diversity of talent. No two numbers are more public than the 5 and 9, and no two binaries reveal more diversity than the 59 and its mirrored image, the 95. The number 5 is the most versatile number in the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum. It moves, changes, explores, experiments and can be wild and "senses seeking." Five is also the number of man, freedom and slavery, its polar opposites. Because of its ability to move, experience, remain unrestrained and free, the great lesson of the 5 is to be disciplined, self-controlled and temperate lest it enslave the individual rather than bring him or her to a place of true freedom and liberation. This sense of slavery-generated freedom has been exacerbated by Houston's 4 Void, the number of discipline, temperance, self-control. With no 4s in her name or Basic Matrix to stabilize her, her 5 has gone wild . . . to her detriment, as it would to anyone with the same numbers.

Whitney Houston's Basic Matrix is not a direct indicator of her vocal beauty, musical success or addictions. For that we have to look to her Inclusion Table, Chapter 14 of The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1: Foundations & Fundamentals. She has 33 in her 3rd House and 66 in her 5th House. In Number News edition #60 in December of 2006, we discussed how the Master Number 33 could lead one to great heights of self-expression or great depths of sensual indulgence and addiction. Thirty-three in the 3rd House of communication, pleasure, joy, beauty, health and disease has given Houston immense fulfillment in her self-expression but also immense struggles with negative pleasurable addictions. This alone would be problematic but it has been compounded by her 66 Master Number in the 5th House of experiences, variety, diversity, wildness and sensual indulgence. The 33 has a 6 crown; the 66 has a 3 crown. The power of this rare combination has been greatly responsible for her challenges as well as her awesome talent and beautiful expression of words through music.

The core (Grand Pinnacle) of Whitney Houston's 9 Lifepath of the public stage (The King's Book of Numerology II: Forecasting - Part 1) is a 44/8, a powerful master number of success through work. A 9 Lifepath with a 44/8 core exudes commercial achievement in the public realm. But it must be remembered that Houston is void 4 in her chart, so the connections and flow of events which the 8 would normally signify in a healthy state, is compromised.

Another major indication of her success in life is the 1/8 Influence-Reality combination. It's in her 1st Challenge, Grand Challenge (3rd) and Core Challenge (4th). This 1/8 is also found in her Crown (4th) Pinnacle and 3rd (final) Epoch, thus creating a powerhouse quintstack (five stack) of 1/8 energy! It is highly unusual to have this many of the same IR (Influence/Reality) set in one chart. The 1 represents the Yang aspect of life - the self, ego, males, leadership, action. The 8 represents flow, interaction, connection/disconnection, success, comfort. In effect, the 1/8 combination is success of the self, as entrepreneurial as it gets.

Interestingly, it is this 1/8 IR set in her 1st Challenge, Grand and Crown Challenges that reflects her problems with male energy, i.e. her ex-husband, Bobby Brown. Of note, this is the same Challenge triad found in Oprah Winfrey's chart! She also has a 1/8 1st Challenge, Grand Challenge and Crown Challenge. Additionally, she has a 1/8 2nd Epoch while Houston's is in her 3rd Epoch. Both of these women are highly successful but both have obviously had issues with male energy. They both have 7 Expressions, too. The difference is that Oprah does not have a 7 PE. She has a 4 Lifepath and an 11/2 PE. Houston has an 11/2 in both her Soul and Material Soul. Also of interest is that both women have 59/5 Natures! The charts of these women are greatly identical in their number patterns. Coincidence? There are no coincidences in this world. People who are highly successful in similar fields should also have similar number patterns. The numerology charts of Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey bear this out. Another parallel study of numbers and life is that between Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana of Wales.

Numbers are science. They give a logical explanation to life. As Pythagoras said: "Numbers rule the universe; everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape."

Just this brief showcase of Whitney Houston's chart reveals the facts of her famous but troubled life. With her sad and tragic demise, our prayers are that her soul find solace in a higher power as it moves onward in its existence.

Our prayers are also offered to those still living, that the reality of Whitney Houston's life is that drugs destroy - life, careers and relationships. For those who truly honor her life and legacy, let them also honor the reality that unrestrained sensual indulgence, especially in the use of drugs and alcohol, will destroy that which is beautiful and timeless. This is offered in the hope that her life will not only inspire great artists to follow their dreams and achieve them, but also potentially save them from the same troubled life and tragic fate. May Whitney Elizabeth Houston forever rest in peace.

Actions vs. Words
(C) 1998 Richard Andrew King

Listen to the actions.
Listen not to words.
Actions root intent.
Words fly away like birds.

Actions tell the story;
while words, false stories tell.
Actions pave the Higher Road;
words, the road to Hell.

Actions bind the honest;
words, dishonest, bind.
Actions give true vision;
words make vision blind. 

While actions may confirm their words,
Words, actions oft betray.
Thus, listen to the actions

and cast the words away.

~ finis ~ 

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