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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

Indeed, numbers do rule the universe. Why? because everything can be reduced to some type or form of numerical structure as Pythagoras averred. Sound, light, computers, you name it - everything is based in numbers. If numbers didn't exist, society, and more importantly, the cosmos, would collapse because numbers represent the building blocks of creation. Order is the first law of the universe and it is numbers that form the basis of that order.

On a more profound note, numbers are God codes describing and defining our life and destiny. As fantastic and unbelievable as it may seem,  the numbers of our full natal name and date of birth house the blueprint of who we are, where we're going in this life,  the role we will play on the great life stage, the desires we have, the personalities we exhibit, our full range of assets and liabilities, major problem areas, timelines when we will enter and exit certain energetic landscapes of our life as we travel down the road of our destiny and so much more. Through numbers we can understand the dynamics of our relationships immediately, their concordances and discordances, where problem areas will be and even whether the relationship will be positive or negative. It's absolutely amazing that all this and much more is contained within our names and birthdates. It may seem ludicrous, but make no mistake, it is not; it is true. Why? Because there is a power beyond human comprehension that
is in absolute and total control of of everything that exists, a power so vast and utterly inexplicable that any sentient individual is taken to his knees upon recognizing its omnipotence. Call that Power God or Spirit or whatever. The name is irrelevant because names are finite and this power in infinite. If we could ever define it, it would, therefore, by definition, cease to exist. The preeminent scientist of the Twentieth Century, Dr. Albert Einstein, recognized this power in these words:

Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science
becomes convinced that a spirit manifests in the laws of the universe,
a spirit vastly superior to that of man and one in the face of which we
with our modest powers must feel humble.

Einstein was the greatest scientific mind of his time and even he acknowledged a power beyond his comprehension to understand. When we study numbers and their relationship to life, we also catch a glimpse of that Power and how it operates. Such a revelation is not only life-altering and revolutionary, it is glorious; it is divine and . . . it is, indeed, real.

The Nine Basic Numbers

There are nine basic numbers in numerology, One through Nine (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9). These nine ciphers each contain certain attributes by which we can discover the secrets of our life and destiny. God did not drop us here without a plan and a way of understanding that plan. The chart below briefly details some keywords associated with each number. Study them well. They form the basis of numerological expertise. Know that each number is dual in nature: it has a positive and negative side of equal intensity. The number Two (2), for example, governs war and peace; the number Six (6), love and hate and so forth.

Number Abbreviated Keyword List
The self, ego, yang, males, reason, logic, sun, fire, genesis, starts, independence, leadership, uniqueness, lone wolf.
Others, yin, females, emotion, moon, water, support, help, teamwork, partnership, balance, war, peace, conflict, division, confliction, duality, deceit, kindness, caring.
Self-expression, words, air, spoken art, communication, friends, pleasure, ease, disease, health, beauty, joy, Trinity.
Form, foundation, framework, earth, roots, rules, work, duty, structure, service, security, physical prowess, order, convention, tradition, material art, house, job.
Freedom, slavery, detachment, fire, experience, exploration, adventure, senses, sensuality, uncertainty, wildness, non-convention, flamboyance, motion, risk.
6 Love, hate, the home (not the house), heart, hearth, family, domesticity, domicile, nurturing, harmony, responsibility, community, personal love, romance.
All things internal, nobility, ignobility, serenity, chaos, rest, reclusion, reflection, examination,  study, wisdom, folly, isolation, separation, alienation, thought, mind.
All things external, connection, disconnection, integration, involvement, commerce, career, flow, administration, coordination, orchestration, being in the loop, success.
Grand Elemental, universality, the All, great life stage, theatrical, art, exposure, broadcasting, global, mankind, higher education, philosophy, generosity, fame.
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Nine simple numbers, however, while giving us a general idea of people, places, events, energetic landscapes, circumstances and conditions cannot possibly explain the depth of life and destiny. For that we need to delve into the root structures of numbers, beginning with double numbers. For more information about numbers and root structures, read The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1: Foundations & Fundamentals.

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