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 [This article is neither designed to either extol or defame Naomi Campbell.
Its purpose is simply to study the correlation between one's numbers, life and destiny.]


I make a lot of money, but I don't want to talk about that.
I work very hard and I'm worth every cent.

Naomi Campbell

God looks at the clean hands, not the full ones.
Publilius Syrus, Moral Sayings, 1st Century, B.C.


The world is a house of collyrium [ an abode of evil ];
 a veritable well of the poison of egotism.

Saint Ravidas - 15th/16 Century

NAOMI CAMPBELL [born 22 May 1970] is one of the greatest supermodels of the modern era. Her fame needs no introduction; nor do her seemingly endless acts of physical and verbal abuse which are as legion and legend as her beauty. She has global fame, fortune, money, power and . . . anger. Why? What makes someone who ostensibly has everything, act in ways betraying her beauty and renown? This article addresses some of these issues from a numerological perspective.

Of first note is Naomi Campbell's Basic Matrix seen below.


Her Lifepath is a 44/8, a potently powerful energy of success and command, and she is both extremely successful and commanding, especially when walking the runway or posing for photos. A second master number, 22/4, resides in her Soul, giving her a desire for wealth, power and financial security. In other words, her destiny drives her to work, be powerful and wealthy. This 4 energy is duplicated in her Nature, another word for which is "personality," further corroborating the fact that she is, definitely, a worker. But this is not all of her 4 energy. Her First Epoch is a 22/4 (the day she was born). Her Second Pinnacle is also a 22/4. Beyond this, Campbell's Third Pinnacle (Grand/Core) is a 4! Therefore, from her birth though the age of 46, Naomi Campbell will be working, and working hard in the realm of power, wealth and security. And what is the outcome field of this Four energy? The Three (3) energy of beauty! In other words, for the first 46 years of her life, Naomi Campbell's work is to be devoted to beauty (3) through work (4). Added to this is that the outcome of her 2nd Epoch (a Five - derived from the month she was born, May) and her Grand/Core and Crown Challenges (also Fives) is the Four again! Amazing. Revealing. Exactly scientific. Exactly right.

From this massive concentration of 4 energy comes her statement: "I make a lot of money . . . I work very hard and I'm worth every cent." To Naomi Campbell, money, work and security are very important, needless to say. All of this brings to bear a quote from Twentieth Century Mystic, Jagat Singh: "What destiny has planned for you will come to pass without any planning on your part. Your destiny will cause you to act and make effort according to its plan." Naomi wants security, work and money (4 Soul) and she works for it (4 Nature) and her Lifepath (44/8) gives it to her, as do the internal aspects of her Life Matrix in the form of her Epochs, Pinnacles and Challenges. Indeed, she is a perfect reflection of the science of numbers working perfectly. If only she could see the divine hand working in her life rather than thinking it was of her own doing, she may find some degree of peace and serenity and be able to elevate and move beyond the vibratory states of anger that often consume her and lead her down untoward paths of uncontrollability and suffering.

Another interesting aspect of Campbell's Basic Matrix is her 3 Material Soul (M/S) and her 3 Material Nature (M/N).  She also has a 3 in her Crown (4th) Pinnacle and 2nd Challenge. The number Three (3) is the number of beauty and self-expression. Having a 3 in her Material Soul shows that she desires to be beautiful, and her 3 Material Nature indicates that she will be. Her 3 Crown Pinnacle is the energy that totally encompasses and encapsulates her entire life. Her 2nd Challenge of a 3 indicates unhappiness and negative self-expression, anger, and vitriolic words from ages 29 to 37. Truly, there is a lot of beauty in Campbell's chart. It is germane, however, to note that beauty carried to the extreme becomes vanity - an overt expression of egocentricity and narcissism.

However, the 3, 4 and 8 energies in and of themselves do not generally create anger, especially when placed in the Basic Matrix. Her 2nd Challenge is a 3 which can produce unhappiness and anger but not to the extent her actions have revealed. For that, we must look to a different number or placement of numbers within her chart.

The first clue we have of Campbell's anger is her 16/7 Performance/Experience (PE). This identifies the role she will give on the great life stage. The 16/7 is referred to in the King's Numerology System as the Great Purifier. It's heat, turmoil, trouble and chaos produce fire that purifies us, gives us cause to think and reflect on our actions. It is not an easy vibration with which to deal. It can be a greatly spiritual number, but it takes an elevated consciousness focused on the spirit, not the material world, to be worthy of its divine gifts. When it moves upon us, it can generate immense discomfort and turmoil in a myriad of ways - anger, loneliness, alcoholism, betrayals and adultery to name a few. All these are testings, giving the soul an opportunity to reflect on what is pure, good and holy and then apply them to the life and journey ahead. Unfortunately, these are difficult tests, but if the individual wants to move up in life-consciousness, the tests must be passed. This is just like school. If we want to graduate from level to level, we have to be tested and we have to pass those tests.

Another issue with Campbell's 16/7 PE is that it is derived from her 8 Lifepath and her 8 Expression. This creates multiple problems. The first is that Campbell has no 8s in her chart, a condition referred to as a "void." The 8 energy connects, integrates, interacts, manages and circulates. When positively aspected it generates favorable outcomes. However, when voided, it creates problems, especially social problems. Basically, this 8 void causes Campbell to have major challenges managing social situations. When it comes to knowing how to interact and connect in a positive way, she's very challenged, as is obvious from her long list of misbehaviors. Therefore, her 16/7 Lifepath is derived from an 8 voided Expression and an 8 voided Lifepath, exacerbating its fire and intensity in a cyclic pattern every nine seconds, every nine minutes, every nine hours, every nine days, every nine months, every nine years for her entire life. Therefore, she is continually confronted with this combination and will continually have the same issues unless she can learn to be more aware of her inter-connection with others, remain pure in that connection and learn to be centered and at peace. This would be the case for anyone with an 8 Lifepath and 8 Expression. The results are magnified when the 8 is void, thus making conditions worse but also thus magnifying the fact that the individual needs to concentrate on all that is spiritually pure and peaceful, otherwise the tides of torment will continue to control and ravage the individual.

Furthermore, the numbers 7 and 8 are exact opposites. Seven is the most inwardly driven number and 8 is the most outwardly driven number. Campbell is constantly living in a state of internal and external conflict within herself, an endless tug-o-war. This private inner battling with herself sometimes finds itself manifesting on the outside, i.e., in her public life with others. It's a difficult situation for her, one deserving pity and sympathy more than consternation and criticism. One more thought: this 7 versus 8 combination more often than not is responsible for the same type of behaviors in other people. Martha Stewart is one example. She also has this 7 and 8 conjunction in her Basic Matrix. It's not uncommon, but it is what it is.

Added to this 16/7 turmoil is the fact that her first name, "Naomi," is a 7 with roots of 25 and 52. These are the energies of the fighter and the loner. Sevens seek reclusion, isolation, and they can also be seen as being indifferent, cold, aloof, alienated and alienating. To exacerbate this 7 energy in her first name, the Soul energy of the name "Naomi" (derived from the vowels 'a', 'o' and 'i') is also a 16/7!  Not only is this a difficult energy, but it also clashes with her 8 Lifepath and 8 Expression. It really is a difficult set of vibrations which would be hard for anyone to manage smoothly and graciously.

There's more. Campbell's Specific Inclusion Table shows a very low percentage of 1 and 2 energy. In both cases it is only 1.72%. This can create a lack of self health and personal wholeness (1), as well as a disregard for others (2). Such a lack often manifests itself outwardly as a strong, dominant and sometimes out-of-control ego. But truly strong people are calm and centered, never egotistical nor abusive, let alone out of control, and certainly not boastful or arrogant. Additionally, Campbell's Table of Planes shows a high level of mental energy, much higher than the norm. Yet, it is not the mind that creates peace. It is subservience of the ego to a power greater than the self that creates peace. Herein lies one of Campbell's greatest challenges - recognizing and surrendering herself to a power bigger than she is, a power which, at its discretion, can turn anyone to dust faster than a ray of light can reach the earth from the sun. No one is bigger than this Power, and the truly wise ones, the humble ones, live their lives in a sense of immense gratitude for being given the gift of human life. They shun the limelight because their light shines from within, not without. They are guided internally, not externally. They need no worldly confirmation of their worth. Their worth is a secret treasure known only to themselves.

In this dimension, no one is immune from struggles and difficulties. This is the plane of struggle. Turmoil is built into every life, into every numerological chart. No one escapes some degree of pain and suffering. What is different is how the pain and suffering are manifested. Every individual must fight to maintain a sense of balance and peace. Naomi Campbell has her struggles, but so do we all. Set aside the impermanent and transitory conditions of her wealth, beauty, fame and name and she's just a struggling soul like the rest of us, and in many ways a soul needing positive and loving thoughts and prayers directed toward her so she may find and exude true beauty, true wealth, the True Name, and lasting peace.

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