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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

NINE encompasses, broadcasts, expands, and concludes the journey of the basic numbers. Within its vibratory enclosure exist all of the other vibrations from one to nine. Nine is, therefore, said to be the number of universality and completeness. In the King's Numerology system it is referred to as the Grand Elemental because it houses the four basic elements of life: earth, fire, air, and water.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45 > 4 + 5 = 9!

Nine is powerful. It rules. It is charismatic. It is dominate and can be domineering. Nine loves but unlike the 'six', it loves impersonally and is, therefore, not a personal vibration but a public one. Therefore, it is the number of fame and recognition. Positive Nine is humanitarian, philanthropic, philosophical, educational, broadminded, understanding, compassionate, generous, tolerant, magnanimous, volunteering. Negative Nine is the overbearing boss, the tyrant, dictator, obnoxious person broadcasting his life to the world on his cellphone while standing in line at the grocery store or wherever.

Nine is the last of the basic numbers and, therefore, brings all things to finality. It ends, concludes, terminates. Nine is artistic and finds itself performing on the main stage of the world. It loves and is loved by all (or at least is recognized by all) because all numbers (all people) are contained within it. Nine is the last vibration of the communication triad: 3-6-9 and forms the connecting link of the last triad of opposites--the 7 and 8--with understanding.

The spiritual lesson of the Nine: greatness is marked by humility, tolerance, generosity, understanding, respect and magnanimous service to all. Nine can be the benevolent ruler or the malevolent tyrant. True power flows, not shows. Humility is the highest form of strength; arrogance,the highest form of weakness. Proper use of power elevates one to the apex of humanitarianism. Misuse of power plunges one into the dark depths of infamy.

Keywords for the Number Nine

Universality, macrocosm, endings, conclusions, completions, climaxes, Chameleon, volunteer, inclusions, humanitarian, humanitarianism, impersonal love, broadcast, broadcaster, broadcasting, public exposure, pushy, magnanimous, regal, royal, philanthropic, philosophical, all encompassing, understanding, generous, tolerant, broad minded, global, worldly, strong, dominant, domineering, controlling, artistic, intense emotion, acting, theatrical, charismatic, travel, the 'many,' healer, healing, the universal giver, expansion, the world, represents the universal languages of music, art, love. It is life stage for theater, medicine, sport and war; strong, even dominant personality and persona, possibly including or bordering on being over-bearing, domineering, imperious. TIME FRAME: a time of conclusions, endings, resolutions, terminations, finalizations, volunteering, being public and in the public eye and spotlight, moving within the macrocosm and life stage, traveling, moving among the masses, being famous and known or infamous.

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