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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

Eight connects, disconnects and/or inhibits connection. It is the vibration of flow, of integration, disintegration, circulation, orchestration, continuity. Eight--the mystical lemniscate--depicts the movement of energy between polar opposites.

In the material dimension, Eight is the number of commerce, business, management, social power and prestige. Eight coordinates, manipulates (positively or negatively) and is usually active in the business leader, executive, administrator, director, office manager, socialite or any aspirant who desires to connect and interact smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, it is usually perceived as powerful and successful. Because money is the medium of interaction in the world of commerce, Eight is often erroneously interpreted as the number of money. Eight may bring money, material success and social recognition (if positively aspected in a chart) but it will just as easily block such experiences if negatively aspected. In actuality, the number Two rules money; the number Eight governs its success. People with Eight dominate in their charts will be involved in the world of commerce/business to some degree. They will desire, or be surrounded by, material comforts and luxuries (if positively aspected). Social status can be very important with an Eight individual, more than any other number. Eights love to be successful, to connect, to be movers and shakers, to "work the room" and to be "in the loop."

Because of its intrinsic ability to manage, to understand the "flow of function," and to "get the job done," Eight is often found in the charts of great generals. Ulysses S. Grant, Douglas MacArthur, and George Patton are three prime examples, all of whom had 44 roots in their charts. Forty-four is obviously an eight in reduction but unlike a 26/8, 35/8, 53/8, etc., the 8 energy originating from a 44 root is steeped in order, discipline, structure, security. This is why the 44/8 modality is also found in the charts of executives and managers of all kinds. Not only are they tireless, organized, disciplined workers, but they also have the innate 'know how' to connect an idea with its manifestation, a buyer to a seller, an idea to a product. Eight understands 'flow.' People who have Eight in their chart should not be relegated to the role of a mere worker or clerk. They should be given the opportunity to manage and lead.

Another aspect of the Eight is that, because of its intrinsic energy of coordination, it is often found in the charts of highly successful athletes. Think of an athlete in motion, he or she is the epitome of smooth, efficient, successful, coordinated 'flow.' The best of the best "get it done." When such is the case, almost always there is an Eight present somewhere, either in the Basic Matrix, Life Matrix, or Natal Name.

One difficulty with the Eight is if it is voided in the chart: no Hs, Qs, or Zs in the natal name; no placement in the Basic Matrix, yet being placed in a Challenge position in the Life Matrix. Such a condition (called a Grand Void) will often generate disconnections, not connections; disruptions with 'flow,' not efficiency; difficulty in money management issues and leadership in general.

Because Eight is the vibration of flow and connection, it is sometimes regarded as the number of karma, of energy returning to itself. Eight is, of course, just as active in the spiritual cosmos. God is an Eight vibration (G [7] + O[6] + D[4] = 17> 1 + 7 = 8. If a vertical lemniscate were superimposed upon the human form, spiritual man would exhibit the positive pole at the crown chakra ( top of the head ) while worldly man would be depicted with the negative pole in the same location. The spiritual lesson of the Eight is, therefore: to make the divine connection between the material and spiritual realms.

Keywords for the Number Eight

Interaction, earth, connection, disconnection, association, associating, mixing, karmic conduit, circuits, circulate, systems, worldly success-power-wealth, materialism, material comfort, management, marketing, promotion, commerce, business, flow, efficiency of motion-movement-management, being in the loop, administration, administrator, executive, coordination, coordinating, socialization, socializing, external power, leadership, organization, orchestration, manipulation, social importance and power, externalization, the 'without'. TIME FRAME: a time of connection, disconnection, interaction, management, procrastination (if negatively afflicted), marketing, making business contacts, socializing, organizing and administrating, executing as one who is an executive. 8s associate, administrate, manipulate, orchestrate, circulate, coordinate, flexible.

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