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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

Six loves--personally. It is home, hearth, matters of the heart, and romance. On its positive side, Six nurtures and, like the two, is kind, soft, gentle, loving, warm, conscientious, conventional, comforting, protective, peace-making, responsive, responsible, dependable, devoted, understanding, sympathetic. In contrast to the two, Six moves the understanding of love and relationship into the concept of the family and expresses those qualities needed to perfect and protect it. Therefore, Six--the mother of the earth--is the vibration of domesticity. She loves with open arms and a tender heart, is artistic, loves beauty, and is community oriented. Six is a loyal friend and counselor, a port in the storm for wayward wayfarers.

On its flip side, Six governs lust, hate, jealousy, envy, addictions (particularly sex and drugs). The 33 master number in a chart is a strong potential indicator of not only romance and sexuality but the misuse of them as well. The name "Kennedy," for example, is a 33/6 vibration, and history is replete with the misuse, dangers, and difficulties of the Kennedy family. Their sexcapdes are legion and legendary. Some entertainers having a 33/6 energy in their charts are: Elvis Presley (33 Material Nature), Michael Jackson (33 Soul), Britney Spears (33 Soul), Whitney Houston (33 in 3rd House), Frank Sinatra (33 in 5th House). These individuals were and/or have been beset with challenges of sex, drugs, and alcohol. On the positive side of the energy, exercise phenom Jack Lalanne, and humanitarian activist Mother Teresa, also possessed 33/6 in their charts, both in the 5th House (on the number 5 in the Intensity Table).

Six not only loves but adjusts and adapts. It accommodates, reconciles, harmonizes and balances. Six loves music and many great singers possess its vibration (see above for a few names). It is the second energy of the communication triad: 3-6-9 and balances the second triad of opposites (the four and five) through its understanding of active adjustment.

Keywords for the Number Six

Home, water, hearth, matters of the heart, romance, domesticity, adjustability, responsibility, accountability, personal love, art, artistic, beauty, community, harmonious, caring, warm, nurturing, understanding, soft, comfortable, dependable, conscientious, kind, responsive, music, sex, singing, harmonizing, hatred, cruelty, family discord, family issues and concerns, addiction, TIME FRAME: a time of matters of the heart, love issues, domestic (individual, personal, community, national, global) energies, concerns, responsibilities, possible addictions, romance, lust, sexuality.

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