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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

Four works and expends effort. Symbolized by the square, Four represents logic, foundations, fences, structures, systems, security, order, organization, discipline, determination, regimentation, construction, constriction, restriction, confinement, reliability, loyalty, devotion, dependability, respectability, fidelity, stability, and solidity. Four deals with form, foundation, matter, and mechanics and, with a number thirteen binary root, transformation. It is a vibration which is conventional, traditional, conservative, devoted, loyal, logical, methodical, mechanical, practical, and faithful. Four loves routine and all that is constant and regular.

Four is the rock of the earth--solid, perhaps even too solid, too rigid for its own good, boarding sometimes on the stubborn. It is strong, steadfast, sturdy, detailed, prudent, cautious. Four plants roots, in fact loves roots and dislikes change, free-spirited action, spontaneity, and adventure. Four would rather be protected from the wind than play in it. If Four is void in a chart as well as in the natal name, and challenged to boot, the individual will have challenges dealing with honesty, loyalty, fidelity, constancy, rules, routines, organization, trustworthiness, morality, and ethics. This is because Four represents foundations and structures and where there is no Four energy, there is no foundation, no structure.

Elevated to the number forty, Four becomes the root for spiritual purification and edification. Its constancy triumphs over the illusion of Maya and stabilizes the spirit in its upward ascent. We can see the number Four manifested in these statements: 1. Order is the first law of the universe. 2. God did not drop us here without a Plan. 3. There is a Divine Design to all things. Order, Plans, and Designs are all manifestations of the Four energy. The Four vibration can be found in the charts of people who work in the fields of structure, form, matter, design, organization, servers and servants. This would be reflected by artists, mechanics, engineers, architects, accountants, scientists, mathematicians, clerical workers - anyone dealing with anything that maintains a structure of some kind.

Biblically, the number forty is legend. After Noah built the Ark, God caused it to rain for forty days and forty nights (Genesis 7: 4) and when the flood waters finally abated, Noah opened the windows of the Ark on the fortieth day (Genesis 8: 6). Moses, of course, led the children of Israel out of bondage as they wandered in the wilderness for forty years and received the ten commandments from the Lord after fasting on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights (Exodus 34: 28). Jesus the Christ fasted forty days and nights in the desert (St. Matthew 4: 2) and visited his apostles for forty days after his ascension (Acts 1, 1: 3). All of these references, of course, give rise to the spiritual meaning of the number forty which is of discipline, devotion, dedication, deprivation, sacrifice, persistent effort, and hard work - attributes leading to spiritual cleansing, testing and purification.

As the root of the master number 44, the Four becomes the basis of generalship, generating a solid foundation of discipline, hard work, constancy, and organization, as these attributes are reflected in the administrative, managerial, orchestrative, and leadership aspects of the Eight. Thus, the 44/8 energy is the generalship vibration.

The spiritual lesson of the Four: unwavering constancy and devotion in the development of a chaste and pure spirit. Learn discipline, embrace self-control, loyalty, fidelity. Understand the critical importance of rules and laws. Know that true security is rooted in God, not man or material things. Be strong. Be faithful. Be the servant.

Keywords for the Number Four

Earth, order, structure, framework, form, foundation, boundaries, rules, guidelines, routine, status quo, concrete, confines, confinements, proprieties, mechanics, work, service, matter, materialism, security, stability, effort, confinement, toil, physical strength, solid power, steadfast, sturdy, the rock, anchor, roots, tradition, convention, duty, loyalty, dependability, discipline, control, commitment, construction, confinement, confined, prudent, clerical, industrious, down to earth, frugal, practical, organizing and organization, house, beams, foundations, constancy, regimentation, classification, organization, organized, systemize, non-adventurous, predictable, obstinate, boring, routine, patterns, status quo, plodding along, unchanging, , the order of things, events, situations, circumstances and relationships; TIME FRAME: a time of work, effort, restriction (in conjunction with 5 energy), limitation, grinding it out, being consistent, not changing, conforming, nuts & bolts.

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