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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

Three expresses and communicates. It loves friends, good times, social situations, parties, beauty, and pleasure. Three talks, often gossips, is gregarious, loves words and acting. Three is the easiest of the nine basic vibrations and bears the least amount of hardship. It is fun, humorous, easy going, happy and good-natured. Three smiles, is attractive, popular, optimistic, warm, imaginative, artistic, and often found in the fields of acting, writing, modeling, performing, television, theater, law, politics, health and beauty.

Three rules marriage and integrated relationship. It is that entity created when the male (1) conjoins with the female (2) to create an integrated bonding or marriage (3). Thus, Three also rules children which, in an obvious way, are often the "offspring" of the 1-2 merger.

Three, as represented by the triangle, is the ancient symbol of perfection, the trinity, the integrated energies of body-mind-spirit, father-son-holy ghost, Master-disciple-Word. Three integrates, completes, and brings into balance the first triad of opposites (1 and 2) and is the first energy of the communication triad represented by the numbers 3-6-9. Therefore, it's not a surprise that successful individuals in the entertainment, communication, legal, health, and beauty fields have the number Three actively placed either in their Basic or Life Matrix.

One of the cautions of the Three involves the attributes of entitlement, excess, vanity, and harshness of words. Although Three is the most fulfilling of the nine energies, it still has a negative side, as do all numbers. Three can be very harsh in communication, even mean-spirited. Since Three governs self-image and beauty, excessive vanity and narcissism are a problematic concern. Being too stuck on one's self or on one's own beauty and image are not attractive qualities. Remember the song, "You're So Vain?" Definitely a Three issue.

The opposite of beauty is ugliness - another 3 issue. Beauty, however, is relative . . . and illusory. What is often beautiful on the outside is ugly on the inside; what is sometimes ugly on the outside is fragrantly beautiful on the inside. External beauty often leads to vanity and then to arrogance, the latter not being a positive quality, but, unfortunately, all too common in those who take their God-given good looks for granted. Then, too, it's been said that beauty is only skin deep. Sadly, it is oftentimes only make-up deep. Our culture seems to have forgotten what it's like to be truly beautiful, or perhaps it never knew. True beauty shines from the heart, not the face, and while a pretty face or smile may hide a treacherous and villainous heart, a beautiful heart will always manifest a beautiful face and smile. True radiance always shines from the inside-out.

Negatively aspected Threes in a chart may also manifest as health concerns or problems of some sort - physically, emotionally, psychologically. Three rules integration. A negative Three portends of dis-integration. When Three is afflicted in a chart, there is, at least, a challenge to maintain one's happiness, health, and positive self-image while avoiding harsh, bitter words, as well as unhealthful and unholy behaviors which can have a negative impact on friendships, children, and one's self-image. Consumption with one's own vanity and desires can be sorrowful and tragic, leading, by natural law, to personal unhappiness.

Another thing to be aware of is that for people with a Three Lifepath it's not uncommon for them to feel, when they're beset with difficulties, that their lives are horrible. Often, they have the best of lives, sometimes even spoiled lives. They may be well-served to have a chat with a Seven Lifepath person or someone with multiple Seven Challenges - Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Kruschev, and Winston Churchill for example, all of whom had Seven LPs. When things are consistently easy for the Three LP individual and a little wave rocks the boat or a mild breeze disturbs a new hairdo, it may seem like a big deal because it's out of the ordinary lane of ease and good times. But it's really not a big deal, especially to those to whom destiny has dealt much more severe cards. It just seems that way because of the Three's normal easy path. Everything's relative. For people with Three energy in their chart, gratitude is the order of the day. Even when difficulties come, the Three energy acts as a salve to mitigate what would normally be harsh circumstances had the Three not been present. If you have Three energy positively aspected in your chart, be very grateful. If it's afflicted, then do your best to guard your words and actions while bringing joy to others.

The spiritual lesson for the Three: achieve integrated perfection in all things. See the divinity in yourself and others. Do not become overly vain or given to excessive pleasures. Remember, the opposite side of pleasure is pain; the opposite side of beauty is ugliness; the opposite side of life is death.

Keywords for the Number Three

Trinity, triads, air, the triangle (Ancient symbol of Perfection), The Golden Mean of Aristotle, Yin and Yang in perfect balance (the symbol of the Tao), art, artistry, artistic, words, communication, expression, personal integration, fulfillment, complete approach to health, happiness, wholeness, holiness, holistic, well-being, marriage, joy, enjoyment, pleasure, parties, friends, good times, talkative, verbal, gregarious, approachable, gossip, social, out-going, fun-loving, entertaining, light-hearted, vibrant, alive, creative, imaginative, happy, optimistic, cheerful, charming, health, beauty, vanity, writing, acting, performing, glamorous, ease, disease, dis-ease, hostility, poisonous words, harsh, critical, stern, harsh, vain, egotistical; often found in charts of politicians (Ghandi, Clintons); TIME FRAME: a time of self-expression and fulfillment, being creative, using words, being involved with health, beauty, disease, dis-ease, acting, writing, painting, modeling, sculpting; a time of children and seeking perfection and balance; a time of happiness (if positively aspected) and unhappiness and harshness (if negatively aspected); can give a sense of entitlement or ease of life coming toward the self.

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