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Numbers rule the universe.
Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.
        Pythagoras - Greek Philosopher & Mathematician- 580 B.C to 520 B. C.

The Two energy follows and serves. It does not lead, and, therefore, allows others to go first. Two supports, stays behind the scenes in the background and often pushes the 'one' forward giving it someone to lead or someone to stand on so it can rise higher or find its place in the spotlight. Two is generally unobtrusive and non-assertive. Two rules others and relationships and, therefore, in its highest sense, often thinks of others, is adaptable, passive, patient, considerate, sensitive, receptive, cooperative, dependent, diplomatic, agreeable, amenable, affable, kind, loving, sweet, gentle-hearted, peacemaking, harmonizing, equalizing, submissive, tactful, warmly emotional, and tolerant. Two governs all things Yin, i.e., all things female and is, therefore, nurturing. Represented symbolically by the moon, Two represents not only the mother, but grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, partner, teammate. Two is also the first energy of music and rules money (not wealth) in its basic form. Two, in its purest state, is the softest and most gentle of the basic numbers.

However, in its negative aspects Two is conflictive, oppositional, interfering, duplicitous, deceitful, hostile, vacillatory, emotionally volatile. This is because Two rules opposites and opposing forces, i.e., competitive bodies, ideologies, philosophies, teams, etc.. Picture a pendulum swaying back and forth or a teeter-totter going up and down. This is Two in motion. Two can also be back-biting, argumentative, resistant, contrary, indecisive. It is these qualities which must be flagged and guarded against in the struggle to keep the self, relationships, and the environment balanced and calm. Too much sudden and extreme motion from one polarity to the other causes upheavals and chaos.

Two, being dependent, does not stand alone, and while the 'one' may seek a solitary adventure, the Two seeks company and, if it were to go on a journey, would go with someone but not by itself. Two is the ultimate partner and helper, the one who stands behind the curtain cheering on the star onstage. The phrases, "Behind every great man is a great woman," and "She's the power behind the thrown," have merit in the sense that (in the past millennium) women were more often than not the supporters of males who were the leaders. Females were generally not the ones in charge - a condition which is now changing in our culture as we move into this new millennium of Two dominated energy.

One of the conditions of the Two is that its modus operandi is indirect, while the One energy is direct. In other words, Two is more apt to sit and discuss a problem than bang it out or force an issue. Positively, this is good in the field of diplomacy where tact and consideration are important. However, being indirect can also be translated into doing things behind one's back, not being forthright, being tacky and catty - obviously negative qualities of the Two energy. It is because of this negative aspect of the Two that it carries with it the reputation of being associated with the deceits and treacheries of others.

The spiritual lesson for the Two is to maintain balance and equilibrium in all things; be centered; be helpful; be kind, supportive, and relationship oriented. Balance is primary, and how obvious are the difficulties we experience when we get out of balance - physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually? Two is that energy which forces us to take note of the natural state of equilibrium because if we do not, life becomes very difficult when we fall out of balance.

Keywords for the Number Two

Yin, water, woman, female, feminine, mother, others, relationships, support, helper, assistant, assistance, follower, dependent, diplomatic, cooperative, considerate, passive, patient, non-obtrusive, intuitive, receptive, responsive, agreeable, amenable, affable, kind, warm, devoted, sweet, gentle-hearted, peacemaking, harmonizing, equalizing, submissive, rhythmic, equalizing, equilibrium, competition, rivalry, contention, duality, duplicity, deceit, indecisive, intuitive, behind the scenes, bending, yielding, non-assertive, together, taking sides, opposition, vacillation, irrational, illogical, indirect, unreasonable, emotional, reflecting (as in the Moon reflecting light, water reflecting an image) and absorbing (vs. radiating of the 1), acquiescing. TIME FRAME: a period of others, serving them, being helpful and supportive, tolerant/intolerant; being aware of the deceits and treacheries of others.

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