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Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.

I want to be a big star more than anything. It's something precious.
~ Marilyn Monroe ~

Rivaling the fame of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe has endured the test of contemporary time to become one of the most starlit icons of all time. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson on 1 June 1926, Monroe's destiny was saturated in master numbers both in her Basic and Life Matrices. As we can see in her Basic Matrix, Monroe has an 11/2 Master Aspirant/Achiever in her Performance/Experience (PE-the reality of her life); a 22/4 Master Builder/Partner in her Expression (her name); a 33/6 Master Imaginator/Communicator in her Material Soul (rules her worldly desires) and a 66/3 Master Lover/Artisan in her Material Nature (worldly personality).

Marilyn Monroe: Basic Matrix

Expression 4 (22)
Lifepath 7
Performance Experience 2 (11)
Soul 8
Material Soul 6 (33)
Nature 5
Material Nature 3 (66)
Voids 3-7-8

Here we see the same 33/6 and 66/3 energies Presley had. These master numbers are saturated with artistic, communicative, romantic, sexual and addictive potentials. The 33/6 in Monroe's Material Soul drove her to exude and experience a sexual life. Her 66/3 Material Nature corroborated and intensified her sex symbol persona. The 5 Nature caused her to be unrestrained and seek diverse experiences. Fives can be wild and sensually indulgent. Monroe's 8 Soul motivated her to seek connection and success in the world. She had the work ethic as verified in her 4 Lifepath. It's 22 Expression gave her a natural affinity for power and wealth. Her 11/2 PE forced her into a life role of achievement in all things Yin (female energy), and without a doubt Monroe was all female, to which males the world over can attest. In her time, Marilyn Monroe was the sexiest woman alive. Like Elvis Presley, she magnetizes people to this day. Unfortunately, also like Presley, her demise was connected to addiction and drugs. By her own statement, Marilyn Monroe wanted to be a big star more than anything in the world. She got her dream but all dreams have their nightmare side, just as all pleasures have their pains. It's a fair statement to wonder: if Marilyn Monroe could speak from the grave, would she support the adage, "Be careful what you wish for?" She got what she wished for, but in the end, was it worth it? After all, fifty cents for your soul in anyone's book is a bad bargain.

Monroe's voids (missing letters/numbers in her name) were 3, 7 and 8. All occupied places in her Basic Matrix, thus intensifying their vacancy. Each of these also appeared in her Life Matrix, that aspect of her destiny based on her birth data. These three voids also appeared in the Challenge component of her Life Matrix - that part of the chart which represents the crosses we have to bear and the pressures we have to endure privately. Indeed, the word "challenge" is aptly named because Monroe was challenged with her image and sexuality (3), her need for a stable, loving home life (6) and the exercise of wisdom and purity (7).

Monroe had other master numbers in her chart besides those in her Basic Matrix. Her middle name, Jeane, maintained a 33/6 PE and was active from age twenty-six to forty-two. This was the period in which she died at age thirty-six. More telling was her Grand Challenge PE, also a 33/6. The Grand Challenge is the third Challenge in life and represents the critical challenge in her life, i.e., her image, artistic talent and sexuality.

The 22 master builder energy, besides appearing in her Expression, is also found in her Grand Pinnacle, the core activity of her life visible to all the world. It represents power and wealth. Attached to this 22/4 Grand Pinnacle is a 44/8 PE, the Master Worker/Leader vibration. It represents great social power, connectivity, integration and involvement. The year she was born, 1926, reduces to an 18/9 energy. Coupled with her 4 Expression, this creates a 22 master builder in her Final Epoch (rules what would have been the last period of her life had she lived past the age of fifty-seven).

Marilyn Monroe also had an 11/2 First Pinnacle PE and an11/2 Grand Challenge PE. Her two Grand Challenge sets were a 2/33-6 and a 7/11-2. This 11/2 energy intensified her pursuits of achievement.

All in all, Marilyn Monroe had a powerful destiny as reflected in her chart. But powerful destinies don't necessarily equate to happy destinies. Powerful energies, as represented by master numbers, are a two-edged sword. They require great wisdom, discipline and self-control to keep controlled lest they, as in so many cases, lead one down a path of self-indulgence, addiction and tragic demise.

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