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Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge -
- The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner -

We don't get offered crises, they arrive.
- Elizabeth Janeway -

We could never learn to be brave and patient
if there were only joy in the world.
- Helen Keller -

Beautiful name; gorgeous yet frightening face; destructive presence; stone cold conscienceless heart. Before she ever made landfall, President George Bush declared a national emergency, and the entire city of New Orleans, Louisiana, came under a mandatory evacuation for the first time in history. Such was the prowess preceding her arrival. Surpassing a category 5 hurricane, the most destructive storm rating on the Saffir-Simpson scale, Katrina, whose massive form and whirling winds practically filled the entire Gulf of Mexico, flaunted her winds at the Gulf Coast in speeds surpassing 155 mph, her Eye focused intently on historic New Orleans. She flirted with Florida first as a category 1 hurricane but obviously decided she wanted more press . . . and she got it! Slamming into Louisiana, Katrina's price tag is tens of billions of dollars, not to mention the lives she mercilessly consumed with her maniacal madness, leaving a legacy as one of the worst natural disasters in American history.

Not only do numbers rule the universe as Pythagoras stated, they also rule hurricanes, and Katrina's power is no less visible numerologically than the events of 911. Her numbers, in fact, are very akin to those of her brother, Hurricane Andrew, who flexed his muscle on the Florida Coast in 1992, and her sister, Camille, who unleashed the fury of her scorn on the same Louisiana coastline in 1969. All three of these hurricanian siblings established themselves in the record books as category five (5) storms - the most dangerous and destructive of hurricane holocausts. Had there been a category 6 hurricane, Katrina would have qualified.

In numerology the number Twenty-Nine (29) represents the power (9) of conflict (2) and rulership (9) of relationship (2). The transition root of the 29 binary is the master number 11, generating great intensity and personal power. In simple numbers, of course, Twenty-Nine (29) reduces beyond the Eleven (11) to the Two (2). Let Katrina's voice be heard loudly: the number Two is not a passive number as has been its historically dominant description. Please note numerologists: Two (2) is not passive. It is extremely active. Generally, it is only passive on its surface and uses strategies which are indirect rather than direct. Generally.

Katrina, in making herself known to history, definitely ruled the relationship between man and nature. She dominated the contest. She controlled. She ruled, and she did so with impunity, reflecting neither conscience nor concern for life, health or happiness. Blow by blow, punch by punch, she surgically annihilated her opposition with overwhelming firepower, or rather, water power.

Numerologically, Katrina is a Twenty-Nine/Eleven/Two (29/11/2) Expression (see The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I, Foundations & Fundamentals), the manifestation of Rulership in Relationship and Dominance in Discord. Her intensity was magnified by the same "stacking" principle reflected in the events of 911 (see "Spires of Fire"). "Stacking" is the simultaneous and multiple presence of the same number(s) in a chart. Not only was Katrina's Expression an 11/2, her Soul (the desire core of her very being) was also an 11/2. In other words, her passion was to create conflict, and did she ever! Additionally, her first name begins with the letter "K," also an 11/2 energy and she made landfall on the 29th of August, also an 11/2 vibration. If this were not enough, her final Pinnacle, her "Crown Pinnacle," manifested an 11/2 PE originating from a Nine energy of power and rulership. This gave Katrina a Five Stack of 11/2 energy, compressing and intensifying her destructive dementia.

There's more to Katrina. The day she made landfall was 29 August 2005. This is a 44/8 energy - extreme power in the realm of circulation (8) and matter, material, earth (4). When this 44 master number is combined with her 11 Expression, her resulting Performance/Experience (the role of her life) is a 55, another master number! This chick was hostile (11), extremely competent and commanding (44) and disastrously active (55). Who scorned her that hell should have no fury like her fury? Her category 5 sister, Camille, was also a 55 and her category 5 brother, Andrew, a 29/11/2!

When one considers the coincidence of these phenomena and their numbers, one cannot deny the obvious: such events and their numbers are not coincidental. Numbers do rule the universe and all things within it, including hurricanes. Katrina, although short lived, will go down in history as a queen who ruled . . . viciously, ruthlessly, malevolently with a formidable fury and matriarchal madness defying compassion but not defying her numbers.

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