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 [This article is neither designed to either extol or defame Amelia Earhart.
Its purpose is simply to study the correlation between one's numbers, life and destiny.]


Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace,
The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things.

~ Amelia Earhart

What destiny has planned for you will come to pass
without any planning on your part.  Your destiny will
cause you to act and make effort according to its plan.

~ 20th Century Mystic, Jagat Singh


AMELIA MARY EARHART was born on 24 July 1897 and died, ostensibly, on 2 July 1937 at the age of thirty-nine. She was a woman of her time, before her time, in the time of Yin ascendance where women usually didn't do the daring deeds or have the 'daring do' of men. Earhart, a tomboy at heart, had grit . . . and lots of it. A woman of strong conviction, she fell in love with airplanes while attending a stunt-flying exhibition with one of her friends. The arrow of a winged cupid hit its mark, and the rest was history as she either broke or set one flying record after another, not just for women but for all mankind.


Amelia Earhart was a true pioneer. On 20-21 May 1932 (beginning on a 2 calendar day) she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. This was on the 5th Anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's first ever solo flight across the Atlantic. She did this in 14 hours and 56 minutes. For her heroics, she was awarded the National Geographic Society's gold medal from President Herbert Hoover, and Congress awarded her the Distinguished Flying Cross. On 11 January 1935 (a 2 calendar day) she became the first person, not just woman, to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean, a journey of 2,408-miles between Honolulu and Oakland, California, an absolutely amazing accomplishment.  Two years later on 2 July 1937 (a 2 calendar day as well as a 29-11-2 universal day), en route from Lae, New Guinea to Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to circumnavigate the earth in her rebuilt Lockheed Electra airplane, she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, vanished mysteriously and were never found following the largest air and sea search ever recorded in United States Navy history. She was weeks shy of her fortieth birthday when she perished.


Basic Matrix

As we can see from her Basic Matrix, Amelia Earhart had several master numbers in her chart: an 11-2 Lifepath, a 99-9 Performance-Experience, a 22-4 Soul and a 33-6 Material Soul. In her Life Matrix (not pictured), she had an 11-2 1st Pinnacle PE and an 11-2 Crown Pinnacle PE. Her Name Timeline PE of "Mary" (her middle/2nd name) possessed a 77-5 master energy of extreme thoughtful contemplation and mental sagacity (77) which played itself out in the field of speed, motion, change, exploration, adventure and experience (5). Her "Mary" Name Timeline began when she was 24 and would have continued through her 44th birthday had she lived.

Earhart's 11-2 Lifepath set her on a path of achievement. Her 99-9 PE gave her immense global appeal and public power. The number 9 rules the macrocosm, the public stage, travel and power. In effect, it was her destiny to be known on a global scale, even though that was not what she desired in the depths of her soul. Her 22-4 Soul placed her desires, needs and wants in the arena of strength, security, power, material and mechanical things, in this case airplanes. This is akin to Howard Hughes, the great industrialist billionaire who also had a 22-4 Soul and who also set many aviation records. Hughes, like Earhart, also had a 7 Expression. The 22-4 is the master builder vibration. Seven is thought. Thus, Earhart had a desire for security and power which she found through winged flying machines, like Hughes, and she also had an excellent mind, like Hughes (in his pre-geriatric days). Her 33-6 Material Soul gave her great communication and artistic desires, as well as a need for love, home and community. Her 7 Expression made her quiet, almost shy, but very reflective and bright. Seven has a need to be alone and separate, which is why and how she was able to manage being alone and isolated in her aeronautical achievements. Being "solo" was who she was, as well as being an individual of great inner resource and strength. The 7 also rules her 2nd and 3rd Epochs (July, the 7th month, and 1897, a 7 year in reduction). Her 3 Nature filled her with life and self-expression, while her 5 Material Nature gave her a love for speed, motion, movement, change, exploration and experience. For Earhart, her joy (3) was found through speed, motion and freedom (5). A corroborating IR set (Influence/Reality) was that of her 2nd and 3rd Epochs, both 7/5. Here again we see the 7 of isolation and separation playing itself out in the arena of speed, motion, movement, freedom (5).

Earhart's Life Matrix (The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 2: Forecasting, Part 1  (currently an eBook), reveals that the core of her life, her Grand Pinnacle (3rd Pinnacle), is a 9/7. This is both prophetic and problematic. Although she didn't die during her Grand Pinnacle Timeline (ages 44 to 52), the Grand Pinnacle ciphers cast an energy veil on everything below them. Furthermore, the timelines at her death were filled with 2, 5, 7 and 9 energies.

The 9/7 Influence/Reality combination depicts travel, endings, the macrocosm, and the public stage (9) embracing and creating the 7 of separation, isolation, thought, reflection and spiritual searching. This combination can also manifest itself as turmoil and tragedy (7) originating from travel (9). It is an obvious fact that Earhart's fame came from her worldly accomplishments in the air, especially when being isolated, separated and alone during her remarkable world-record setting solo flights. But the 9/7 pattern also potentially  generates heartache and heartbreak.

Time of Death

We all have an appointed time of death. This is established when we are in the womb. Amelia Earhart's death is reflected in the "stacking" of 9/7, 7/9, 2/9 and 7/5 energy. "Stacking" is a simultaneous alignment of the same energies. "Specific Stacking" is the identical energy; "General Stacking" involves like-kind energies, as in Earhart's case. Stacking creates intensity. Also of note is the vast amount of 7 energy in any capacity - all of which made Earhart a loner and isolationist. For more on the stacking phenomenon, read "Spires of Fire" - an analysis of the events of 911 and the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001.


At the time of her fated demise, the following combinations were active in Earhart's chart:

This Eleven Stack of like-kind ciphers created an enormous amount of energy regarding the 2 (achievement, others, relationship, treacheries and deceits), the 5 (motion, movement, speed, freedom, adventure, loss and accidents), the 7 (isolation, separation, alienation, alone, chaos, turmoil, tragedy) and the 9 (endings, the macrocosm, public stage, travel). Especially notice the large amount of 7 and 9 energy. This is highly unusual. The sheer weight of these vibrations resulted in the fabled story of Amelia Earhart coming to an end . . . for herself, yes, but neither for her legacy nor for those adventurous women flying in tow. Earhart's story was one of freedom, adventure, isolation and triumph on the public stage. She died as she had lived, an adventurer seeking new heights through courage, independence and vision, true to her own statement, "Adventure is worthwhile in itself."

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