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Stardom. It has been the grail and coffin of many souls aspiring to its light, like moths to a flame. So it would seem for Vickie Lynn Hogan, born 28 November 1967, AKA, Anna Nicole Smith, and dying at age 39, just five months after the death of her beloved son, Daniel, who perished just three days after the birth of her daughter, born Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern on 7 September 2006.

Dr. Samuel Johnson, the first writer of the English dictionary, eloquently penned this thought from his "Vanity of Human Wishes:"

Unnumbered suppliants crowd Preferment's Gate,
Athirst for wealth and burning to be great;
Delusive fortune hears the incessant call;
They rise, they shine, evaporate and fall!

How true. Such is the allure and magnetism of fame and fortune. All that rise must fall - civilizations, empires, nations, kings, queens and, yes . . . even starlets. Furthermore, all that rises and falls does so to a grand and divine design transcending human manipulation. As 20 Century Saint Maharaj Charan Singh states:

Please do not forget that all men come into this world
with a destiny of their own which goes on pushing them
relentlessly on the course already marked out for them.
Man is completely helpless.

Destiny is something that is marked out even before one is born.
It is not possible to change its course.

And so was the preordained rise and fall of Anna Nicole Smith, a destiny clearly framed in her numbers. Let's take a look.

Simple Basic Matrix: Anna Nicole Smith (natal name: Vickie Lynn Hogan)

Expression 7
Lifepath 8
Performance Experience 33/6
Soul 1
Material Soul 99/9
Nature 6
Material Nature 77/5
Voids None

This first piece of evidence, her Simple Basic Matrix, is very telling. We know from her own admission that Anna idolized Marilyn Monroe and wanted to be like her. Anna wanted to be a star. It was her deepest desire. She wanted the spotlight on her, as did Marilyn, so much so that even in suffering over the loss of her own beloved son, Daniel, she invited the television magazine show, Inside Edition, to come to her home and interview her in her private (or public) moment of grief. Such egocentric consumption is clearly visible in her Soul and Material Soul energies. The '1' in her Soul signifies a desire for attention, a longing to, in fact, be the star; a desire for men and a love of male energy; a need to be the center of attention with the spotlight focused solely on her image. Additionally, the '99/9' Material Soul signifies a powerful, even relentless, need to be on the public/world stage, to broadcast oneself (1 Soul) to the world (9); to be known and famous (9). No two numbers together depict self and fame more than the '1' and the '9.' It was this combination of ciphers that drove Anna Nicole Smith to seek world (9) stardom (1) even when distraught and suffering over the loss of her only son. As a corroborative fact, Elvis Presley and General Douglas McArthur also had these two numbers (1 and 9) dominate in their charts and they were as famous and ego-driven in their time as anyone could possibly be.

Anna Nicole Smith's sexual indulgence is clearly reflected in her 33/6 PE, 33/6 Letter Timeline PE and her 6 Nature: the former being the role and orientation of her life; the second, the outcome of secret alliances between the ages of 36 and 42 and the third, the energies of her basic nature. No Master Number has probably destroyed more souls than the Thirty-Three/Six (33/6) nor lifted souls to the most supernal heights of love and joy. Thirty-Three (33) is a potent energy of either extreme addiction to carnal pleasure or elevation to spiritual bliss. Smith's life and subsequent death are a testimony to the dangerous reality of the 33 master vibration and its 6 crown. Yet, she was not the only person victimized by this powerful energy of sensual suicide. Not surprisingly, her idol, Marilyn Monroe, also had the 33 energy dominate in her chart. Hers, however, was in her Material Soul.

Another numerological connection between Smith and Monroe is that they both had the number Five in their Basic Matrix: Monroe's in her Nature; Smith's in her Material Nature (77/14/5). The Five (5) is the vibration of the senses, freedom, intemperance, wildness, partying, exploration, movement, variety and . . . slavery. Together, the 5 & 6 create a dangerously seductive combination which often takes mortals down the path of no return. If these numbers are present in a chart, the insurance policy against experiencing the tragic reaping of sorrow and tears is to concentrate on the positive, spiritual aspects of each number. For the Six, this is purity of love, not lust; for the Five it is controlled restraint, not wanton indulgence. We must never forget that every number has two sides, one positive and one negative, and master numbers can elevate as well as destroy if their energy is used improperly and indiscriminately. This is why virtue is critically valuable from a health and wholeness standpoint and why Pythagoras said, "No man is free who cannot control himself." Once a foot is placed on the slippery slope of sensual indulgence and carnal gratification, it's nearly impossible to keep from falling into a deep and dark morass of pain, sorrow, suffering and tears. True, the upward ascent to spiritual freedom is difficult and slow, but the fall is quick and irreparable.

Another numerical combination associated with Smith and Monroe was the 7-8 paring. Smith had a 7 Expression and 8 Lifepath; Monroe had a 7 Lifepath and 8 Soul. This is a very difficult duo. The 7 pulls one inside while the 8 pulls one outside. Therefore, there is a constant tug-o-war going on within the individual beset with this pair of ciphers. Seven is the most spiritual of numbers; Eight the most material. Hence, the conflict plaguing both of these women.

Deceit, Deception, Endings

Indeed, there was something untoward in the demise of Anna Nicole Smith. Both at the time of her son's death and her own, Smith's chart maintained a quadstack of 2/9 energy. A quadstack is a four-tiered stack of the same number set, in this case, 2/9. Quadstacks are powerful structures, magnetizing one number set four times. Think of four suns beating down on the earth instead of simply one sun. In the 2/9 IR set (influence/reality), the Two represents others and relationships, particularly the deceits and treacheries of other people. The Nine represents endings, terminations and the public stage. A quadstack of 2/9 energy is highly indicative that something was untoward at the time of her and her son's death. Two can also represent adversarial relationships, and we have all seen the enormous circus trailing in the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's passing.

Money Troubles

The embroilment surrounding the fortune Anna Nicole Smith sought from her oil tycoon husband, J. Howard Marshall II, is reflected in her Grand and Crown Challenges (see The King's Book of Numerology, Volume II, Forecasting, Part I ). These were both a 22-4/11-2. Here again we see the Two's adversarial qualities in the master number 11. The 22 represents power and wealth, and it was (and still is) the struggle (11) over power and wealth(22) in which she (and now her heirs) was entangled.

Compounding the tension and struggle over money was the 5/3 secondary Challenge in her chart which reflected negative aspects of sensual indulgence (5) and sexual pleasure (3). A Three in such a position can also manifest as unhappiness, anger, health issues, meanness and problems with one's image.

More could be said regarding Anna Nicole Smith. Everybody's life is a book. The examples mentioned here are given to corroborate the Pythagorean theorem that "Numbers rule the universe; everything can be arranged according to number and mathematical shape." And so, too, do numbers rule lives. Such is the reality of this dimension.

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