Volume 1: Foundations & Fundamentals


Dear Mr. King,

I'm sure you're used to receiving rave reviews on your books. But I can't keep myself from writing yet another one. (Download the full review here).

I have roughly a hundred books on numerology in my personal library. Some of them are good and some of them are great and none of them are second-rate since I donít tolerate mediocrity. But the KBN1 is a totally different level. Before I ordered it I actually wondered how much new I could learn about numerology after reading so many books on the subject. Well, let me tell you, I literally got a headache each time I finished reading a new chapter Ė I learnt so much from KBN1 I felt totally mind blown.

Itís been over two weeks now since I got it and Iíve been reading and studying it chapter by chapter every day and itís been giving me insight upon insight into the hidden life of numbers. The KBN1 has opened a totally new dimension to my understanding of numerology as a system and as a language of God.

The book itself is God sent! It is the most concept-dense, original and profound book on numerology Iíve read. It should be a must read for any serious and self-respecting numerologist. Numerologists who haven't read KBN1 are bullshitting.

I honestly thought I knew a lot about numerology but after reading the KBN1 I have to admit all my knowledge was nothing but a pile of puzzle pieces without an idea of what the final picture should look like. The book has given me a direction on how to put it all together. I'm going to continue studying the KBN1 until I have it in my blood.

The concept that's become for me the biggest game changer as well as revelation is that of challenge numbers hidden in binaries. It helped me find answers to questions that only astrology could answer before! So I'm absolutely fascinated by this new knowledge.

Warm regards, God bless, you're the best Teacher I've had!
           ~ Erika T., Sweden


I just finished reading your first two books: "The King's Book of Numerology, Volumes 1 and 2." Your overall approach makes more sense to me than any other author on the subject. In my quest to not just learn but to truly understand and apply Numerology, Iíve read Matthew Goodwin, Matthew Oliver, Hanz Decoz, Juno Jorden, Joanne Justice, Chero, Lloyd Stayhorn, Lynn Buess, Heather Lagen, Julian Moore, and others. I am grateful to each of these authors as I did learn learn much from them. Yet, to me there seemed to be a missing synthesis as each author emphasized elements of divination somewhat differently, and at times, contradictory.

Richard, your approach is comprehensive and layered, seemingly leaving no numerical-stone unturned. The beginner will appreciate your initial simplicity and unique narrative that clearly connect this subject to its underlying spiritual-context in which all Numerology is based. Afterwards, the way you move into a multi-layered synthesis, more representative of the human condition than any approach Iíve experienced, is extraordinary.

Simply, this work is Immensely useful and actionable! After all, the motivation as to why we engage in Numerology is far more universal than to simply access insights into ďwho we are," ďwhat makes us and others tickĒ ó it is to live the best life possible!
          ~ M. Rockwell Engineer and Business Owner

I have read your book "The King's Book of Numerology". It was the best numerology book I ever read.
           ~ Michael W., Numerologist. Atlanta, Georgia

I am presently rereading your book. Know it's that good! It is honestly the most accurate of all sources I have found to further my understanding of numbers. Too, you are such an amazing writer. Your insights beyond numerology are so touching and deep - very stirring and full of emotion.
           ~S.L., Astrologer, Lexographer, Numerologist, NY, NY.

I will say without hesitation that The King's Numerology is true and real. Richard King's knowledge of numbers changes intangible spirituality and divination into solid, practical, objective reality. In a word, Richard King brings "science" to the art and practice of divination and spirituality. He brings proof to the otherwise unprovable; solid evidence to the not so solid universe of the divine. The King's Book of Numerology contains new information that informs and predicts more completely and accurately than any previously published numerological work. I personally feel he is bringing back the empowered sciences of long ago; information long since lost upon this plane. I would recommend The Kings Book of Numerology to everyone practicing or wanting to practice divination. All who read his works will benefit and be blessed.
           ~ George Shaver, Metaphysician

I just got your book on numerology and I'm in the process of devouring it. Awesome! I've learned as much about numerology from reading your book the last few days than I have in my past five years of study. I have a feeling that this great opus that you've produced will become one of the classics in the spiritual science of Divine Numbers.
           ~ Frank Monahan: Mountain View, CA 2006, April ~

There can be no doubt about the validity of Richard King's research and intuitive use of numerology. His application of this metaphysical science goes well beyond other ancient schemes such as astrology and the enneagram in giving us direction by clarifying who and what we are.
           ~ Dr. Emily Hancock, Harvard - Executive Editor: Moxie Magazine ~

Richard King's unique approach to numerology moves this ancient science into the 21st Century. His dazzling interpretations of the numbers gives one an instant knowledge of who they are, why they are here, where they are now and where they are going in the future. His method allows anyone to understand themselves more fully and to maximize their potential in the world. I highly recommend The King's Book of Numerology to everyone on a spiritual path.
           ~ Diane Freburg, Former Program Director, The Learning Light Foundation

The King's Book of Numerology is one of the stellar books in its field, offering application in a very practical way.
           ~ Karen Axnick, Holistic Consultant

Richard King is one of the truly bright lights in the field of Numerology and his unique insights and approach to understanding the vibrations of numbers have taken this area of metaphysics to a new dimension.

           ~William G. Bussey, M.C.S., The Cards of Destiny & Sidereal Astrologer

I love your book. The way you write and your focus is so special. I don't always find this in written material. I am learning much too.
           ~Hunter Blue, NY, NY.

I highly recommend The King's Book of Numerology and support Richard King in his work which is so needed in today's world.
           ~Lucretia Fiore, General Manager, The Learning Light Foundation

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