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K A R A T E   B I O

Richard King began his martial art studies in the Spring of 1968 with the Tracy Brothers' Kenpo Karate organization in northern California, training with them for five years.  Upon being transferred to southern California, he transferred to the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate system and received his first degree black belt from Bob Perry, a first generation Parker black belt. Thus, King is a second generation Ed Parker black belt. In addition to being Grandmaster of his own system (Kiado-Ryu), he also holds a 5th Degree Kenpo Black Belt rating. 

Richard King's competitive career includes fifty-three championships at the Black Belt level in open competition, six All-Around Grand Championships (weapons - forms - fighting), a national #1 regional ranking in 1989 and 1993. His students have garnered four United States National Championships on the NASKA circuit, as well as amassing over three hundred first place victories in the Karate Institute's career.

In 1979, King founded the Karate Institute of America and developed the KIADO-RYU system of martial arts, currently located within

The Cutting Edge
22600-F Lambert St., Ste. 1202 , Lake Forest, CA, 92630:

KIADO-RYU stands for the "family of the KIA or Karate Institute of America way." The word "ryu" means "family;" the word "do" means "way."

KIADO-RYU is a style which concentrates on developing a well-rounded martial artist--one competent in medium and hard style fundamentals (kicks, punches, blocks, parries, strikes and footwork) fighting, weapons, forms, self-defense, extemporaneous combat and character development.  The katas (training and performance forms) of KIADO-RYU are all of Mr. King's design.  This pertains to open-hand forms as well as weapons forms, of which there are three in the black belt undergraduate program--bo, cane and nunchaku.  King also teaches knife, kubotan, sickle and sai.  Open-hand forms are of two designs: training forms and performance forms, the latter are used especially for competition.

The fighting curriculum of the KIADO-RYU system is extensive.  Fifty per-cent of the curriculum concentrates on fighting fundamentals, theory and practice both for 'street' and tournament application. Practical, usable and workable technique is stressed and engendered.  That which is not functional or practical is discarded.

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