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Numerology of a Presidential Assassination

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(Note: Parts of this article have been reprinted from
Destinies of the Rich & Famous – The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives
by Richard Andrew King)


My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you;
ask what you can do for your country.

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.

The best road to progress is freedom's road.
~ President John F. Kennedy

Fifty years after his death by assassination his legacy lives on.

He was young, rich, dynamic and charismatic—a modern day iconic King of Camelot whose tragic death would befit a Shakespearean drama replete with a conspiracy of assassination that, unlike him, would never die. The youngest man ever elected to the Presidency of the United States of America at the age of forty-three and America's 35th Commander-in-Chief, he was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, universally known by his initials, JFK.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known personally as "Jack," was born on 29 May 1917. He served as President of the United States from his inauguration on 20 January 1961 (age 43) to his assassination on 22 November 1963 (age 46), a total of exactly 1037 days. Hence, JFK's time in office is often referred to as the 1,000 Day Presidency. For such a relatively short time it was one of the most intense and problem-strewn White House occupancies ever, not simply on a national and international level but also on a personal basis.

JFK-Basic Matrix

JFK's Simple Basic Matrix reveals his intrinsic power, magnetism, and universal appeal.

The 7 Lifepath indicates that JFK's life lessons would be challenging and filled with trials, tribulations, turmoil. The 7 Lifepath is the lifepath of spiritual testing, for it challenges our ethics, morals, wisdom, privacy, secrecy, and clear thinking. It is also a warrior's number, though, and Kennedy's presidency was certainly embroiled in some of the most dangerous cold war experiences of the late Twentieth Century, and because the number 7 rules secrecy, conspiracy can be considered one of its manifestations.

Kennedy's 8 Expression makes him a person who is managerially focused. This is an excellent energy to have for those who are presidents, leaders, generals, chief executive officers, managers, mechanics, athletes, and all those individuals who understand how to connect-the-dots of anything and how to make it work.

The 33-6 PE (Performance/Experience) reveals Kennedy's historic charm and communicative ability. Interestingly, the name Kennedy is itself a 33-6, thus giving greater power to his life's role of 33-6. Furthermore, the Pinnacle of the day of his assassination (22 November 1963) was also a 33-6, creating a tristack of this powerful master number. More on this later.

Another interesting fact is that Marilyn Monroe, to whom Kennedy was allegedly romantically involved, had a tristack of 33-6 in her Material Soul, generating a need for her to be the sex symbol for which she is famous as being. This 33-6 master number also created an extreme attraction between the two of them. There is no number more sexually energized than the 33-6, and for both of them it was dominant in their charts.

An 11-2 Natural Soul centers Kennedy's basic desires, needs, wants, and motivations in the areas of relationship, others, inspiration, and females. His 99-9 Material Soul drives him, as it would anyone, to exude power, dominance, charisma, universality, and a dynamic presence on the public stage.

JFK's Nature layers (his basic personality) are anchored in personal love of family, home, homeland, i.e., country – the 6. This resonated with and amplified his 33-6 PE. The 22-4 reflects a personality of the master builder and its intrinsic ability to work, serve, construct, be safe, and secure.

The Kennedy Assassination

The assassination of JFK on 22 November 1963 was a remarkable event in American history—in many ways an unbelievable, horrific, and unspeakably tragic drama. Arguably, the only other event of such magnitude in the late Twentieth and early Twenty-First Centuries would be the attack on the World Trade Center Towers on 11 September 2001, aka, 911.

A Personal Note

I was a Sophomore in high school at the time of the JFK assassination. It was a Friday. I was walking from one class to another when I heard the news. It was pure shock. President Kennedy assassinated? How could this be? Everyone was stunned—students and teachers alike.

That entire weekend I was glued to our black and white television, as were most Americans. Color TV did not exist then. There were no cordless phones, cell phones, computers or other personal communication devices in those days, those days of yore. Nor was there the type of everyday violence, tension, division, and unease that exists today. It was a more innocent time but a time whose innocence was waning as the Cold War between the USA and the USSR was waxing. The Cuban Missile Crisis had just occurred a year earlier—an event that brought the world to the edge of nuclear war closer than it had ever been. But still there was a sense of innocence left. After all, it was a time of Camelot, of the handsome King (Jack) and his Queen (Jacqueline). Too, kids in my generation had never seen war, having been born after World War II.

Watching the news that weekend was a time neither I, nor those of my generation, will ever forget. For those who are still alive, it's a good bet every one of them knew exactly where they were when they received the shock, and it was a huge shock, that the President of the United States had been fatally shot. It was unbelievable and poignantly painful, just like 911 for this generation.

That weekend was eerie. The only major news channels—ABC, CBS and NBC— were awash in images of men and women openly weeping in the streets, stunned in their grief. JFK was a popular, charismatic, articulate, dynamic, and beloved President. And now gone? It was numbingly surreal, but real nonetheless.

Sunday morning, 24 November, added more drama. I remember watching Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy's alleged assassin, being escorted by the police through the Dallas Police Headquarters and ultimately through its basement enroute to the county jail when Jack Ruby, a Dallas night club owner, moved through the crowd (from right to left) and fatally shot Oswald at point blank range in the stomach. Shock! Another murder in real time on national television! Today, people only see clips of the shooting. For us who saw the event and who are still alive, watching that murder unfold now is not just a clip of history, it was, for us at the time, history in the making.

Sunday's events did not terminate with Ruby's shooting of Oswald in the morning. In the afternoon, Kennedy's funeral cortège, with his flag-covered casket transported by a horse-drawn caisson poignantly accompanied by a riderless horse (Blackjack) with stirrups reversed to acknowledge a fallen warrior, proceeded from the White House along Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Rotunda as multitudes of people lined the boulevard. Then, as his body lay in state, hundreds of thousands of people lined up outside the Capitol and patiently entered the building, filing past his coffin, paying their final respects. What I remember—which was quite nice but nonetheless eerie—was the silence of it all, that and the event's iconic images of his wife and daughter, Caroline, kneeling beside his coffin as Jacqueline kissed it. Then there was the image of his three year old son, John-John, saluting his father's casket after his funeral—truly gripping and sad moments. No public event that I have personally witnessed in my life can compare to the captivating somber silence, sorrow, sadness, numbness, respect, and reverence of that weekend.

Monday, 25 November, had been declared a national day of mourning by JFK's Vice-President and, in succession, President Lyndon B. Johnson. The funeral procession moved from the Capitol to the White House to St. Matthew's Cathedral and to Arlington National Cemetery where Kennedy was buried, his plot marked by an eternal flame. Millions of Americans watched the solemn, dignified, and historic event.

To me, America was never the same, nor has ever been the same after that, after the assassination of President Kennedy. Maybe it's because I was an impressionable young teenager, quite innocent and naïve as to the ways of the world. Still, my personal feeling is that that fated weekend was the weekend America's innocence died, a country changed forever.

JFK—Assassination Date Numbers

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated Friday, 22 November 1963. This is a very powerful day numerologically, and there are correlations between it and John Kennedy's chart (following). Note the master number diamond formed by the day (22nd), month (11th), 1st Pinnacle (33), and 1st Challenge (11)—all of which, when added together, form a 77-14-5, a numerical pattern of loss, sorrow, secrecy, turmoil (22 + 33 + 11 + 11 = 77).

Also of significance is the number 33 forming a quadstack (4 stack) related to JFK's assassination.
  1. The name Kennedy (33)
  2. 1st Pinnacle of the 22nd of November (the 11th month), a 33
  3. JFK's Grand Challenge PE, a 33 (the time period of his assassination)
  4. Specific Expression of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD-the building in which alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was positioned) is a 330!
In addition to the numerical patterns already mention in JFK's chart is a sixstack of 7 energy associated with his assassination. As we've discussed, 7 is JFK's Lifepath—the lifepath housing the greatest potential for suffering, sorrow, tragedy, betrayal, and tears.

More interesting numerical facts related to the site of JFK's assassination involve the Texas School Book Depository and its street address of 411 Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.
  1. Texas School Book Depository: Expression is a 6, the same as JFK's PE and Nature; its Soul is a 9, the same as JFK's Material Soul.
  2. 411 Elm Street is a 6 Expression (matching JFK's PE and Nature), its Soul is an 8 (matching JFK's Expression), and its Nature is a 7 (matching JFK's Lifepath).
  3. Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination in Dallas, Texas, manifests a 9 Expression (same as JFK's Material Soul), a 2 Natural Soul (matching JFK's Natural Soul), and a 7 Nature (matching JFK's Lifepath).

JFK- Day of Birth & Day of Death: Numerical Identities

Here are some very interesting facts regarding the Specific root of the date of birth and the date of death of JFK: they are identical—52-7! In other words, JFK's Lifepath began and ended on a 52-7 day!
  1. Day of birth: 29 May 1917 (29 + 5 + 1917 = 52 – a 7 in reduction)
  2. Day of death: 22 November 1963 (22 + 11 + 1963 = 52 – a 7 in reduction)
And there's more. Because the date of birth and date of death are the same in both Simple and Specific formats, JFK's Basic Matrix on the day of his birth compared with his Basic Matrix on the day of his death will be identical. What are the odds?

JFK – Life Matrix

The Life Matrix grid below is republished from Destinies of the Rich & Famous. It reveals many powerful numeric realities of JFK's life.

For example, the 55-1 PE is situated in his 4th (Crown) Pinnacle. This made him extremely unique and original. To underscore the force of the 55-1, both Howard Hughes and Oprah Winfrey also have the 55-1 in their Crown Pinnacle PE position.

Notice also the 1/9 IR set in his Grand Challenge. This 1/9 pattern is a powerful reflection of leadership (1) among the masses (9). It also reflects individual (1) power (9). It was during this 1/9 Grand Challenge timeline that JFK was President.

Sharing the Grand Challenge position is the 33-6 PE (originating from the 7), which also is present in his Crown Challenge. It is this 33-6 energy that gave JFK the warmth and communicative ability for which he is known. However, it also reflected itself in his attraction to women and his extramarital affairs. The 7 in the Influence position denotes secrecy. Therefore, this 7/33-6 IR set can be described, at least in one way, as secret love affairs.

To learn more about the numerology of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as well as other historic icons such as Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes, Oprah Winfrey, General George Patton, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and others, read
~ finis

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