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Numerology Benefits

Numerology can do many things for us. Some major benefits are the following. 1. Help us understand ourselves. 2. Improve our relationships. 3. Guide and raise our children. 4. Plan and prepare for our future. 5. Honor our Creator.

1. Understanding Ourselves

The Greeks promoted the philosophy, "Know Thyself." Why? Because knowing who we are is an integral part of our basic human integrity in the truest sense of the word. If we are 'integrated,' we are whole. Being whole, we will be complete and at peace, as much as we can be in a world in which the cosmic pendulum ceaselessly sways from polarity to polarity without conscience and without concern for human thought, feeling, emotion, condition or circumstance.

When we truly know ourselves, we are more capable of moving above the planes of illusion and falseness, avoiding the follies of foolery and self-deception. We don't play games with ourselves or try to become something we're not. We live in the truth of who we are. As Shakespeare said (Hamlet: Act 1 Scene 3 - Polonius to his son Laertes) "This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man."

The same goes for our destiny. When we know what God has in store for us viz. a viz. our specific life blueprint as found in our natal data (full name and birth date), we can relax and flow with the tides of our lives, thereby avoiding the neuroses developed by swimming against their indomitable and irrepressible currents. We can more ably find peace and contentment. We can, following the admonition of Shakespeare, 'be true to our own self,' and being so we can never be false to anyone else.

For example, suppose a person has an 8 Soul but a 7 Lifepath. The 8 energy in the Soul position means the individual desires worldly success, money, material comfort, power, position, influence, social integration and interaction. 8 rules all things external. However, the 7 Lifepath means the person will be given opportunities during the whole of the life in the exact opposite energy field from the 8. A 7 Lifepath is one which moves the individual away from the outer world and into the inner world of thought and reflection, analysis, separation, isolation, study, alienation, spirituality, metaphysics, religion.

The dilemma, of course, is that the 7 lifepath of inwardness does not harmonize with the 8 desire of outwardness. Thus, there is conflict, and there will be frustration until the person comes to grip with this struggle of opposing energies. By 'Knowing Thyself' the negative energy of frustration can be controlled, hopefully giving rise to a mature understanding of following and flowing with His Will.

2. Improving Relationships

If we can know ourselves through numerology (and we most definitely can), we can also know others, especially those who move within our closest and most intimate circles. By knowing our dearest friends and relatives cosmically, as well as them knowing us in return, we are more capable of harmonizing with each other and therefore improving our relationship with them and them to us.

Just as we have potential conflicts within us (as depicted in the example in item #1 above), so there is definitely the possibility of conflicts in our relationships with others. We all know that. No relationship is without its challenges, disagreements, disputes, hurdles. However, if we can thoroughly understand the other person--his life, motivations, desires, nature and reality, we are in an excellent position to create peace and harmony within the relationship. Compromises can be reached more quickly and easily. The process of 'give and take' can be based on true knowledge of what exactly needs to be given and taken - by both parties, one to the other.

I'd like to draw from my martial arts background to help explain this point. During a fight, the master fighter will take his cues and formulate his tactics based on what his opponent is doing. By studying his opposition and assessing his strengths and weaknesses, the master fighter is in a better position to manage the fight and emerge victorious.

So it is with any relationship. We must be focused on the other person, not ourselves. Within the other person is the key to harmony. By focusing simply on ourselves, we become too self-centered and therefore ignore the needs, wants and desires of the other half of the relationship. Yet, relationships are about two or more people in partnership working together. Harmony will have a greater chance to prevail if we spend time understanding the other person, as well as the other person understanding us.

Successful relationships are definitely a two-way street. How blind are we to ignore the other half of the equation? What would the possibilities be if we considered both sides of the equation equally? By knowing only ourselves, we have mastered on 50% of the problem. Since the divorce rate is about 50%, perhaps there's a major clue here, and perhaps there needs to be more consideration of the other 50%. Just a thought.

The crux, however, is that we have to take the time to learn about the other person. We have to spend a little time delving into his or her numerology chart. Then, of course, we have to act on the information given. But if this is done, the results will well be worth the effort. Actually, if two people are serious about understanding each other and making their relationship as good as possible, as beautiful as possible, as harmonious as possible, I can't imagine why anyone would not want to do so.

3. Guiding & Raising Children

I'm passionate about raising children. They are always the future. Furthermore, they are life itself. The parent's responsibility is to raise them, not vice-versa., and, hopefully, raise them well, allowing them to be independent, self-reliant, confident, whole, balanced, integrated and 'knowing themselves.' Therefore, it is incumbent upon the parent to understand the child. Children don't have the inherent task of raising parents. Do they? Sometimes, in observing parents and their children, one has to wonder who the parent is and who the child is in the parent-child relationship. Notwithstanding that observation, the natural order of things is for the parent to do the parenting, the leading, the guiding; not vice-vesa.

Knowing a child's numerology chart can certainly help a parent guide and raise his or her offspring. How many of us, for example, can honestly say our parents truly know/knew who we are and what we are all about? Grownups lamenting their own parents and the ills generated by the latter during the formative years is so common it is practically proverbial. But what if our parents had taken the time to truly know each of us as children--our desires, our personality, our wishes, dreams, capabilities, path in life, role in life, etc.? Wouldn't our lives have been different?

Therefore, how important is it for us to take the time to understand our own children so they don't grow to adulthood lamenting us? As souls ever revolving in the cycle of parent and child, somewhere, sometime, someone must break the chain of neglect and indifference, otherwise the karmic wheel will make sure we become the neglected child, the one who longs to be loved and understood. In fact, if we're the ones who were neglected as children in this life, maybe we should consider the karmic ramifications of our own past, a past which perhaps has come full circle to enclose us in its energy. As Saint Ravidas (15th & 16th Centuries) said: "The fruit of action unfailingly overtakes the doer." We all become the victims of our own karmas (good or bad) sooner or later; in this life or another life. Food for thought.

4. Planning and Preparing

If we're going on a trip, it behooves us to map our course. Suppose someone is traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast. Without a prior knowledge of national highways, it would be foolish to just jump in the car and go. Having a plan, a blueprint of the journey, is essential for the journey to go smoothly, efficiently and timely. Not having a plan is not a smart idea, unless the idea is just to jump in the car and drive on planless just for the adventure of it.

Our birth dates (and to some degree our names) house the basic blueprint of our life journey. By studying our Lifepath (the map of our life), we can see where we're going and how we're going to get there, what obstacles we'll encounter along the way and when we'll be forced to make major changes. Thus, we can plan ahead and not get caught off guard. We can roll with the punches if there are any, cover up for bad weather and manage obstacles more efficiently. We can also be prepared to enjoy the scenery located at various spots along the way, relax through easy terrain and play when there are opportunities and places to do so. But if we don't look at the map, we can't plan and the risks for an unsafe, non-enjoyable and unproductive journey increase. We just may get severely caught off-guard and suffer the indignities of being unprepared.

5. Honoring our Creator

One thing the study of numerology will do for any sentient being is prove beyond any shadow of a doubt the existence of a higher power. With a little study and an open, unbiased mind, one will acquire incontrovertible proof that life is destined. But who or what is responsible for such destiny? How vast, how incomprehensible can that power be which is able to design a life blueprint for every living soul upon this earth, not to mention all the other souls on worlds innumerable?

It is incomprehensible. How can the finite mind explain the infinite? In fact, it cannot, for if it could, that which is infinite would cease to be infinite but finite by definition. The only thing we can do at this point in our spiritual awareness and level of consciousness is honor what we see but cannot understand in total.

We each have a destiny. Of that there is no doubt to the numerologically developed mind. But how it is designed and managed can only be given to wonder and endless, inquisitive speculation. The only avenue of recourse is to honor the Power which creates it. It is truly a marvel. Call this power God, the Lord, Spirit, Source, Allah - it all is inconsequential. That Power is what IT is. HE is what HE is. Of that there is no doubt. Of that, there is no satisfactory explanation. Of that, there can only be an eternal and humble honoring. ~end~

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