A r t i c l e s
[copyright 2001 by Richard Andrew King - All Rights Reserved]

Living Loneliness 1


Loneliness - a gift from God
to turn our focus as we trod
to Him who is forever True,
to Him who holds the Mystic Clue,
to Him who draws us ever nigh
and through the Passage of the Eye
which sits atop this Temple Grace
where Soul meets Master face to face,
where we gain peace, eternal Bliss,
and release from this loneliness.


Despair not, friend, you who are lonely, for you are supremely and supernally blessed.  The Lord has given you loneliness to turn your attention away from all that is ephemeral to all that is eternal.  Pine not for that you cannot have.  Pine for that you can.  The Way out is In, in to the Temple wherein the Lord resides.  Turn away, away from the ways of the world, away from the paths that betray, away from all that calls you out and wastes each precious day you sojourn through this field of woe and sorrow.

Nothing here can ever last.  Tyrants, tempests, crowns and kings all come and go, and sadly fall below the Mark for which a man was made.  That Mark - to lift the soul above the shade of unreality.  Reality remains.  Nothing here can claim that plain distinction.  All things die.  All people die.  Relationships die.  Fortunes die.  Beauty dies.  Health dies.  Man cries.  For what?  That which changes and is never true?  So why chase pots of gold at rainbows end when certain is the end of the very life we live?  Why chase all that ends?  Why not chase Him who ends not?  It makes no sense, has no defense, to live life for this life only.

We must prepare to bear the cost of Grace bequeathed upon our soul.  The human form is Temple, and therein God resides.  Yet, every day the tides of life pull us away and make us stray our course, our course to make the journey In within the Eye where never dies a soul, within the Eye where never cries a heart, within the Eye where ever shines the Light and Love of God, where loneliness is never known, evil never sewn, and discord never cast upon the wind.

Loneliness is no curse.  It is the purse packed full of mirth and joy.  For it we must be grateful, not hateful.  Loneliness is His way to play the game of hide and seek.  Had we no loneliness, we would never seek and, therefore, never find Him, Him who is the end of all the pain we gain by hugging desperately to this earth and all of its illusions.

Tried worldly love?  To what avail?  Did it end, begin again?  Come and go?  Pleasure?  Woe?  Tales of sorrow?  Tried worldly fame?  What did you gain?  A name no one remembers . . . in his prayers?  How 'bout money, riches, wealth?  Will stealth buy you Salvation?  Will God take money for your soul?  And what of lust?  A must you thought to satisfy your cravings born of form; but rust is what you got, a body fallen into pain and disrepair where no one cares for you because your beauty's gone.  And then there's power, the flower child of ego-driven madness.  How empty is this ghost?

So, why chase world wins?  They only bring world winds.  Nothing here is sane.  Only bane.  When all is gone (thank God), only loneliness remains to turn your focus In, In to where Reality begins, In to where the truth of what you crave lies upward from the grave.  Thank God for being lonely.  It is the only way to break the chains that tie us painfully to this earth and make us weep.  Embrace your loneliness, my friend.  Meet it face to face.  Allow its Grace to work its magic in your life.  Look not unto the world for your care.  Look elsewhere.  Look In . . . while you still have the chance!

Loneliness is perfect time to find the Lord Within.
Loneliness is perfect space to feel His Grace Within.
Loneliness is but a gift creating rift within your earth
To give you Life forever in the treasure of your Birth.

~ finis