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5 Star Rating*****
I am new to Numerology. I am convinced that Numerology is a great way to better understand our own soul, our life purpose and our relationships. I decided to buy this book because of the name. Your Love Numbers didn't disappoint. I spent about an hour reading it. I then put together what Richard Andrew King calls a Loveline Matrix in about 10 minutes. And there it was ... my 12 year marriage clearly explained in a nutshell! The numbers were right on! Needless to say, I am going to spend a great deal more time with Your Love Numbers. I highly recommend this book.
                             ~ Sheri Mitchell, Dana Point, CA

5 Star Rating*****
First, let me say I have been interested in Numerology for many years and have almost every book ever published on the subject. I am constantly interested in finding better ways to push the envelope for greater innovation, achievement and knowledge. I want always to have the ‘better mousetrap’ in anything I do. I feel that I have found such a 'better mousetrap' in the numerology work of Richard Andrew King, and in particular King’s new book,
Your Love Numbers: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves and Relationships. He has truly created a miracle. Furthermore, he has made the process of understanding relationships so easy and user friendly. His book is equally valuable for the novice as well as the professional. However, the best is that King’s work is a refreshing departure from the same old information that everyone in numerology recycles and parrots over and over and over. He has actually achieved something new and groundbreaking that you DON’T EVER FIND in any other literature on the subject. I believe he has arrived at these new directions through extensive personal research over many years of questioning, analysis and synthesis. And what’s more, his method makes perfect logical sense and thus is easy to learn.

King’s Your Love Numbers quickly allows one to access the nature of any relationship, and this is where it can become really interesting! For example: person to person, sibling to sibling, child to adult, child to babysitter, babysitter to child, son to piano teacher, new maid to head of household, immigrant to new country, husband to vocational partner, husband to personal secretary, match.com best choice, boss to new worker, choosing between applicants for work position, organization to organization, client to lawyer, President to Chief of Staff, person to pet, pet to pet, newborn to sibling, husband to mother-in-law, wife to dance instructor, wife to gardener, etc.....all these relationships can be known and understood as long as one knows the birthdays and full original names of the people involved. The process King teaches in Your Love Numbers is so simple, yet so very sophisticated.

Once introduced to the system, one can gain as much depth and detail as desired through further study via Richard Andrew King’s other groundbreaking books.

I truly feel that these are ideas whose time has come. I have been using King's system since I bought the book and took the audio course and I am constantly amazed at the new world of diagnostic possibilities now available to me. It is helping me to clarify how I feel about certain people in my life and they me, bringing illumination and perception to those bothersome gray areas.

For example, what an eye opener to go back and access my parents and childhood family dynamic. I am at an age where there are almost no people alive who can give me feedback and objective insight about my early years - certainly no adult that would have an adult’s insight about that early time in my life.

Using Your Love Numbers relationship grid, I now understand the courage it took for my father to remarry after my mother died when I was seven years old so his children could have a mother - to be able to see in black and white on paper what he felt for each of these women and what they felt for him. Amazing!!!! And quite frankly, surprising. I have always ‘sensed’ these feelings about my parents but actually had no way of knowing for sure until now, thanks to the groundbreaking work of Mr. King.

You never know really until you have a tool such as this!

Imagine...............for those of you interested in genealogy, family tree research, and documenting your family’s ancestral history, how valuable this system will be to show the inner dynamic within ancestral relationships of those loved ones long since gone. All you need is the old family Bible and Richard Andrew King’s system to understand why Great-Grandmother always stayed with Great-Grandfather – even though he was clearly the difficult ‘hard dog to keep under the porch’ that nobody knew about. And moreover, why Great Granddaddy’s secretive wayward nature surfaced in the behavior patterns of your own father and also in that of your eldest son!!!!! There’s got to be some comfort at least in knowing where this annoying tenacious trait originates. And if one could possibly encourage father and son to discipline, transmute or change this pattern of conduct then future generational patterns might be likewise healed.

Furthermore, imagine also how valuable to find out what your new girlfriend REALLY feels about you and how you REALLY feel about her once reality sets in and the erogenous smoke-screen clears. What price can you put on saving yourself time and tears and pain from the get-go? Or KNOWING for certain that maybe a bumpy first date actually betrays the potential for a lifelong lasting beautiful relationship.

I’d say if such information and analysis interests you at all, do as I did. Leap, don’t run, to your nearest computer and order this amazing tool, Your Love Numbers   home study course from Richard Andrew King's website, www.richardking.net.
                                                         ~ Hunter Blue, New York

I’ve been interested in numerology for many years, and have read scores of books. Richard King’s book,Your Love Numbers is a real stand out. The material is interesting and compelling, and Richard’s analogies and his simple, easy-to-understand language make it accessible to anyone. It’s been said that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This book will help you to determine which category your relationships fall into. It’s powerful information to have . . . and it’s also loads of fun!
                             ~ Cris Potter, Oceanside, CA

It is worth reading Richard Andrew King's Book Your Love Numbers more than once. The first time my curiosity about the fascinating way our numbers speak to us made me turn the pages quickly. Isn't it neat to understand YOURSELF and the ones in your life you might sometimes find impossible to understand or tolerate? Mr. King's easy-to-understand and awareness-changing formulae made me a wiser and more accepting person. And then I read the book from the beginning again, this time for its spiritual wisdom, reveling in its insights as to how we are all part of a big plan - a spell-binding and intelligent net spun across the universe.
                             ~ Gigi Stybr, author of The Music of an Unequal Love

Hello Rich. I am so grateful to have attended your teleclass for Your Love Numbers. I have been searching for years to find a teacher but had given up. When I saw your teleclass, I jumped at the chance to attend. I can't believe my good fortune to not only find a numerology teacher, but one of your caliber and experience is beyond all my expectations! You are one-of-a-kind, that rare cross between a technical and spiritual teacher, so not only have I finally found a wonderful teacher but a kind and caring one at that. My heartfelt thanks to you for your time and energy. You are giving others the opportunity to learn and advance spiritually that does not exist elsewhere. Too, your workbook for Your Love Numbers is phenomenal! I love how you set it up and show how to do the work in such an easy format. The beauty of it is it's simplicity. I also enjoy your teaching and writing style.
                             ~ Toni A., New Jersey


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