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The Age of the Female Marches On

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Did you watch any of the FIFA Women's Soccer World Cup? How about the championship game between the USA and Japan? No? Yes? Well, the final game was amazing not just the championship game but the entire Women's World Cup soccer experience. This astonishing event proves, yet again, another reality of these times. That reality is that the yin-based number 2 and its attendant attributes and characteristics, this 2nd Millennium, which began in the year 2,000 and will continue for another 985 years, continues to grow and expand. Indeed, The Age of the Female marches on!

A thousand years of Yang, gone.
A thousand years of him, been.
Now, a thousand years of Yin begin
as the cosmic clock assures
and the tides of time secure -
the next one thousand years.
belong to her.

[From Chapter 1: The Age of the Female A Thousand Years of Yin]
Richard Andrew King

On the 5th of July, over 25 million viewers watched the exciting World Cup Championship Game with the USA stunning Japan with an impressive 5 to 2 victory a World Cup record. Another world first was that on Friday, 10 July, the US Women's Soccer team became the first women's sports team in history to be honored with a ticker tape parade down the "Canyon of Heroes" in New York city. The youth of today may not realize the impact of such a huge television audience for the Women's World Cup or the milestone surpassed by the USA's Women's Soccer team but to the older generation such achievements are extraordinary.

This USA women's soccer team will be forever known as the "15ers," in sweet sibling-hood to the "99ers" the 1999 USA women's World Cup Champions. A few facts: this win gives the USA three World Cup Championships. A first. This allows them to place 3 Stars on their jerseys, one for each world cup. Midfielder Carli Lloyd scored the fastest hat trick in World Cup history, another first (her third goal scored in 15 minutes and 6 seconds of the 1st half).

Is all of this surprising? No. It is in the numbers. This is the 2nd Millennium a thousand year period dedicated to female/yin energy, others, relationships. Women's soccer is just one aspect of these yin-dominated times in which the #2 takes its place on center stage in earth's history.

As we know, this is only 2015. The 2nd Millennium is still in its infancy. It will take another 85 years to set the stage for the next 900 years - that time period in which each of the single numbers 1 through 9 (Avenue of Crowns) will have its century in the cosmic spotlight. As the song declares, "We've only just begun" (the famous 1970s hit song by the brother/sister duo, "The Carpenters").

In only having just begun this new period of a thousand years marked by the #2, there will be many more "Female Firsts" to come. They have to come. The energy is there; it is here, now. Nothing can stop the flow of this tidal wave of 2 energy any more than one can stop the sun from shining or the stars from twinkling. This world is in a new age, an age dominated by female/yin energy.

In tradition it has been
that power rested with the men.
This thousand years will turn the tale
to a power base that is female.

Once was 'world' defined by man;
now is 'world' defined by woman.
The masculine focus that has been,
abnegates to that of Yin.

As all things cycle, so does power.
Verily, within this hour
the cosmic clock confers . . .
the power now is hers.

[From Chapter 3: The Age of the Female A Thousand Years of Yin]
Richard Andrew King

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