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U.S.A. 2014.What can be expected for America this year? For those of you who are new to numerology, our personal cycles begin on our birthday, not January 1st. Therefore, the new year for the United States of America began on 4 July 2014 - her 238th birthday.

United States of America - Simple Basic Matrix

Lifepath - 5

A 5 Lifepath focuses on freedom, liberty, and diversity. What other country in the world do people flock to for freedom of expression, opportunity, potential? It is America, itself a 5 Expression. It is no accident that people who seek to escape oppression have always hungered to come to the United States. At every man's core is the desire to be free. America is the embodiment of that basic human desire, which is why She has been a beacon for mankind and why also those people and governments who seek to oppress their citizens assail, attack, demean, and seek to destroy Her.

Expression - 3

The United States of America is a 3 in simple numbers. The 3 rules speech, communication, health, well-being, children, image(s), and self-expression.

And what does the 1st Amendment to Constitution of the United States promise? Free Speech. The right to say what you want without censure. This great attribute is currently under attack by those who seek to oppress free speech to expand their own power and control but they can never succeed. Energies are energies. They cannot be destroyed. 5 is freedom. 3 is speech and well-being. These energies are as intrinsic to the United States of America as hydrogen and oxygen are to water.

Performance/Reality (PE) - 44-8

When Her 5 Lifepath merges with her 3 Expression, the result is an 8 - the energy of social interaction, commerce, business, prosperity, management, success, material comfort, organization, orchestration. This 8 is the reality America exudes. Underlying Her 8 simple PE is a 44 master number energy of work, service, security, stability, strength. And there is a double stack of it, basically doubling its power.

Soul Layers - 9 & 5

The primal desire (Soul) of the U.S.A. is universal inclusion. The number 9 is an energy that includes all numbers, all energies. This is why it is powerful and is referred to in the King's Numerology as the Number of Mankind. Thus, the root desires, needs, wants, and motivations of the U.S.A. are to be all-inclusive and, in fact, She is a melting pot of all cultures, languages, peoples, races, religions.

The number 5 (Material Soul) governs the U.S.A.'s worldly desires, which, like her Lifepath, are saturated with freedom, liberty, diversity. The number 5 is the Number of Man. The 5 & 9 combination is the most potent energy reflecting people. Therefore, She houses both the energies of mankind and man, of freedom (5) and universal inclusion (9).

Nature Layers - 3 & 44-8

The prime personality (Nature) of the United States is saturated in self-expression, words, communication, health and well-being, children, joy, happiness - the 3. This matches her 3 Expression, corroborating its energy.

The 44-8 is Her worldly personality (Material Nature), matching Her life's role and reality PE. This 44-8 MN, combined with Her double 44-8 PE creates a tristack of immense power.

As is obvious, the Basic Matrix of the United States of America exudes two 5s (freedom, liberty, diversity), two 3s (words, speech, communication, self-expression), and two components housing a master tristack of 44-8 energy (commerce, material wealth, social interaction). This is who She is and Her numbers reflect it perfectly, just like each of our numbers reflect our lives perfectly.


In the King's Numerology system there are three numeric patterns that change annually. They are:
1. Age Timeline (ATL); 2. Universal Timeline (UTL); 3. Personal Year Timeline (PTL).
These will be addressed in this first part of the U.S.A.'s 2014 forecast.
[Note: to learn more about timelines and IR sets, read The King's Book of Numerology II - Forecasting, Part 1.
For a listing of all King's Numerology books go here.]

Age Timeline - 238

Born on 4 July 1776, the United States of America turned 238 years old this year, 2014. This 238 pattern involves energies of relationship and others (2), children, health, well-being, communication (3), and social interaction, involvement, management, orchestration, and commerce (8). However, because the U.S.A. has an 8 void (no Hs, Qs or Zs in her birth name), there will be managerial issues inherent in this 238th year of her birth.

America's age of 238 creates a 13-4 Influence in her Age Timeline (ATL). The single number outcome reality (PE) of this 238 age energy is a 7, also voided (no Gs, Ps, Ys in the birth name). Its roots are 16 (Transition), 322 (General), and 466 (Specific). These numeric energies create a 4/(3)/7 IR set, which can be ciphered as 4/(3)/7v when the void is acknowledged. An expanded version of this energy stream is 13-4/(3)/16-7v.

A basic phrase for this 4/(3)/7v IR set is structural analysis. The expanded 13-4/(3)/16-7v IR set can be briefly characterized as stress, strife, turmoil, turbulence, and chaos (16-7 PE) as a result of transformational influences in the house, structure, or work environment (13-4 Influence). Because the 3 is the filter/funnel and America's Expression and Nature are both 3s, she will feel the current issues deeply in her core. Also, children and the country's sense of health and well-being will be a focal point.

Another simple, but more realistic, phrase for this 13-4/(3)/16-7v is transformational chaos. The number 13, although a 4 in reduction, more specifically speaks to changes in structure, i.e., transformation. In the Tarot the number 13 is the Death card of the Major Arcana. The number 16 is the great purifier in the King's Numerology system. It always brings testings - of ethics, morals, conduct, spirituality, betrayal. Because the 16-7v occupies her ATL PE position, She will be involved in turmoil. In the Tarot, the 16 card is the Tower, representing a fall from a high place. Thus, when the 13 and 16 exist in the same IR set, things will be changing, and the changes will not be smooth.

One obvious manifestation of this energy pattern is the current issue involving the influx of illegal alien children flooding into the United States, which is generating problems at both a federal, state, and constitutional level. As Her year continues, America will experience disruptive challenges and issues within the structure of her "house." Perhaps it is time for Her to clean house.

Universal Timeline - 2014

The Universal Timeline (UTL) identifies the energies of the calendar year. The number 2014 is a 7 in reduction, containing roots of 16 and 34 (split cipher). Here again we see the 16-7 energy, not in an outcome PE position but in an Influence position. Thus, the problems of the 16-7 are exacerbated in this 238th year of America's birth, especially given Her 7 void.

The outcome of this 2014-7v Influence energy, when combined with America's 3 Expression, is a 1 - the energy of action, genesis, initiation, instigation, new beginnings, independence, identity, authority, unification. The simple IR set is a 7v/(3)/1. A basic characterization of this IR set would be analysis, introspection, examination, turmoil, and betrayal (7v) generating issues of action, initiation, identity, and independence (1), which will be negatively aspected because of the 7v's Influencing energy. Because the 7v is in the Influence (causal) position, America should be wary of deceit and betrayal - both internal and external.

Because the number 1 rules authority figures and leadership, a poignant and credible phrase of this 7v/(3)/1 IR set would be a crisis in leadership. Given the fact that a Gallup poll has rated Barack Obama as the worst president since World War II; that Congress has historically low ratings as well; that American foreign policy and influence throughout the world are under duress and challenge; that an endless litany of scandals is plaguing the country, such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Veteran's Administration, National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance of American citizens, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups, illegal immigration of people crossing our borders, the Obamacare takeover of the American healthcare system, the politicalization of the Department of Justice, and an overall feeling that the country is moving in the wrong direction, it is no wonder that the United States of America is experiencing a crisis in leadership.

Personal Year Timeline

The Personal Year Timeline (PTL) blends personal and universal energies. For 2014, the U.S.A.'s PTL is a 9 - the energy of universality, the public stage, conclusions of cycles, and expansions of power.

When this 9 merges with the 3 Expression of the U.S.A., the outcome is a 3 as well. The simple IR set would be 9/(3)/3. Here again we see the 3's energy of health and well-being, children, communication, words, self-expression, and image(s) coming into focus. The 9 and 3 are both intrinsic to the Basic Matrix of America, making their energies more direct and heartfelt.

It's not uncommon to see the 3 and 9 in the charts of politicians. Interestingly, this 9/(3)/3 pattern is active in 2014 for America - the year of Her midterm elections on 4 November, which may have a marked bearing on the Congressional composition in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Also of note is that this same 9/(3)/3 IR set will be active in Her Universal Timeline in 2016 - the year of America's next presidential election.

Summary - Part 1

2014 is a rough year for America. With the 16-7 great purifier being in both an Influence and PE position in two of the three Annual Cycle Patterns, She will be going through the fire and She will be tested on multiple levels.

The triumvirate 13-4/(3)/16-7v ATL, 7v/(3)/1 UTL, and 9/(3)/3 PTL is also heralding things to come in the next two to three years. And . . . these energies are contained within a larger transformational energy field, which will be discussed in part 2 of this series. Stay tuned.
~ finis
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