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Richard Andrew King is the incarnation of numbers.
                                                           ~ Frank Monahan - BA: Education/Psychology, MA:Optics.

The most comprehensive Numerology Reading on the Internet!
                                                           ~ Roxanne Carol, Celestial Liaisons

Richard Andrew King is the teacher's teacher, the archeologist of numerologists..
                                                           ~ Toni Allocco.

Deep, detailed and prophetic. This information will change the way you live your life.
                                                           ~ Cyndi Silva, Metaphysical Wisdom.

Other numerologists may refer to themselves as master numerologists, but Richard Andrew King is the King of numerologists.
                                                           ~ Tashia P.

After learning from King's teaching, it is impossible to conceive of going back to that 'twilight naive and foggy' state
of being where one can only guess or hint at the truths, motivations and directions of one's life that are Pre-King.

                                                           ~ Hunter Stowers, B.A. & M.A.- Art, Entertainer and Metaphysician

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