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Prenote: The King's Numerology offers its most sincere condolences to the family of Robin Williams, especially to his children. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the Williams family members as they attempt to manage this most sad and tragic event. May God show mercy to the soul of Robin Williams as it moves into the next phase of its existence.

Robin Williams - such a tragic loss for such a comic, tragic genius! What causes a man with such global celebrity who, by all accounts, was a loving man, who had the world by its tail, to hang himself in a final act of desperation in order to escape the pain and suffering of the secret nightmare of his life?

In addition to the tragedy of Williams' suicide, another tragedy is that the blueprint his destiny - with all of its fame, fortune, turmoil, and problems - could have been known within moments of his birth if the knowledge of numerology were known and commonplace. No one can be faulted for such a current lack of knowledge, but when will the world awaken to the reality of numerology and the enormous benefits it offers to humanity? That Robin Williams took his own life is, indeed, a tragedy, but it is no less a tragedy that numerology remains largely unrecognized, insuring that future tragedies will continue to occur, tragedies that could possibly be avoided if numerology occupied a more conscious place within the active mindset of humanity.

This article will reveal highlights of the destiny of Robin Williams and answer the following questions:
  • Why was Robin Williams so ubiquitously famous?
  • Why was he such a one-of-a-kind, irrepressible, talented individual?
  • Why was he such a loving man but yet so tortured?
  • Why was Robin Williams so internally conflicted?
  • What were the number patterns active during his death?
  • What voids (missing numbers) contributed to his problems?
Four exhibits will be used in answering these questions.
  • Williams' Life Matrix
  • Name Timeline
  • Letter Timeline
  • Basic Matrix

The Fame of Robin Williams

Robin Williams' fame was destined from the moment of his birth. This is quite clear in his Life Matrix (the exhibit with all the rectangles shown below). Notice the 5/(4)/9 pattern in green text. This Influence/Reality set (IR set for short) formed life linkage - an energy pattern sequentially active from birth to death.

This 5/(4)/9 IR set is located in Williams' 1st Challenge, 2nd Pinnacle, 3rd and 4th Challenges. This same pattern was highly active in the chart of Princess Diana and is the main reason her life was so incredibly public and why she was also hounded by the press. Both Williams and Diana had no private life because of this 5/(4)/9 IR set. It is the most public pattern there is except for the 5/(9)/5 and 9/(5)/5. The 5 is the Number of Man, the 9 is the Number of Mankind. Diana did not have this 5/(4)/9 IR set active for her entire life but Robin Williams did. Thus, it would have been impossible for him to have a non-public, private life.

Wherever he was to go, Robin Williams was destined to have been recognized and known. It would have been impossible for him not to be. How wholeness-engendering can it be for an individual to constantly live, for the entirety of his life, in a fish bowl? How much public attention, and its ceaseless, concomitant pressure, can one person endure? And would not such pressure contribute to the discomfort of the person? What can be said for anonymity? We surely know what can be said for fame.

Unique, Irrepressible Genius

The one-of-a-kind, irrepressible genius of Robin Williams is reflected in the 55-1 master number. It exists in three places in his chart: 1. Material Soul (MS) and 2. Material Nature (MN) in his Basic Matrix; 3. Grand Pinnacle PE (outcome position) of his Life Matrix.

The 55-1 is the only pure fire master number. Both the 1 and 5 are fire signs. It makes the person very hot, active, mercurial, fluid, talented, diverse, and impossible to control. The 5 rules freedom, diversity, detachment, and non-convention. The 1 rules independence and being solo. This combination translates into the 55-1 being the true rebel, revolutionary, maverick, wild card. In many ways a law unto itself. Many famous pioneers and unique icons maintain this powerful 55-1 energy in their charts. Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, Amelia Earhart, General George Patton, Howard Hughes, Jr., Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana, and Sarah Palin, just to name a few. Robin McLaurin Williams can now be added to this list of distinguished, irrepressible, iconic rebels.

Augmenting the 55-1 master number is the 1/(4)/5 IR set in Williams' 1st and 4th Pinnacles. This pattern can generate detachment (5) from the father (1) in the early life. This same pattern was located in the early lives of both Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe. The 1/(4)/5 can also manifest as loss of the self or a detachment of the self. Without question, it is an energy of the self (1) in a state of motion, movement, detachment, diversity. It can, therefore, create a sense of uncertainty in the individual's life because of all the motion it contains.

Too, the 5 rules speed. No number is more active than the 5. It is quick, agile, adjustable. It is certainly one of the main reasons for Williams' talent. He had, as anyone knows who loved his work, a super-quick and diverse mind.

Warm, Loving Man

No number is potentially as loving as the master number 66-3. The 6 rules personal love and nurturing. The 3 governs self-expression, communication, image, humor and an embraceable personality. This 66-3 is located in the PE (Performance/Experience) position of Williams' Basic Matrix. The PE identifies the role a person will give on the great life stage. It was, obviously, Williams' role in life and is the main reason he was so loved and admired. Another famous icon who possessed the 66-3 in his chart was Elvis Presley, arguably one of the most beloved entertainers of all time.

The Red Flags of Portending Tragedy

Now we come to the problematic issues. These were centered in the 7 void (no Gs, Ps or Ys in the natal name), 8 void (no Hs, Qs or Zs in the natal name) and their combined activity in Robin Williams' life. These two voids created red flags which, if understood for what they represented, would stimulate attention and possible help for Williams, help which never came, sadly.

Go back up to the Life Matrix and look at the Epochs - the rectangles in the center. The 1st Epoch is a 3/(4)/7v. The 2nd and 3rd Epochs are both a 7v/(4)/11-2. This creates life linkage of personal struggle, depression, isolation, loneliness - the 7 void. In the King's Numerology this is referred to as a Grand Voided 7 Epoch Life Linkage. The 11-2 represents relationship tension, contention, adversity, and challenges with balance - emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial.

The 1st Epoch's 3/(4)/7v pattern reveals an early life (birth to 27) in which there was sadness, turmoil, seclusion and isolation related to his happiness, well-being, and self-image.

The 2nd and 3rd Epochs' 7v/(4)/11-2 IR set reveals turbulent relationships, tensions, trouble, anxiety. Because of the 7's linkage there was never a break in Williams' entire life from the discomfort and stress of this energetic pattern. It was always there, stirring up the emotions and generating chaos. Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana had a version of this 7/(4)/11-2 pattern in their charts, and history has proven their lives to be filled with similar problems. In fact, this 7/(4)/11-2 IR set, with or without a void in any of its three components, should at least raise yellow flags. When voids occur, red flags should definitely be raised. This 7/(4)/11-2 pattern is problematic wherever it exists.

Now take a look at Williams' Name Timeline or NTL in the following grid. Notice the prominence of the 8 void within the 1/(8v)/9 IR set associated with his middle name McLaurin. The number 8 governs connection, interaction, flow, orchestration, management, and the ability to "connect the dots." When voided, it represents a disconnection, interrupted flow, challenges with management and a lack of ability to fully connect the dots. This 1/(8v)/9 means that Williams had a struggle with managing himself (1) and his relationship with his power (9). Unfortunately, his inability in managing his personal problems and demons, as well as not being fully capable in connecting the dots between his life's circumstances and his well-being, ended in him taking his own life. In reality, this 1/(8v)/9 helped in generating a fatal disconnect with himself.

In the Name Timeline grid notice the 8v/(8v)/7v IR set associated with the name Williams. This is a huge red flag. Had Williams lived beyond age 68, his life would have been much more problematic. This 8v/(8v)/7v represents a Grand Voided IR Set in which total disconnection (8v combining with an 8v) generates a very dark state of anxiety and depression (7v).

Next, look at Williams' Letter Timeline grid below. During the "R" and "I" of McLaurin, the IR set was a 9/(8v)/8v. Here is another energy representing a powerful disconnect (dual 8 voids) from public life (9). It was in the last year of the 18 years of this 9/(8v)/8v IR set in which Williams passed.

What should not be overlooked is the intensity radiating from the amalgam of 8 voids between the 1/(8v)/9 Name Timeline and the 9/(8v)/8v Letter Timeline, all of which was housed within Robin Williams' Lifepath - a forceful crown voided 44-8v master number. Plus, the numerical configuration of the day he died (11 August 2014) is an 8v! This combination of 8 voided numbers in his Lifepath, NTL, LTL and day of death created stacking - the simultaneous occurrence of the same number, numbers, or number patterns in a chart. With all this simultaneously occurring disconnective 8 void energy it was virtually impossible for Robin Williams to "keep it together."

Another major red flag was the juxtaposition of the 7 void and 8 void in Williams' life. 7 and 8 are exact opposites. 7 is internal; 8 is external. 7 is private; 8 is public. 7 is solitary; 8 is social. Thus, these two energies in conjunction create a powerful tug-o-war within the individual. When each of these numbers is voided, the battle between them is intensified. It's difficult for anyone to deal with a small amount of 7 vs. 8 energy, but for Williams it had to be a massive struggle because there was so much of it. This 7v-8v conflict certainly played a major role in his attempt to stay balanced, an attempt which ultimately failed.

Final Notes

Robin Williams was a great talent, a loving man with a genius for making us all laugh and smile. Yet, while we were enjoying ourselves by virtue of his enormous gifts, he was hurting, silently, and no one truly knew the depth of his pain, suffering, anxiety, inner turmoil. How do we know he was hurting? Because happy people don't take their own lives, and those that do take their own lives come to a point in time where the pain is simply too much to bear, and the only solution, so they think, to stop the suffering is to end their life by their own hand. Oh, what sadness! What sorrow! What tragedy!

Yet, did the pain really end? Maybe for Robin Williams, but what about those he left behind? What of their pain, their suffering, their sadness? How many days and nights will they go on weeping in misery for the loss of a father, husband, colleague or friend? How many tears will they shed? How many sleepless nights and lonely days and empty holidays, will they struggle through? Is that not a greater tragedy? How does one balance the taking of one's life with the pain and suffering of an untold number of lives that the taking of that life creates? Did Robin Williams consider this aspect of his actions before he lowered the final curtain on his own drama? Was he so distraught he couldn't think clearly or rationally? Whatever the reasons, it is tragic, sad, sorrowful.

And what of the culture of celebrity worship and drug-infused insanity so prevalent in our world today? What part did they play in this drama? Who were the characters that aided and abetted Williams' drug addiction? Are they not responsible to some degree for his demise? Who looked the other way when they shouldn't have? Who ignored the signs? Who was too happy to join in the partying when drugs were being consumed and then looked, or ran, the other way when it all turned dark and deadly?

Certainly, we're all responsible for our own actions, but poisonous environments produce poisonous minds generating lethal consequences. Robin Williams' death is not all about Robin Williams. There is a much larger picture that needs to be looked at if such suffering is to be avoided in the future, lest yet another celebrity succumbs to the seductive lure of a culture enslaved by its own endless and insatiable appetite for celebrity, fame, name, pleasure and power.
~ finis

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