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FIRST - Rest in Peace, Nancy Reagan. You were a gracious, stately, elegant First Lady to your husband, Ronald Reagan - the 40th President of the United States. The legacy you and President Reagan created will last for generations to come.

SECOND - The relationship between Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, has been extolled greatly by those who knew them. Their marriage of 52 years has been characterized as a Marriage for the Ages. Further descriptions are that they were a great couple, always together, very devoted to each other, best friends, and they shared a deep connection even when apart.

Such a great relationship begs the question, "What was it in their numbers that reveals such a successful marriage?" This article touches on the numeric secrets of their enduring and loving partnership. Understanding these secrets will help anyone seeking to form an enduring, lasting, loving marriage and partnership.

Major Note. Normally, a love relationship analysis is based on the birth name of both parties. However, in the marriage of Ronald and Nancy Reagan the success of their relationship is actually revealed not in her birth name, Anne Frances Robbins, but in her adopted legal name of Nancy Davis, which occurred in 1935 at age 14 when she was adopted by her step father, Loyal Davis (Wikipedia).

This is extremely interesting because it shows the power of a legalized name change, not an arbitrary name change, but a legal one. This is something for numerologists to keep in mind going forward.

The Love Match & Mix

The Love Match & Mix is a simple King's Numerology format that reveals the design of relationships and whether they will be successful or not, loving or not, based on the single numbers in each of the Basic Matrices, aka, Lovelines, and the merging of those numbers to create a third entity - the relationship, which is known as the Mix.

Below are the Love Match & Mix charts of Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy. The first chart shows the numbers of each of their Lovelines; the second shows the connecting lines between the components generating their marriage success. This critical information involving the understanding of great relationships is thoroughly detailed in The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love Relationships, (KBN6), which will be published in late March of 2016. You can check it out here.

Reagan's Love Match & Mix Analysis

The secret to all great relationships lies in the quality and quantity of mutual energetic resonance (MER) between partners. KBN6 explains this fully, but for now here are some of the major keys to the Reagan's successful marriage.

First, notice that both Ron and Nancy have a 4 Expression. This is derived from their names. When combined (added together), these two 4s create an 8 in the MIX, which is the name given to the relationship, a living entity in itself. The 4 and 8 are both earth signs. Thus, both Ron and Nancy lived in the same energetic skin. They resonated one to the other perfectly.

This 4 Expression to 4 Expression fulfills one of the major secrets of great relationships - an external connection. Notice the labels external and internal on both sides of the upper and lower hemispheres of the charts. The external (upper hemisphere) is also called the Umbrella.

A second major secret of great relationships is an internal connection, and there are many in the Reagan's marriage. Having both an internal connection(s) and external connection(s) is absolutely critical in generating the highest degree of relationship success. Having an internal-to-external connection(s) is also important. How to create these connections is fully explained in KBN6.

Notice that Nancy's 9 Soul and 8 Material Soul connect to their 9 Mix PE (Performance/Experience - the role of their life together) and their 8 Mix Expression respectively. This creates a dual Soul Layer Release - the absolute #1 secret to all great relationships. This Soul Layer Release involves a connection between both the internal and external components of the Match & Mix chart. In effect, either the Soul or Material Soul needs to find Release to generate fulfillment but two are even better.

Ronald's 2 Soul has no Soul Release to the external aspect of their marriage (the Umbrella), but his 4 Material Soul finds Release through Nancy's 4 Expression. This is excellent. The Soul Layers define a person's most basic needs, wants, desires and motivations and both husband and wife share some type of Soul Layer Release. Perfect.

With both internal and external energies satisfied in their Match & Mix, this relationship is on solid ground.

And speaking of solid ground, notice the #4 connections Ron has to his wife and her 4 Expression. His 4 Expression, 4 Material Soul and 4 Material Nature all match perfectly with who she intrinsically is - a 4 person (Expression), as well as connecting to her 4 Nature and the 4 Mix 1st Names. This is excellent. All of this 4 energetic glue reveals how connected each of them was to the other. The #4 rules all things of structure, security, stability, service, strength, duty, loyalty, faithfulness, trust, roots, anchors, work and the house.

Another interesting aspect of their lives is that they were both born on the 6th day of the month - Ron in February; Nancy in July. The #6 represents the energy of love, nurturing, community, home and homeland. The two 6s added together create a 3 in reduction (6 + 6 = 12: 1 + 2 = 3). The #3 is the energy of art, words, speech, communication, acting, self-expression, joy, happiness, children, health and well-being. The birth day number itself is also important because it represents the trunk (foundation) of the tree of the individual's life. Thus, each of their "life trunks" was anchored in love.

We could go on discussing the Reagan's marriage but there's no need at this point. The quality and quantity of mutual energetic resonance (MER) between them is terrific. It reveals why their 52 year marriage (terminated only by his death) is precisely as people have characterized it - a Marriage for the Ages.


Nothing is happenstance in this world. The successful marriage between Ron and Nancy Reagan was no accident. It resonated perfectly with the natural law of numeric attraction, as revealed here. Indeed, there is a Divine order to everything in life, including relationships, marriages and partnerships. As Pythagoras said, Numbers rule the universe; everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.

If you would like to know more about the numeric secrets of love and therefore be able to apply these valuable secrets to your life, be sure to read The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love Relationships (KBN6), which will be published in late March of 2016 and be available on Amazon and through You can check it out here.

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