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Is God real? Does a divine power really exist? There are those who believe God is real and others who believe God is not real. Belief, however, proves nothing. Belief or disbelief are simply opinions. They are not proof. Proving God's existence demands evidence, and the evidence that God is real, that He indeed exists, is openly abundant through the most universal of all communication systems – numbers and the science of numbers, i.e., numerology.

The King's Numerology position on God is this: God is irrefutably real. God is not a belief. God is not a philosophy. God is not a man-made concept. God is the ultimate Reality – a living, conscious, intelligent, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Power so vast it is beyond the comprehension of the earthbound mind.

It doesn't matter what name is given to this Power. Call it the Creator, Almighty, Supreme Being, Source, Spirit, whatever. The name is inconsequential. The indisputable fact is that this supernal Power is real and it exists. The King's Numerology chooses to label this Power God.

Man's consciousness is finite. God's consciousness is infinite. It is axiomatic that the finite can neither define nor describe the infinite. Therefore, it is impossible for man to fully define or understand the scope of God. Furthermore, man's limitations and ignorance can in no way serve as testimony to the non-existence of God, of a divine Power.

Albert Einstein, vaunted as the greatest scientist of the 20th Century, noted:

Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a
spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man,
and one in the face of which we, with our modest powers, must feel humble.


Knowing God and knowing of God have little to do with intellect. In fact, intellect often gets in the way of knowing God because God transcends the mind and its capabilities. The mind can never really know God. It is the soul that knows God because each of our souls is a divine ray of God's divine flame. Knowing God is, therefore, not an intellectual function but a spiritual awareness, an awareness whose reality has little to do with the mind and everything to do with the purity and development of the human consciousness and its foundational spirit.

Isaac Newton, arguably the greatest scientist of all time and unequivocally, therefore, one of humanity's preeminent intellects succinctly stated . . .

In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence.

and . . .

This most beautiful system [The Universe] could only proceed
from the dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.

and . . .

A Heavenly Master governs all the world as Sovereign of the universe.

Any takers brilliant enough to challenge Newton's observations of the existence of God?

Common Sense

Life is pretty simple. Unfortunately, man often complicates life, generating disturbed oceans of confusion while overlooking the most obvious fact when it comes to knowing God - common sense.

Try this. Open your hand, fully. Extend your fingers and thumb. Now bend your thumb. Amazing, isn't it? How did you do that, open your hand and bend your thumb? It was through your own volition, your intelligence, your consciousness that allowed you to open your hand and bend your thumb. But . . . you didn't create your hand or thumb. You didn't create any part of your body or your mind or the process of connecting mind to thumb. Common sense tells us there has to be a higher intelligence that created our thumb, our mind, our intelligence, our consciousness. We certainly didn't do it. Yet, some individuals attempt to use their intelligence to deny the very intelligence that created them! Amazing. This is why Newton stated:

In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence.

Not only was Newton a genius, he possessed a trait openly lacking in today's society - common sense.


Masters, Mystics, and Saints of the highest order throughout every age all proclaim their teachings are based solely on direct experience of the Divine. They share with their disciples the methods and means of acquiring their own direct experience so they, their disciples, will ultimately become God-Realized. In fact, God-Realization is the goal of the spiritual path, this in contrast to the worldly path of intellect, material saturation and sensual indulgence.

Yet, even though direct experience is the highest form of divine knowing, the existence of God is easily proven through the intellect, as long as that intellect is clear, open-minded and free of bias, agenda, arrogance, rigid ideology, or ill-conceived opinion. Such proof of God lies in the oldest and openly logical and empirical communication system known to man – numbers.

The famed mathematician, scientist, and philosopher Pythagoras, noted by many as the Father of Numerology, stated:

Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.

Pythagoras correctly realized that a connection exists between nature and numbers. Isaac Newton also corroborates the same thought . . .
God created everything by number, weight and measure . . .
It is the perfection of God's works that they are all done with
the greatest simplicity. He is the God of order and not of confusion.

It is these statements that lead us to numerology – the science of numeric coding – and its inherent ability to prove the existence of God. Sound impossible? Unrealistic? Fictitious? Delusional? Perhaps to the non-educated mind the fact that God can be proven through numerology is ridiculous, but to serious students of numerology it is simply factual. God exists and numerology proves it.

The following excerpt is taken from The King's Book of Numerology 3 – Master Numbers, "Chapter 1: Numerology – The Divine Science of Numeric Coding:"

From a personal point of view, having been a numerology student, teacher, author, and consultant since 1980, I can irrefutably, and with all sincerity, testify beyond any shadow of any doubt that there is an intelligent power governing our lives and destinies which vastly transcends the comprehension of the human intellect. It is this Power that is universally known as God.

When one seriously studies the science of numerology, the precision, accuracy, intricacy, and perfection between a person's natal data (full birth name and birth date), as well as the events, conditions, and realities of the individual's life, are spectacular to behold, almost mind-numbing. What power is there that can not only create the destinies of every human being in existence but perfectly intertwine those destinies with every other person with whom that person will come into contact in the entirety of his or her life? The truth of numerology is right there in front of our own eyes, and we can see it if we have an open, unbiased, non-prejudiced, and scientifically inquisitive mind. Yes, it takes study to discover these truths, but they do exist. Of this there is absolutely no doubt for those who spend the time and effort in sincerely studying the amazing science of numbers.


Some individuals in the Christian faith have labeled numerology as "new age," thereby casting a pall of negativity over it, encouraging and urging people to avoid it as if it were something dangerous and unholy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is numerology a divine science, numerology is most certainly not "new age." Neither is it "old age," nor even "ancient age." Numbers were before man was. Numbers are not simply arithmetic ciphers but, more importantly, they are God codes, labels for energy fields. This might well have been one of the conclusions Pythagoras came to realize in his observation of a connection between numbers and life. Certainly, any competent and well-schooled student of numerology understands that numbers (and their corresponding letters) are the basis of one's destiny, describing the blueprint of that destiny in concrete form, albeit numerical form, and in great detail.

One would think that students of the Bible would recognize this connection, and perhaps many have. How could anyone reading the Bible not see the critical role numbers play from Genesis to Revelation? Certainly, students of the Bible would be wise to make the connection between numbers and the messages contained in this holy book. For example, how many times is the number 3 used in the Bible and in what manner? The same is true for the numbers 4 and 7, even the number 1. There is a reason why these numbers are prominently placed in such a manner. For more on this subject of numbers and the Bible, read Numerology and the Bible.


God is real. The King's Numerology recognizes that God is the King – of everything, including numbers, and numbers are one of his communication methods. If one doubts the existence of God, if one doubts the veracity of numerology – the science of numeric coding – and its ability to prove the existence of God, of an omnipotent Creator who is at the center of everything, including people's lives and destinies, then that person would be well-served to seriously and honestly study the relationship between numbers and life, between a person's natal data and his or her destiny. What such an individual would discover is the undeniable and exquisite interconnection between life and destiny, an interconnection that only a Supreme, Supernal, and Sovereign Creator could create. And when it all comes together, one would realize that, in fact, God is real and his Reality would have been proven by His own communication system, the system of numeric coding, i.e., numerology.



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Richard, I just finished reading your first two books: "The King's Book of Numerology, Volumes 1 and 2."
Your overall approach makes more sense to me than any other author on the subject. In my quest to not
just learn but to truly understand and apply Numerology, I’ve read Matthew Oliver, Hanz Decoz, Juno Jorden,
Joanne Justice, Chero, Lloyd Stayhorn, Lynn Buess, Heather Lagen, Julian Moore, and others. I am grateful
to each of these authors as I did learn learn much from them. Yet, to me there seemed to be a missing synthesis
as each author emphasized elements of divination somewhat differently, and at times, contradictory.

Richard, your approach is comprehensive and layered, seemingly leaving no numerical-stone unturned.
The beginner will appreciate your initial simplicity and unique narrative that clearly connect this subject to its
underlying spiritual-context in which all Numerology is based. Afterwards, the way you move into a multi-layered
synthesis, more representative of the human condition than any approach I’ve experienced, is extraordinary.

Simply, this work is Immensely useful and actionable! After all, the motivation as to why we engage in Numerology
is far more universal than to simply access insights into “who we are," “what makes us and others tick” —
it is to live the best life possible!

~ M. Rockwell – Engineer and Business Owner.

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