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Pay attention to the young and make
them as good as possible
~ Socrates

The child is the father of the man.
~ William Wordsworth

Parenting is the most critical and important job in the world. Why? Because the quality of parenting directly affects the quality of children who, en masse as adults, subsequently create the foundation of societies, communities, countries, cultures, and civilizations. As a democracy is only as good as the collective consciousness of fifty-one percent of its people, so a society, community, country, culture, and civilization is only as good as the collective mindset of its citizens. Enlightened mindsets create enlightened civilizations; ignorant mindsets create warzones and wastelands.

The tandem set of Parenting Wisdom books addresses two major areas of parenting: 1. universal guidelines and principles, and 2. understanding the destinies of children via the sacred science of numbers, i.e., numerology.

Parenting Wisdom - What To Teach The Children features thirty-three time-tested principles and guidelines for creating whole, confident, independent, and substantive children. It is also available on Kindle. Among its topics are:
  • The Five Needs of Children
  • Boundaries, Rules, and Regs
  • Your Life, Your Responsibility
  • Tender Love versus Tough Love
  • The Four Cornerstones of a Substantive Life
  • The Temptations of S.A.D. (Sex, Alcohol, Drugs)
Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century - Raising Your Children By Their Numbers To Achieve Their Highest Potential reveals, using The King's Numerology, heretofore unknown secrets for determining major aspects of the individual destinies of children, among which are:
  • Personality makeup
  • The path they will each follow in life
  • The role they will each give on the great life stage
  • Their deepest desires, drives, needs, wants, and motivations
  • The critical, foundational early years of a child as indicated in the first Epoch, Pinnacle, Challenge time period, aka, the "First E-P-C Triad."
The information imparted in Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century is not only new, it is revolutionary. Numbers are not just mathematical ciphers. They are symbols signifying the sacred nature of creation. Our lives are not happenstance. They each have a divine design and, believe it or not, the blueprint of that design is contained in an individual's full birth name and birth date - neither of which is arbitrary. By knowing a child's destiny and character composition, parents possess a powerful tool for guiding and raising their child or children. The application of such wisdom by parents cannot be underestimated. Those parents who take the time to study and apply the sacred science of numbers to the parenting process will be greatly rewarded, as will their children.

On a personal note, and as a father, grandfather, numerologist, and martial arts instructor to thousands of children in the course of my professional career, I can testify to the veracity of the content in both of these works. If I did not believe the information would greatly benefit parents and children, I would not have shared these truths, which I use daily in my life as a parent and teacher. But most of all, the information is shared with the hope it will be used by parents to sculpt, guide, and raise whole, confident, independent, and substantive children in order to create a more enlightened race of humanity.
~ finis

To learn more about numerology, study The King's Book of Numerology series, Your Love Numbers, Destinies of the Rich and Famous, Blueprint of a Princess - Diana Frances Spencer, Queen of Hearts, The Age of the Female - A Thousand Years of Yin, and Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century - Raising Your Children By Their Numbers To Achieve Their Highest Potential available at Richard Andrew King Books or click on any of the book images below.

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