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Part 3
The Specific Expression

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Let him that would move the world first move himself.
~ Socrates

There is an account of every minute of a man's life.
Illness, poverty, health, wealth and so on are all predestined.
Whatever is happening is all preordained
~ Saint Sawan Singh


In Part 1 of our Know Thyself series we discussed the Simple Expression. Part 2 concentrated on the General Expression. In this segment we'll probe even deeper into our names by studying the Specific Expression.

Each of us is a dynamic and complex living being. One of the reasons for such complexity is the vibrational layering in our names. The Simple Expression gives us a general understanding of a person. The General Expression reveals a second layer of complexity. The Specific Expression moves us even deeper into our understanding of what a name actually represents.

The Specific Expression is based on the specific value of each letter in the alphabet. First, here is the Simple Letter Value Chart showing the simple (single) value of each letter.

Notice how each letter has a single value and that tertiary groups of letters have the same value, except I and R which compose a two number grouping. For example, A-J-S all have a simple (single) value of 1. B-K-T each have a single value of 2 and so forth.

The thing of note, however, is that each letter of the alphabet, regardless of its particular grouping, maintains a specific value equal to its alphabetical sequence. Yes, A-J-S are all 1s in reduction, but A is the first letter of the alphabet, J is the 10th and S is the 19th. Therefore, A has a specific value of 1 and is the only pure 1. J has a specific value of 10 and S has a specific value of 19. Each of these three letters (A-J-S) are 1s in reduction, but their specific values are different. It is these specific values which create vibrational depth and layering to each crown (single number). They can be regarded as hues of the same color. For example, if the number 1 represented the color red, A would be a pure red, but J and S would each be a different shade of red.

The specific values of each letter are listed in the chart below.


Now let's apply this knowledge using the name 'John' whose Simple Expression is a 2, occupying the first row. His General Expression, 20, is derived from using the single letter values. It occupies the second row. The third row shows John's Specific Expression, 47, which is derived from the specific values of each letter: J = 10; O = 15; H = 8 and N = 14.

What does this tell us about John? The 2 informs us of John's relationship focus. He is definitely involved in the vibration of 'others' in all capacities. In a general sense he's a team player, supporter, helper, partner. His General Expression corroborates his 2 energy as it is a pure 20. It is the Specific Expression, however, which gives us deeper meaning. 47 is the vibration of structural analysis, an energy involved with matter, mechanics, form, structures, order, routine - all attributes of the 4 energy which is focused on the 7 energy of analysis, thought, understanding, isolation, reflection. The 47 energy is a very mental energy dealing with form and design.

As we learned in our last lesson, however, each single number (crown) is composed of ten binary roots. Remember the binary roots of the number 2? They are:

With this information, we know, therefore, that all people who have a 2 Simple Expression will have things in common, but their General Expressions, and now their Specific Expressions, add depth to them and give us more understanding. A person with a 47 Expression, like John, will be different from a person with an 83 Expression and so forth.

For example, the name DIANA also maintains a 2 Single Expression and a 20 General Expression, but its Specific Expression is a 29.

Diana and John will share the common, simple characteristics of the 2. However, while John is geared toward structural analysis and material design, Diana is concerned with the dynamic of power and expansion (9) within the realm of other people and relationships (2). Diana, therefore, is more socially oriented than John, but neither is antisocial because 2 is the first vibration of sociality. John will be more mental, analytical, and possibly withdrawn because of the 7 influence in the 47 binary.

To obtain a full name analysis, we use this process for every name in the natal name of the person. Applying this theory to the full name of our friend John James Doe, we see that his Specific Expression is a 119. It's derivation is in the third row of the chart below. The second row is JJD's General Expression.

This is interesting because the Specific Expression of the name JOHN and the General Expression of the name JOHN JAMES DOE are identical - 47. This highlights John's mental/mechanical ability. Therefore, he will be very bright when it comes to all things material and analytical. He could be an excellent engineer, mechanic, mathematician, contractor, accountant - anything that deals with forms, patterns, structures and mental workings. To be sure, JJD will be involved with energies of the mind and the structural aspects of life.

JJD's Specific Expression of 119 gives us greater depth as to his full range of energies. The number 1 is about the self, independence, creation. There are two of them comprising the tertiary number of this Specific Expression. The third and last number is a 9 which denotes rulership, power, the many, higher thought, public service. This 119 tertiary set tells us JJD possesses energies of the self and the masses, individuality and universality, creativity and power. Thus, he will be mechanically astute (47) and individually powerful (119). He'll be his own person, to be sure, and could likely exude a high degree of self-confidence boarding on self-centeredness, even arrogance. He will also have leadership capability and could be somewhat overbearing and dominating. There is no doubt, however, that whatever he chooses to do, he possesses the strength of personality and the power to do the job well. He's definitely neither a hand-holder, nor a follower, even though he understands the world of others as expressed by his simple 2 Expression.

Of the three aspects to a person's name, the Specific Expression gives the deepest clues to one's self and must always be considered in a numerological analysis. As there are 10 binary roots to each single number, there are 12 trinary roots to each single number. Every number in every root adds more information to the mix and needs to be considered in generating a thorough and accurate analysis.

Now it's time for you to figure your Specific Expression. Placing your name on a piece of paper, write the specific value of each letter below it. Add the specific values of each letter together. The sum is the Specific Expression. Next, go to the Keyword chart, check the meanings of each single number within the Specific Expression and then apply your knowledge and intuition to obtain a result. For ease of addition you can also stack the numbers and add them using a columnar structure. Have fun!
~ finis


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