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Part 2
The General Expression

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No man is free who is not master of himself.
~ Epictetus

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.

~ Goethe

In Part 1 of "Know Thyself" we discussed the Simple Expression - that part of the numerology chart which addresses the simple (single) numerical cipher attached to a name. John James Doe (JJD), our example from Part 1, had a Simple Expression of 2.

However, to conclude our analysis using only a single number does not give us a very complete picture of who JJD is. Using simple logic, 1/9th of the population of the earth has a Two Expression, just like JJD, just as 1/9th of the population has a One Expression; 1/9th has a Three Expression and so on. 9/9ths is a whole, and just as there are 9 basic or simple numbers, there are only 9 Basic or Simple Expressions. Therefore, by dividing the world's populace by 9, we get 1/9th for each of the nine basic, single numbers. These nine simple numbers can in no plausible way describe the complexity of an individual, let alone the population of the entire world. We must look deeper because, as complex as this universe is, there surely must be more to describing an individual numerologically than simply one single number, and so there is.

The General Expression

When we added the single numerical values attached to the name John James Doe, the first double number derived was a 47. This number, referred to as a binary root, is called the General Expression.

Therefore, we would say that John James Doe has a General Expression of 47. To be more clear, we could express it as: 47/11/2. This gives us further insight into who JJD is. Therefore, in describing and defining the characteristics of John or any person, after we have determined his Simple Expression (the single digit), the next thing we do is determine his General Expression - the number derived from adding all of the simple (basic or single) numbers associated with the letters of a natal (birth) name. Generally, the General Expression will be a binary root, or two digit number. If a person's name were long enough, he could conceivably have a tertiary or three digit root as his General Expression, but this is rare.

Binary Roots are important because even though all 2 Expression people will have the same basic traits, not every 2 Expression person will be exactly the same because the binary roots give depth to the single vibration and also add coloring to the crown - the single, simple, basic number. For example, we know that all colors of red are not the same. There are many shades of red, as well as many intensities of its color. So it is with numbers. Here's why.

Let's take a look at the binary roots of the number 2. It has ten binary roots. If fact, every single number has ten binary roots.

Notice that each of the Binary Roots is different. A person with the General Expression of 47 would be different from a person with a General Expression of 92 because the single energies forming the binary are different. Yes, both 47 and 92, when added together and reduced to a single digit, equal a single 2, but each 2 is of a different 'color' because each has a different binary root structure. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to binaries when we assess characteristics and attributes.

How is this assessment made? First, in assessing JJD, we looked at his 2 Expression and then went to the keyword chart to get clues as to who and what he is in a most fundamental sense. The process is the same for the General Expression. We look at the underlying binary numbers, go to the keyword chart, and see what attributes are attached to each number, this process giving us deeper insights into JJD. In his case they are the 4 and the 7 (47). It is these energies which help create and color John's 2 Simple Expression.

When reading a binary, we should evaluate the attributes of each of its single numbers separately to increase our understanding. However, each number in a binary does not have equal value. The first number carries greater weight than the second because it represents the entire decade (series of ten numbers) of the binary itself, while the second number represents only 1/10th of the decade. For example, the binary root structure of the 40s Decade looks like this:

Notice how each binary in the decade begins with a 4. This means the decade energy is naturally stronger than the second single number comprising the binary. Thus, in a binary the first number embraces or encircles the second, which becomes the focus of the first number. We can get a stronger picture of the binary energy with the following image.

47: The Matter/Mind Binary

Applying this understanding to the 47/11/2 Expression of JJD, we further define his 2 energy as dealing with the energies of the 4 as they encircle, embrace and focus upon those of the 7. In order words, JJD is a person who is structurally (4) analytical (7). His basic 2 relationship energies are rooted in matter, mechanics, structures, forms, foundations, patterns, work, service, dedication, etc. (all 4 attributes) as they focus on the energy of the mind, of analysis, thought, reflection, study, perfection, wisdom (all attributes of the 7). The binary 47 cipher is very common in people whose work involves analysis of structural things. Albert Einstein has this in his chart, for example. Auto mechanics, engineers, graphic designers, mathematicians, accountants, etc., are the type of people in whom we would expect to see this type of 47 energy, the vibration combining matter (4) and mind (7). A simple two word phrase for the 47 binary root is structural analysis.

For your personal practice, return to the charts of those individual charts you may have already done and assess their Expression relative to their General Expression, remembering that binary energies add depth, coloring and greater understanding to their singular crown vibration.

By understanding binary root structure, we are expanding and deepening our knowledge of the incredible divine design of life. How privileged are we to be given this insight? How responsible, then, must we be? How judicious, careful and compassionate in dispensing revelations to others must we also be? More importantly, how spiritually focused and pure in heart must we be? Food for deep contemplation.

Without doubt, the Plan and the Puzzle of personal construct now begins to unfold! Let us enjoy our numerological learning experience. It is, verily, an adventure into the divine design of the cosmos, but never let us become arrogant, inappropriate or untoward in the use of our numerological knowledge. The Law of Karma is ever working, and any violation of love, life and light will automatically be rewarded with appropriate, divine, reconciliatory measures. There are consequences to all we do, positive and negative. Therefore, let us do harm to none and forever maintain the Highest and Best Good for everyone in both our thoughts and actions.
~ finis


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