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Know Thyself
Inscription: Oracle of Delphi, Ancient Greece

KNOW then thyself, presume not God to scan,
The proper study of mankind is man.

~ Alexander Pope

Again that Voice, which on my listening ears
Falls like star-music filtering through the spheres:
‘Know this, O Man, sole root of sin in thee
Is not to know thine own divinity!’

~ James Rhoades, "O Soul of Mine!"


Mystics tell us the sole purpose of human life, of having a human body, is to become God-Realized, the prelude to which is Self-realization. Hence the importance of the ancient Greek maxim: Know Thyself.

Knowing oneself has multiple layers. Spiritually, we will not truly know ourselves until the soul detaches itself from the body in its physical, astral, and causal forms, moves beyond the level of the mind, and travels deeply into the inner spiritual regions. In route to gaining a sense of understanding, however, we can definitely begin to 'Know Thyself' in the worldly realm through the science and art of numerology. Therefore, this series of Know Thyself will focus on helping each of us understand ourselves as we are defined and described through our numbers.

To get started we will need three tools: 1. Simple Letter Value Chart, 2. Keyword List, 3. Knowledge of calculating the various components of our Basic Matrix (the framework or blueprint housing our personal composition and destiny). We will use the Basic Matrix to begin the journey of knowing ourselves. Part 1 of this "Know Thyself" four part series focuses on the most basic aspect of us, the Simple Expression. We have already discussed the Lifepath in its own series "Know Thy Path".

The seven components of the Basic Matrix are:
    1. Lifepath
    2. Expression
    3. Performance/Experience or PE
    4. Natural Soul
    5. Material Soul
    6. Nature
    7. Material Nature

Simple Letter Value Chart

The Simple Letter Value Chart associates each letter of the English alphabet with its single cipher. Notice that the letters A-J-S fall in the 1 column; the letters B-K-T are contained within the 2 column and so forth. These groupings of letters with their associated numbers are called genera.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Who We Are: Calculating the Simple Expression

The Expression is the sum total of who we are, but not necessarily what we will become. It is derived from our full and exact name at birth (natal name). The Simple Expression is derived by simply adding together the single numbers corresponding with each letter in our natal name found in the Simple Letter Value Chart and then adding these numbers left to right and reducing to a single digit. We then reference that single number and its attributes found in the Keyword Chart to gain its meaning.

For example, let's take the natal name of John James Doe. It's numerical configuration looks like this:

The addition and reduction process reveals that the single number ruling the person whose name is John James Doe is a 2. By looking at the Keywords Chart (linked below) for the number 2 we can discern that JJD is comprised of the energy of others, support, partnership, relationship, emotion, diplomacy, cooperation. He is more prone to being the follower and helper than the leader. His preference is to be a team player and, ostensibly, he is more externally passive in appearance than assertive. Two is a vibration that does things beneath the surface, so although there is no external assertion directly visible on the surface, it does not mean there is a lack of assertion and action below the surface. In fact, Twos are very active and powerful behind the scenes, even though the appearance is that they are quiet, passive, and superficially non-confrontational above the surface. The fact is, Two is often the "power behind the throne."

Keyword Chart

One of the most important functions of a numerologist is to know what each number means. This can be done by referencing a list of simple keywords. After you've calculated the single number related to your name or any name, consult the keywords chart for synonyms related to the number in question.

So . . . that's the simple process: correlate each letter to a number, add the numbers together, reduce to a single digit and correlate with the keywords chart. However, people and their lives are extremely complex, and such a superficial reading, although giving us a general understanding of the person, will not give us the depth of meaning we seek in seeking to understand the whole person and his destiny. We'll be studying the depth of the Expression more in subsequent articles.

At this point, the best thing to do is practice doing simple charts of people with whom you are intimate, whom you know well. In this way you can see how the numbers actually play themselves out in real life. Keep it simple at first. Learn the basics. Depth of understanding will come with deeper knowledge. Stay tuned.
~ finis


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