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Part IV
The Specific Lifepath

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The law of karma is universal. It is the fixed and immutable law of nature.
Each soul must reap what it has sown. Every soul shall have to bear the
exact consequences of its actions.

~ Saint Jagat Singh


Beyond the Simple and General Lifepaths, there is the Specific Lifepath. This refers to the specific numerical ciphers comprising the root structure of a birthdate. The Specific Lifepath gives us the most specific information regarding the Lifepath itself.

From our last lesson we learned that Bob Hope had a 2 Simple Lifepath with a General root of 29 and a Transition root of 11. But what is his Specific Lifepath and what does it tell us about his life's journey?

Bob Hope's birthdate was 29 May 1903. By reducing each component to a single digit, adding the digits and reducing again, we have a 2 Simple Lifepath.

By adding each number of the birthdate from left to right, we arrive at the General Lifepath (taken from 29 May 1903).

However, when we take the numerical components at their face value after reducing the year to a binary root and add them together, we arrive at the Specific root for 29 May 1903 which is 47. This Specific root is referred to as the Specific Lifepath.

This 47 binary tells us that Bob Hope's Lifepath will be concerned with structural energies (4) as they embrace the mind and its processes (7). It is common to find the 47 binary in the charts of people who are analytical and bright. Anyone with a 2 in their chart and who uses their mind in the capacity of design, research, analysis, thought, reflection, introspection, and study focusing on making things work, creating them, working with matter and form will most likely have this 47 cipher as one of their roots. Therefore, engineers, mathematicians, analysts, mechanics, and quick-witted comics are likely candidates for the 47 energy.

Another factor in Bob Hope's Lifepath is the subcap of 3 which is the result of subtracting the 4 from the 7 in the 47 binary ("Sub" refers to the subtraction process; "Cap" equates to "Crown" - a single digit). This 3 energy indicates an activity challenge involving words, communication, joy, art, pleasure, friends.

Not every birthdate will have a separate "specific" lifepath energy. For example, a person born on 1 January 2000 will have a Lifepath of 4 - no general, specific, or transition root is derived from it. However, when birthdates have double numbers in their structure, specific roots will appear and must be considered in a full analysis. The binaries 13, 22, and 31 all reduce to a 4, but they are not specifically 4. They are 13, 22, and 31. If God wanted people who have a 4 Simple Lifepath to only have 4 energy in their charts, He would have given them all birth on the 4th of the month. But He didn't. He wanted more complexity to the lifepath design so he created more numbers, more energetic puzzle pieces to make lifepath pictures (i.e., destinies) more complex, varied, interesting. Hence, He created the ciphers 13, 22, and 31.

The complex realities generated by the root systems of birthdates and birth names is why simply reducing every natal component to a single digit (outdated numerological theory) is left waning and wanting. Single numbers are limited in scope and do not give as full a picture as those using general, specific, and transition root structures. Getting to the depth of a person's name and birthdate creates more accuracy in a numerological analysis and can only help numerology gain greater respect as the science and art that it irrefutably is. Therefore, learn to use the General, Specific and Transition root structures when doing readings. It is through them that we can "Know Thy Path" more completely and accurately.
~ finis

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