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Part III
The General Lifepath

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To me, ethics is nothing else than reverence for life . . . and that to destroy,
to harm or to hinder life is evil . . . Nothing on earth will benefit human health and
increase the chance for survival on earth as much as the adoption of a vegetarian diet.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things,
man will not himself find peace.

~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Noble Peace Prize, 1952


In Part II we discussed the Simple Lifepath. This edition will begin to address its depths. For example, since there are only nine basic numbers (1-9), there are only nine basic lifepaths to describe everyone on the earth. In other words, 1/9th of the world's population has a One Lifepath; 1/9th has a Two Lifepath; 1/9th has a Three Lifepath and so forth. However, human beings are complex; their lives are complex and nine simple lifepaths, although giving us clear indications of one's journey in life, cannot possibly define or describe the details and lessons of the life journey. There must be more, and indeed there is. That "more" is contained within the root structure of the Simple Lifepath.

The General Lifepath is the first major binary root of the lifepath energy. The second major root is the Specific Lifepath which will be addressed in the next edition. The General Lifepath is easily calculated. Simply add the single numbers of the birthdate data from left to right. Do not reduce. The sum of the single numbers of the birthdate determine the General Lifepath.

The General Lifepath (GLP) unveils secrets lying within the depth of the lifepath itself. Its root structure brings to light certain energies which would otherwise go unnoticed and, hence, unexplained. Another way of looking at this concept is that the GL adds color and texture to its Crown (the single number of the Simple LP). Whatever the metaphor, the General Lifepath gives us a fuller picture and greater details of one's personal destiny and journey though life.

The first essential to understanding the GL is to realize that each single number is comprised of ten binary roots. As an example, let's take a look at the binary root structure of the number 8.

Here we see ten different root structures. Some are similar and mirror each other in the reversal of their numbers, such as 17 and 71; 26 and 62; 35 and 53; 89 and 98. However, others are quite different, such as 44 and 80. All of these binaries reduce to a single 8 crown, but no 8 is identical to another 8. Hence, we get coloring, texture, depth of meaning, meaning which would go undetected were we not to investigate the root structure of the 8 single cipher.

All 8s share the characteristics of social interconnectivity, interaction, circulation, coordination, administration, management, leadership, success, wealth, power, and comfortable (if not lavish) surroundings. However, because of the root structure, the way these traits are manifested is quite different.

The 26/8 focuses on relationships (2) in love (6); the 62/8 places emphasis first in the domicile (6) as the nurturer, supporter, partner, helper, teammate (2). These are similar vibrations, but the difference lies in the decade from which they originate. The 26/8 is part of the twenties decade and therefore dominated by the 2 energy. It's counterpart, the 62/8, is part of the sixties decade and therefore it focuses on the family and domestic issues. Thus, these cipher sets are similar but not identical. And so it is with the other mirrored cipher sets.

The 44/8 master number is quite different. First of all, it's housed in the forties decade of structure, organization, form, work, matter, security, regimentation. To add to this, the first 4 is focused directly on the 4 itself, compounding the energy of the four and giving the 8 vibration intense energy. This is the cipher of the general, the executive, the administrator. Notable leaders such as General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur, General and President Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson and President John F. Kennedy all had 44/8 energy dominate in their charts. To be sure, 44 is a dynamic leadership vibration.

Therefore, when analyzing a lifepath it is critical to look at the roots. They give extremely valuable information for deciphering the path itself. The first assessment should always be the Simple Lifepath because it puts us in the ballpark. Next, is the General Root: the first number is primary and determines the decade. It carries the major influence. The second number is secondary - cipher upon which the first number places its focus. One analogy is to think of the first number enfolding or encompassing the second.

Let's now take a few examples from our last lesson and determine the General Roots of the Simple Lifepaths and their explanations given in the last edition.

Birthday #1: 4 December 1985

This energy is pure self-expression, self-fulfillment, art, words, beauty, friends, joy, pleasure, politics, good times, and sometimes, entitlement.

Example 2: Birthday of Bob Hope: 29 May 1903

The cipher indicates relationship (2) in power (9) wherein the individual serves the masses to some degree. The 29/11/2 can be quite dominate and competitive, using the mind and its faculties to generate its success.

Example #3: Princess Diana: 1 July 1961

Relationships and others (2) is the key, focusing on movement, motion, freedom, change, variety, diversity, loss, detachment, people. One's self expression will be challenged during this cipher and there exists the possibility for concern, disturbance, isolation, separation, reclusion, seclusion, introspection, reflection, investigation, mysticism, and spirituality.

Example #4: Albert Schweitzer: 14 January 1875

Again we have a concentration of supportive energies (2), but here they are focused on the mind, reflections, intuitions, concerns (7). Sevens always give one substance and depth, spirituality, and nobility if positively aspected, as in Schweitzer's case. He was one of the greatest humanitarians and philanthropists the world has ever seen.

Having calculated the Simple Lifepath, the next step is to associate the keywords given in Part 1 with the basic lifepath. That's the process. Very simple.

Now it's your turn. What is your General Lifepath? What do the double numbers say about your destiny? How is your life different from other people who share the same Simple Lifepath but have a different General Root? And what about your loved ones, family, and friends? What are their General Lifepath roots? Have fun!
~ finis

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