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Part II
The Simple Lifepath

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He who values human birth in this world,
beyond description is his merit.

~ Saint Namdev (13th Century)


In Part I of "Know Thy Path" we discussed karma, described the Lifepath in general, and reviewed keywords for the nine lifepaths. In this edition we'll address the Simple Lifepath, how to calculate it and apply its meaning to our lives.

The Lifepath (LP) itself, which is derived from our natal birth date data, maintains several versions, each addressing a mixture of numerical vibrations. There is the Specific Lifepath, the General Lifepath and the Simple Lifepath. The "Simple Lifepath" is the most basic. It is simply the components of the birth date - the day, month and year - added together and reduced to a single digit.

When calculating the Lifepath, it is important to place the day first, then the month and year. In truth, such a configuration will not change the final result of the Lifepath. However, when we begin to study forecasting, placing the month first, then the day and year will generate inaccuracies too numerous to mention within the framework of the lifepath itself. Therefore, it is wise to get into the habit of placing the day first followed by the month and then the year of birth. Also, it is important that the month be spelled out, at least in the beginning, to avoid confusion. For example, were a person born on 7-11-2003, we don't know from looking at the numbers whether this is the 7th of November or the 11th of July. Spelling out the month eliminates this confusion.

Let's take some examples. Birthday #1: 4 December 1985. In generating a Simple Lifepath, we would configure the birth data like this:

Example 2: Birthday of Bob Hope: 29 May 1903

Example #3: Princess Diana: 1 July 1961

Example #4: Albert Schweitzer: 14 January 1875

Having calculated the Simple Lifepath, the next step is to associate the keywords given in Part 1 with the basic lifepath. That's the process. Very simple.

Brief Explanations

The birthday of 4 December 1985, which maintains a 3 Simple Lifepath, will be one in which the individual will be learning lessons and experiencing situations (both positive and negative) involving one's personal self-expression and fulfillment, health, beauty, communication, words, marriage, children, friends, joy and happiness. In effect, the 3's ultimate lesson is to integrate the trinity (three major components of life) in multiple arenas such as health (body, mind spirit); spirituality/religion (God, man, Word); marriage and integrated relationship (husband, wife, us); family (father, mother, children); government(executive, legislative, judicial); theater (actor, script, performance); business (buyer, seller, transaction) and so forth. When these components are in balance and undefiled, life and its activities are good. When they are out of balance and adulterated, life is stressful.

Bob Hope's birthday of 29 May 1903, a 2 Lifepath, involves lessons of the Yin, of balance, equilibrium, relationship, partnership, support, sharing, others, being the helper, expressing kindness, caring, compassion. Because of its 11 Transition Root expressing a double dose of creative fire, the number 2 is often found in the chart of successful people. In The King's Book of Numerology, Volume I, Foundations & Fundamentals it is referred to as the Master Achiever vibration. Bob Hope was an excellent example of a successful individual in partnership.

Princess Diana's birthdate of 1 July 1961 results in a 7 Lifepath. Pythagoras said the number 7 was the most spiritual of all the numbers because it is a synthesis of the square of matter and the trine of spirit. This is corroborated in the Bible as the number 7 is mentioned literally hundreds of times in association with varying people, places and events.

The number 7 is a two edged sword. It can create extreme nobility, grace, peace, and bliss (God rested on the 7th day) or extreme ignobility, conflict, disgrace and tragedy. As we live and die by the sword, so we rise and fall in the vibratory field of the 7. It is truly the most spiritually exalted of all numbers, which is precisely why it maintains the highest position on the cover of The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1, Foundations & Fundamentals. Yet, it is also potentially the most ignominious, detestable, and adulterated.

In the King's Numerology system, the 16/7 cipher is referred to as the Great Purifier because more than any number it takes us to task and either rewards our purity or disciplines our improprieties. Seven rules Saints and sinners, and brings nobility or ignobility to the life experience. It generates the possibility of a prodigious ascent for the soul or supplies a degrading downfall in shame and defeat. With such a 7 lifepath, the focus must be on purity - of intent, of action, of thought. If not, the waters of life will neither be calm nor still. However, if one remains pure, the results will be most pleasing, ennobling and rewarding. When waters are pure and still, like glass, we see our true reflection. In thinking of the 7 Lifepath, the words of Saint Dadu come to mind: "Hold pure, stay pure, say pure, take the pure, give the pure." Notice the operative word.

The 9 Lifepath of Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875) places one on the journey of universality, philanthropy, philosophy, education, art, expansion, notoriety, fame, and involvement with all mankind. Nine represents the macrocosm of life, the "All." No one with this lifepath will spend their life in a closet. The 9 energy will force them into the public domain to help, serve, assist, volunteer, teach, perform, entertain, broadcast. Nine is the Grand Elemental. It mixes with all of the other eight vibrations. The caution with nine energy is that it can blend with negative energies just as well as with positive ones. Nine can also be malefic as well as benefic. Nine rules. It is the beloved and benevolent monarch or the hated and malevolent tyrant. It can be ruthlessly harsh or magnetically compassionate. Regardless of its polarity, it will definitely rule. In regard to this vibration, one would be wise to savor the words of Lord Acton in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
~ finis


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