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The Law of Karma is universal. It is the fixed and immutable law of nature.
Each soul must reap what it has sown. Every soul shall have to bear
the exact consequences of its actions.

~ Saint Jagat Singh


In this four part series we'll discuss the Lifepath that part of our Basic Matrix derived from our date of birth.

The Lifepath is exactly that, the path of our life through this incarnation. It is the road down which we will travel from birth to death. There is no changing it; there is no escaping it; there is no denying it. There is, however, accepting and adjusting to it, learning from it, experiencing it and realizing that it is the effectual culmination of a compilation of causal actions generated in prior lives - in effect, a karmic path of our own making.

We can also perceive the Lifepath as the script of our lives, a three act play in which we are the star performer. The three acts are the three components of our birthdate - day, month and year. They are called Epochs. We'll discuss them in future lessons.

Another way of looking at the Lifepath is that it represents one of nine energy worlds. When we're born, God sends us to a specific world marked by one of the specific numerical vibrations 1 through 9. Therefore, everything that happens to us during our life on this "world" will be focused within the vibrational realm of the number associated with that world. For example, if a person's lifepath is marked by the number 1, the lifepath will offer lessons (both positive and negative) focusing on the self, independence, leadership, yang (male) energy, creativity, self-accountability, responsibility to self, courage, assertiveness, isolation, separation, loneliness, attainment and wholeness. The 1 must learn to go it alone, stand up and be counted, for he is the maverick, the pioneer, explorer, leader, boss, authority figure, matriarch, patriarch and lone wolf.

The lessons offered by the Lifepath are inescapable, and the sooner we reconcile ourselves with them the better. Some of us will thoroughly enjoy the lessons our Lifepath gives us; others of us may be quite challenged and frustrated by what we experience as we travel the path of our life. Some people do have easier, healthier, more prosperous lives than others, but ease does not equate to success.

Many of us, because we are on "ascent journeys" have challenges beyond the norm. However, that's the nature of ascent. Climbing is difficult because we have to work against gravity. Therefore, we have to endure more stress, expend more energy, excrete more sweat and suffer more injury than most, but the other side of the coin is that the climb brings elevation and thus higher consciousness, new realities, new visions, new freedoms and experiences totally unknown to those who do not climb the spiritual mountain and remain encased in the limiting valley floor below. As a side note, it's never crowded at the top of the mountain, and only those who journey there are blessed with the grandeur and majesty of the view both below and beyond, as well as the opportunities such an accomplishment confers upon those brave and courageous souls who successfully conquer the climb.

Too, it would be wise to remember that our lives are also karmic planes of adjustment. Past positive actions are rewarded through our Lifepath; past negative actions disciplined. We simply must receive the payment for our prior actions. All accounts must be balanced; past debts reconciled. We must reap what we have sown; harvest what we have planted. Karmic law is inviolable and inescapable. If we're living a comfortable life, it may be the result of having lived a prior discomforting and sacrificial life, while an uncomfortable current incarnation may be the reconciliation for our prior excessive indulgences and untoward actions in other lives. Whatever the reason, the Lifepath into which we're born is inescapable, and wisdom requires us to embrace it, not disclaim it; accept it, not reject it; use it, not abuse it, and most of all be thankful for it for at least it is a human life - the top of creation - with all of the divine potentials and opportunities afforded to it.

The Nine Lifepaths

Below are keywords associated with the nine basic Lifepaths. These are general descriptions. The root structures of each Lifepath will give us greater clarity as to the fullness of our journey. More detail concerning the Lifepath can be found in The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1, Foundations & Fundamentals. Positive and negative aspects of each Lifepath's vibration will be experienced during the incarnation.

Abbreviated Description
The self, ego, identity, independence, leadership, yang (male) energy, initiation, instigation, creativity, self-accountability, self-responsibility, will, courage, reason, assertiveness, logic, objectivity, isolation, separation, loneliness, attainment and wholeness.
Others, support, relationship, partnership, emotion, subjectivity, yin (female) energy, balance, diplomacy, kindness, team player, social concern and caring, togetherness, brother/sisterhood, tying and binding, friendship, intuition, camaraderie, sharing, confliction, contention, competition, opposition, adversity, war/peace.
Self-expression, words, communication, language, health/disease, beauty/non-beauty, image, glamour, image, art, gregarious, happiness, pleasure, marriage and integrated partnership, children, trinity.
Work, service, effort, form, framework, foundation, rules, roots, regulations, limitations, discipline, devotion, fidelity, honesty, stubbornness, recalcitrance, security, structures, systems, order, organization, the home, job, workplace, regularity, practicality, tradition, matter, materialism, mechanics.
Freedom/slavery, detachment, change, motion, movement, diversity, variety, exhibition, exploration, experience, the senses, uncertainty, spontaneity, non-tradition, non-convention, irregularity, revolutionary, exploratory sexuality, addictions to pleasures, restraints.
Personal love, compassion, nurturing, support, giving, home, heart and hearth, art, beauty, harmony, expressive sexuality, responsibility to family and community, homeland, caring for others, lust, hatred, jealousy, resentment, anger, addictions, passion.
All things internal, the thinker, student, teacher, wisdom, nobility/ignobility, analysis, reflection, intuition, thought, study, perfection, poise, quiet, peace, calm/chaos, the Rise as well as the Fall, Saints as well as sinners, spirituality, metaphysics, substance, depth, secrecy, privacy, assessment, review.
Administration, manipulation, circulation, coordination, execution, management, marketing, business, commerce, interaction, flow, involvement, worldly success, social status, integration, disintegration, justice, continuity, coordination, material comfort, connection/disconnection, being 'in the loop,' getting the job done.
Grand Elemental
The macrocosm, universality, philanthropy, impersonal love, compassion, art, theater, the public stage and spotlight, endings, conclusions, resolutions, travel, the 'many,' broadcasting, expansion, triumph, higher education, teacher, distance, worldliness.
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