The Mature Truth About PC Speech

Direct tough love talk from a father, grandfather and martial arts instructor
Richard Andrew King

There is no security in this life. There is only opportunity.
~ General Douglas MacArthur

If words hurt you, it's a sign of weakness, not strength.
If words hurt you, it's a sign in immaturity, not maturity.
If words hurt you, it's a sign of childhood, not adulthood.
If words hurt you, it's a sign of incompleteness, not completeness.
Children cry when words hurt them.
Adults consider the source of the words and laugh.

If you desire, even demand, a "safe-speech zone" you are not thinking maturely.
In this world there are no safe zones. Never will be.
In this world there are no safe places. Never will be.
It is delusional to think safety exists anywhere.
The only safety is in you, your awareness and maturity.

If words hurt you, take a long, hard, honest look in the mirror.
Ask yourself why words . . . words . . . hurt you?
After all, they're just words, emanations of a tongue.
Words have no power to hurt you unless
you allow them to hurt you.

Words are not bullets, bombs, knives, spears, axes or fists.
Words are nothing but mutterings, mumblings, chatter and prattle.
Why be offended by them? Why?
If you are offended by them, it is time to reflect, grow up
and make the transition from child to adult.

If words hurt you, where is your power? Your strength?
If words hurt you, you neither have power nor strength.
You're like a ball cast upon the currents of the sea,
a slave to someone else's mind,
a dingy without an anchor.
You are like a dog on a leash
allowing yourself to be manhandled, manipulated
and totally controlled by simple external forces.

Furthermore, whining, crying, screaming, complaining, demonstrating
and rebelling will not stop that which cannot be stopped.
Everyone has a right to speak, and you have
no right to shut down their speech.

Censorship is what insecure, weak, frightened people do
attempt to silence the voices of others.
Your only solution is to grow up,
Grow a spine, be strong, be civilized,
and most of all learn to be an adult.

~ finis

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